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The main difference between porn videos and sex stories is that sex stories leave almost everything to the imagination. Adult readers get to imagine the characters in the erotica and there's no room for disappointment with how the sex scenes are executed. They can even imagine themselves in the erotic stories they're reading. Although, not all free sex stories are great stories. Some even sound like they were written by someone who just wants to ramble about his or her sex fantasy without ever reading back what he or she wrote. Well, that's basically what this list or page you're currently looking at was made for. It's for adult readers to find stories that are worth reading. Since there are tens of thousands of awesome porn stories and an extremely wide array of sexual fantasies, it's impossible to say what the best erotic stories are and you'll be surprised by the fact that even 50 Shades of Grey won't make it to the top 20 of the best erotica ever written. So then, what we're doing instead is introducing the best erotic story sites where you can read erotic stories that jive with your erotic fetishes and fantasies. Also, aside from short stories and amateur novels, there are also porn sites that have erotic poems and audio stories. Now then, without further ado, let's start talking about the top story sites.

Read Free Erotic Stories From These Sites

I honestly felt overwhelmed when I thought about having to tell you about these porn sites because there are a lot of them especially if you consider which ones have the most adult stories in their libraries and the kind of porn stories they have. So, I just decided anyway to list down the top sites where you can get your fill of free adult stories based on popularity. But since we don't want to get too technical, let's talk about them randomly.

Literotica has the largest collection of free sex stories on the internet. That's because it has more than one kind of adult content that adult users can access for free. They're all about adult stories but you can read, listen, or even watch them. There are even chat rooms on this porn site that you can enter if you want to build your own stories with other users. Stories Online has a huge collection of erotica from amateur authors who write erotica on a regular basis which is great for avid readers of erotic stories. It has a lot of search features and you can easily follow new chapters of any sex story you've been reading and get new stories that any writer published on the same site. Novel Trove is one of the free erotic story websites that you must visit today especially if other free xxx story sites with vintage-looking designs make you cringe. This one might not have a massive collection but it's well-organized and you can easily browse through its content by category. Its categories include different kinds of erotic story materials like poetry, short stories, audio, and novels. Of course, there are also genres like Gay, Lesbian, Bi, BDSM, True Stories, Erotic Sci-Fi, and a couple more. Although, compared to the two sex stories sites I mentioned after Literotica, the next ones I'll mention are more popular than them. If you're looking for interactive sex stories that are completely free for you to enjoy, CHYOA might be the best erotic story site for you. CHYOA basically an acronym for Choose Your Own Adventure. The erotic stories posted here aren't as flashy as interactive sex games but the existence of this kind of erotic literature is an interesting idea already. If you've got a great imagination, the best sex stories here can be magical. If there's anything this free site could improve, it's getting to filter the stories here by language.

MC Stories, on the other hand, isn't as flashy as CHYOA but it also has its own place in the hall of fame for erotic literature. Although, unlike most porn story sites, this one explicitly claims to be a free site for erotic fiction only. After all, Mind Control Stories are supposed to be kept in our heads and not executed in real life. Another extremely popular story site on the web is Kristen Archives. Unfortunately, if you try searching for it now to judge the free site for yourself whether its reputation of having the best sex stories is real, you'll just find other free sex story websites that claim to have said sex stories. Well, proving that the free sex stories on their archives have come from Kristen's will be difficult if not impossible since they all come from various amateur writers. Anyway, let me mention one more free site that chose to have only one niche for erotica - BDSM Library. Obviously, it's a site where you can read lots of free BDSM stories, bondage stories, and femdom stories.

Websites For Indian Sex Stories

There's another popular form of entertainment from India that isn't from Bollywood and adults from around the world enjoy them, too. They're stories erotic Indian writers share. They can be real confessions or they can be adult fiction crafted by Indian women who have to patiently wait for their erotica to come to life. Anyway, what makes these erotic stories extra hot and spicy isn't just because they come from the land of spices but because most of them are extremely wild and naughty. If you want to read the best stories from these folks, you can do that for free on some of the sites we've listed on this page. Actually, you won't have to guess which free site on our list is an Indian erotic literature site. Their names make it obvious - TamilKamaveri, Tamil Sex Stories, Antarvasna X, Free Sex Kahani, XXX Indian Stories, Kama Kathalu, Telugu Sex Kathalu, Indian Sex Stories 2, and Desi Kahani.

Sites Where You Can Share Your Own Sex Stories

If you're looking for a great site where you can post the porn stories you write, you might want to consider which site serves to be the best place for the kind of porn story you're into. If you want to make it among the names of the best porn writers, you have to consider the reader fan base a certain premium or free site has. Some sex stories sites have readers who don't enjoy erotic fiction featuring group sex scenes so you might want to switch over to a place where readers just enjoy a great erotica and don't care about the difference between a work of fantasy and a wild erotic experience. So then, let's get to know some of the porn sites you might want to know about. First off, there's Adult Fan Fiction it's a free porn forum where you can post stories and discover some great ones as well. You can use it to advertise your content if you're aspiring to be a professional porn writer. On the other hand, if you're looking for an awesome place that's great for those who just want to share a few encounters or just even one is Raw Confessions. It is a free site where users can post their confessions about their naughty thoughts and deeds. Erotica Tale is also a good place for short stories about hookups and other forms of sex encounters. It might not sound as badass as the previous one but it's also good. Another place for adult stories based on experiences is Solo Touch. Just like its name, it's a hub for fans of sexual feminine charms. There's also A Porn Stories for free sex stories and porn videos - if there's more than one kind of porn material you want to share with the rest of the world. For aspiring writers who need visual cues to jumpstart their imagination to write a good piece of erotic fiction, Open TGC is the most useful. It's also fun. If you've got a creative imagination, go ahead and try it. It's totally free for everyone.

As I mentioned just a while ago, there are some sites that you should consider when it comes to the niche you're writing. For example, if you're into giantess fantasy, the best place for that would be Giantess World. If you're into gay sex stories, Nifty is the greatest library for you to publish your stories. It's not just for gays but also for the entire gender spectrum. And, if you're looking for a porn forum where members can share their best erotica of cuckoldry, BDSM, and other hardcore encounters, you should visit Dark Wanderer.

Erotic Sex Stories On Reddit

Despite its innocent facade as a mainstream platform, it's undeniable that Reddit is like the sanctuary for all kinds of amateur porn materials and that includes sex stories. Although, because Reddit itself is a freakishly massive place, looking for Subreddits by yourself can be very challenging especially if you've got no leads. We've got a list of the best NSFW Subreddits and you can feel free to visit it any time.

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