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In a world where the existence of porn is widely accepted as part of adult entertainment, there are tons of sources for it proliferating on the world wide web including free porn tube sites. However, since there are still more content than websites that host them, not every free porn site has the same content. There are even a lot of free porn tubes that only have a few dozens of videos you can actually watch. Some of them will even show several pages of thumbnails, but not find the video when you actually click on them. Sometimes, you'll only find a note that says the link is broken. It would be nice if you have never encountered that issue before because it could be really disappointing. There are a couple of really awesome free porn tube sites out there that have a lot of high-quality full-length porn movies from premium adult studios. You can check out our Free Porn Tube Sites list to get to know some of them.

Although, if you're not just into xxx flicks produced by renowned studios but also other kinds of xxx videos, and you want tons of them like you're looking at spam erotic content, you might want to consider looking for a reliable porn aggregator or porn search engine. NudeVista is an adult search engine that's supposed to send that kind of spam straight to your face. Okay, not in a harsh way though. But, is this website actually reliable? Will it really give you the service it's supposed to give? That's something that you'll find out today.

What's NudeVista?

NudeVista has no relevance to any website, app, or anything else that has the word "Vista" in its name. Although, it actually has relevance to the word "Vista". NudeVista is supposed to give you a nice view of nude adults in pornographic materials from a long narrow space. In its case, a search bar. NudeVista is a porn search engine that looks very similar to a mainstream search engine except this one is for adults only. Don't even think about visiting this site if you're not yet at least 18 years old. Unlike Google, the most popular search engine in the world, this one is far from being clean. I'm not just talking about the way it looks but also the featured content on the homepage. It features thumbnails of sexually explicit content uploaded today. That means there are always new porn materials shared on this site every day. But then again, can we really claim that this R-18 search engine will give us juicy content that's worth looking at?

Search engines are meant to make it easy for users to get what they're looking for, but unlike aggregators, you need to have an idea about what exactly it is that you're looking for without relying on indexes for categories and tags. So, before you even visit this site, you might want to consider the fact whether you're looking for anything in particular or not. Your experience using NudeVista actually depends so much on that. Apparently, this xxx search engine is supposed to help adult users find tubes and pictures of pornstars, scenes, studios, or fetishes.

In the case of this one, it will help you discover porn content even without using the search box. As I have mentioned earlier, there are a couple of featured explicit materials on the homepage. There are even numbers displayed that show how many tube videos, photo galleries, and adult models are currently connected to this search engine - or more like a xxx content directory. Anyway, the materials displayed on the homepage are all tubes from various sources. You can click on any of them to watch them. However, you should know that this is an adult search engine so the sex videos aren't hosted by this site at all. That means clicking on any of them will transport you somewhere else. Don't be disappointed though because that's just the way search engines work after all.

If you want to make the most out of this massive web tool but you don't know where to start, you can actually try checking out the tags on the directory. There are tons of them there and I really like the fact that whoever designed this place made an effort to group them into sections. Some of the most general sections are Activity, Body, Clothing Fetish, Countries, Drawing, Erotica, Family, Fetish, Gay, Lesbians, Lifestyle, Places, Sex Toys, and Transsexuals. There are even more that will surely help you find even more specific erotic themes like Ass, BDSM, Bizarre, Cuckolds, Femdom, Group Sex, Public, etc.

Another interesting search feature here is the Models directory. It's more than just a directory or an index. It also has an advanced search tool where you can use parameters to find content based on the models that fit the parameters you set. You might start thinking that there are too many boxes provided but you don't have to fill them all in to start your search though. The asterisks on the boxes don't mean that the boxes are required to be filled in with information just like how they're used for most forms. The asterisks on the boxes mean that the search fields are too broad and that you should type in numbers instead. You'll notice them on the boxes for Year of Birth, Bust, Waist, Hips, Height, Weight, and Career Start. Honestly, though, I think those are too freaking specific and I really wonder if there are people who actually use them not just for curiosity's sake. Anyway, the other ones that you might use are Hair, Eye, Cup, Country, Birth Place, and Race.

If you ask me which of the search features here is the most useful, I have to go for the Directory. First, it can help you discover what you're actually looking for. It looks clean with all of the describing words you'd ever care about when searching for smut arranged in sections. Second, the Model Directory doesn't seem to be updated because there are just too many featured names that aren't familiar to most adults. Also, if you're already expecting a couple of pornstar names here, you might be better off using the search box instead. There are way too many names here since they're from all over the world. Coming across names you're actually familiar with will take luck and time.

Final Verdict on NudeVista

NudeVista isn't really for people looking for high-quality xxx videos in full-length because the videos here are more like clips and they're old. It'll only be good for folks who already understand how adult search engines work and those who have an idea about what they're looking for but nothing too specific. I guess I also have to add the fact that this really isn't a nice place for people looking for the latest smut in existence. Even though there are lots of new videos being uploaded that are connected to this site, they're not really new. However, if you're looking for a spot that could let you find a wide variety of fap videos, this could be a good candidate.


  • There are tons of links to adult videos from all over the world
  • Lots of search features


  • The xxx videos linked here are kind of old
  • The list of porn models isn't updated

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