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Name That Pornstar Review

You find an incredibly hot chick from an extremely erotic porn video you haven't seen before on a free porn tube site but it doesn't say who that chick is. You're dying to see more of her videos but it's not among the suggested videos list. You ask your good ol' mates if they know who she is but you have few friends you can talk pornos with so as you're about to give up, you started looking for sources online and you landed here. Or maybe that's not the case. Anyway, since you're here, you have the answer to a scenario like that. It is a free site after all. A site filled with porn games, sex cams and porn stars and live sex chats. What more could you ask for honestly?

NameThatPornstar is a free pornstar identification site. It means that people visit this site mostly to look for other users who can suggest who a certain pornstar is. You can also ask other users to help you identify what kind of scene something is on some porn video you have watched, where to look for similar porn videos and even the title of some manga. All the fellow freaks who want to get freaky at their own request, you could at name that porn.

Free Porn star Identification Site

Let's talk more about what pornstar identification sites are. There are sites like this that encourage their users to add content for them by luring them with the "help to find for your next favorite pornstar" or "finding the name of that girl." Well, those are good intentions and that's why people buy them. For a pornstar identification site though, it's often riskier because while requests to identify pornstars keep on coming, there must be at least one person who should give the right answers. In this case, if other members of the community won't answer, it's either people will lose their trust in this kind of site, or the moderators have to work harder to post answers to those requests while at the same checking that the site is clean. Despite that, it seems that at least for this site, there are still people who share their time with others by checking on the requests and see if they can identify anyone from the submitted pics. It's just that there aren't a lot of them. The internet can help you find the sluts you have been looking for all in one link.

NameThatPornstar Porn Site Layout

I don't totally dislike the layout of this site but I wish they could have made it neater like arrange the posts in a simpler way that fits its function. They could have divided these into columns prioritizing requests with no replies yet, followed by answered requests, and the hottest or most liked submissions. Right now, it's quite messy and confusing with featured photos that are lined up in a short row you can scroll to the sides and some have the same pics featured on the homepage. Sex cam sites got you thinking "godamn that's some insane cock riding skills" and you now want to look for the porn star. Well, you can do all that here. I would not say it's one of the best porn websites though. There is also a open requests section

Aside from the featured photos, the latest comments are posted on the right side of the homepage. It may have been a good idea, except the latest comments have previews and tiny thumbnails so they look a bit confusing. All the errors

The menu bar which seems to be the navbar already is also a bit surprising. It doesn't display shortcuts to its sections but only links to live cams sites. You can only find useful search options on the right side of it which include the search box, add request, and categories list hidden under the menu button which is the 3-line button. I do no particularly believe it is one of the best porn sites. It does have a image search feature. Plus you have access to gifs. With minimal fuss, do not expect anything beyond that

Particular Porn Star and a Photo

If you're one of those dudes looking for his next favorite girl, you would have to register for an account here before you can post a request. Once you have created an account, you just have to click that Add Request button and add the URL of the photo, gallery, or video with the babe you're looking for. You can add a customized question, main category, and tags to help identify that girl. For high photo identification rate, we use solved photos posted in the site logs. You can now make sure the the user account is safe for correct identification. With the full link and the search button being accessible. With a guaranteed perfect user rating

There are a lot of babes here and not all of them are actually pornstars, some are amateurs and some are random girls including celebrities from other countries so there are people from the other side of the world who know them as well. It's quite a healthy diverse community actually.

Reverse Image Search

If you're not looking for a particular porn star like most people, you can browse photos here instead. You can do that either by using the categories page, or the Reverse Image Search. But, let's talk about the categories first. To be honest, I have some of my favorites here which are Asian, Cosplay, Anime, and Webcam. There are a lot more categories here from usual porn niches like Amateur, Gay, and Casting, but some people don't recognize their meat well and add them to the wrong category. For example, there are some photos of real chicks on the Anime list and shemales on the Gay list.

Anyway, let's talk about how Reverse Image Search works. You just have to click on the button and it will take you to another page. You can search there using a URL and search by uploading a picture, which I'm not sure if it actually works because I tried it with several image links and actual images but it didn't give results. Another way is by searching by keyword. I tried looking for my favorite pornstar using her name and it showed plenty of pictures. I then deduced that the site probably only matches using the same exact photos or URL. Anyway, if you're really eager to find more photos of your favorite pornstar, I suggest going to a pornstar database site instead, so you can find particular girl and their photo URL.

Final Verdict

Based on my experience in NameThatPornstar, I have no reason to return to it. Maybe those who are really serious about getting replies to their inquiries will probably visit this site again only after it has sent them an update via their email. There isn't much activity on this site and there are still hundreds of inquiries that didn't get replies to. There are even errors and it takes quite some time to get some things solved as well. While the concept of this site is interesting in itself, the accumulation of small details that need hard improvements makes it quite a boring site. Luckily, there are still people visiting it and members who identify photos for others. Of course you need to know, there is room for future improvement.


  • an awesome bunch of people who give straightforward replies to identify requests
  • tons of free photos and GIFs and links to the best porn sites


  • you can expect that it takes a long time for your request to be solved
  • site issues that take time to get sorted especially when the site's server is being updated

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