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BoodiGo Porn Search Engine Review

There's too much information all over the internet about what BoodiGo is, but too bad, most of those are outdated. You'll even find contrasting opinions on what this site is and the services it provides. Those reviews or articles aren't wrong. Heck, BoodiGo has been founded several years ago and has evolved so many times. Is it still alive? Does it really work? Can I browse porn without getting spied? Will it actually give me the results I'm looking for? Those are the questions I'm going to answer in this review based on how this proclaimed Porn Search Engine is in the year 2021. I'm not such a tech geek and I dislike talking like a genius so I won't explain stuff to the tiniest details but I'll still give you an overview of what you need to know.

How Porn Search Engines Work

The BoodiGo search engine seems to be the most popular in the porn category. It's reported to have over one million unique visitors daily looking for smut from the entire web including Tumblr, Blogspot, and Twitter. A porn search engine doesn't differ too much from a usual search engine like Google Search. These websites are designed to provide the data, information, and materials their users are looking for. When you make Blogspot or Tumblr searches, the results will stray from the adult content you're hoping to find. Thankfully, porn search engines like BoodiGo have algorithms that do the opposite. They're created so that users can make wide searches with relative ease. BoodiGo is one of the most reviewed porn search engines because it doesn't only gather information for adults from thousands of adult sites but also provides an anonymous environment so folks won't have to worry about getting their IP addresses matched to their searches.

Encrypted Search

So how does Boodigo protect your privacy? BoodiGo doesn't collect any information from any user so they can't share anything with any website. It doesn't seem to give a fuck on your contact info much less your cards etc. It will only give you results though that feature sites using HTTPS. It doesn't even set permanent cookies so your browser history will always be clean. It simply makes searching for porn content a notch higher than regular browsing and even streaming. Before BoodiGo was updated, aside from the change in the logo design, there was an option to use the Query String Encryption tool which just literally means that your queries will be encrypted. The usual string you'll find on the URL box will look different because encryption is automatically applied. Now, the encryption is ever-present.

Search Results

There's a BoodiGo review that says that the results all link to premium websites. Like I have said, this site has undergone a lot of evolution including other sites presented to end-users. The BoodiGo search results now include all of the best porn sites including free adult platforms. That means a better experience because it should now be offering satisfactory results.

With millions of pornographic sites that are now using HTTPS, I thought that I'll be able to search for more categories and access much larger content with the improved BoodiGo. My search should lead me straight to the source of that sex scene I found somewhere on the web but I forgot which website it was. So, I tried to search for that video and typed "Skylar Vox Stepsister". I got results though that seem to have nothing to do with the pornstar, her attributes, and even the word "stepsister" was not present anywhere. Honestly, it feels like looking for content here is more difficult than making a search on Tumblr or Blogspot. Those two will tell me that what I'm trying to search is not allowed but at least they won't give me false hopes.

Should You Bookmark This On Your Browser?

I have to say, this is the era of people who knows that there are free ad blocker extensions on browsers that actually do what they're created for. If you have a very reliable one, that's awesome. You won't have to worry about getting malware or even seeing ads that say your device is infected. That's one of the overly-used selling points of BoodiGo. But then again, they also show ads from on their homepage and inner pages. These days, they even insert a few links to their advertisers. For that point, who are they kidding?

However, when it comes to making searches for your daily dose of porn easy, using porn search engines like BoodiGo can deem to be helpful. It shows you links to a lot of other sites that probably have what you're looking for. However, this site can't even provide as many suggestions as you'll hope to get, so that's another minus point.

The number one attractor of this site is their offer of safe and private browsing free from the spying eyes of Google and anyone else who might use your device. Let's just be honest here. Unless you're someone famous or you have a reputation that should have no connections to pornography, you shouldn't really think too much about how your browsing activity is being tracked, and using this platform won't even change the way you consume porn.

The biggest reason is that you'll never be contented with the limited results this site can provide and you'd always be tempted to just use your favorite tube or aggregator site for videos, or maybe Reddit. If you're OC when it comes to your browser's history, make it a habit to clean it up every time you clean up your fap aftermath.

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