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Forums are awesome places where like-minded people talk about all sorts of things or places where people build an online community to ask questions or share answers or resources they're looking for. You can actually find tons of forum sites on the internet although it must be challenging to find a forum dedicated to the kind of topic you're interested in. For one, there are lots of them. Second, another thing you have to consider is that not every forum website has an active community. Actually, while we'd like to help other lost souls look for forums they can visit for their SFW research, you should remember the name of our website. You know that if you're not lost, we're here to introduce porn websites - the most popular ones, at least. Therefore, when we talk about forums, you should realize that we're talking about the sexy ones for adult users only.

What's An Online Porn Forum For?

If you're used to watching porn videos on porn tube sites or browsing for hot content on paid-content subscription websites, a porn forum might come foreign to you. That's mostly because porn forum websites work a lot different compared to the porn websites I've mentioned. On adult forums, the actual porn content that you can access from them isn't laid out on the front page or somewhere else you can easily see. The first thing that you have to remember about an adult forum is that each of them is a community that only works with contributions and conversations from its users which means that unlike other kinds of adult content websites with just a couple of people - like their site admins - upload content. With lots of different users contributing their own content, it's quite challenging to convince them to put their own stuff in the right places. Another thing you have to know about a good porn forum is that it isn't just for adults who want to meet and chat with other adults who share the same interest as they have. It shouldn't just be a message board. It should be the dopest place for greedy adults looking for different kinds of pornographic content. What will follow shortly are some of the best porn sites in the form of porn forum websites.

Best Porn Forum Sites

One of the coolest things porn enthusiasts have ever thought of doing is to have S-Forum devoted to almost any kind of porn content. Oh, but it's just one among the communities like it. So, let's answer this question first - what's S-Forum? It's a completely free porn forum with download links to high-definition xxx videos, full-length porn films, photos of erotic models, porn comics, sex games, adult magazines, and resources for various sexual fetishes. They come in well-organized categories or sections, too. A quick reality check though, this free porn website may seem like an awesome haven but since it's just other members contributing sex materials here, we can't really be too demanding to ask for new posts or content every day, right? Well, in case you want more, you can always visit another adult forum for porn lovers like Porn-W, Hot-Board, or Kitty-Kats. All of those porn forum websites have very broad topics covering almost all kinds of porn materials. On the other hand, if you're looking for other forum websites for communities with specific kinks or fetishes, there are places like that and we'll talk about them next.

Free Porn Forums For Amateur Content

We've all got to admit that Reddit is almost the best adult platform on the internet for amateur NSFW content because it has the largest and most active community. Although, we also have to wake up to the reality that it isn't really perfect. I mean, sure you can always count on Redditors to patrol each other. But sometimes, there are just some of them who tend to be "ass-y" that they end up discouraging other folks who want to post their own content. Another thing that takes away a huge point from the platform is that since it's technically a mainstream content platform, it has a lot of limits. Remember r/Incest? It's supposedly a sub where adults are free to share their fantasies but then it was shut down. If you want to know more about it and other subs like it, we have a complete review of each of them. Another thing about it is that the links you can share are limited to only a couple of file hosts. Anyway, still, it's the best forum there is for amateurs in terms of having it highly accessible on a mobile phone.

Therefore, if you enjoy looking at amazing nudes of amateur girls in photos and videos, there are other free xxx forums on the internet with free registration as well and they even allow interaction between fans and uploaders. Amateur Voyeur Forum, for example, is a place where you can upload your seemingly voyeuristic photo or video for other adults' attention. Porn World, on the other hand, has a wider niche and you can even share your hottest sex video there as well. No worries about "ass-y" folks patrolling or complaining about "quality porn content". In case you're looking for a discussion forum where you can chat with others or exchange information and content about the hottest girls on OnlyFans and other paid-content subscription sites for free, there's Yes Leaks and other similar forums on our list.

Best Porn Forums For Vintage Pornography

In case you're wondering if there are other people out there who still like vintage porn in a time when porn videos can go up to 4K video quality and VR porn on 8K, there's a porn site that you should visit or maybe even join. It's called Vintage Erotica Forum. Aside from fawning over the hottest women from several decades ago, you can also find pictures and videos of them from the personal collections of other fans like you. If you're lucky, someone might help you find an old sex film that you can't find by yourself. All you've got to do is search the website if someone has already posted it. This website has a search box so you won't have to scroll through tons of posts or threads for something that's already in your head. If it doesn't exist on the forum yet, you can post a topic or start a thread for it. It's free.

XXX Forums For BDSM and Extreme Fetishes

We gotta admit that the internet has its own dark side. Well, BDSM and extreme sex is just in the grey area, actually. That's because it has a much darker side like extreme explicit torture that goes beyond the definition of "sexy". Thank goodness though because in every good porn forum website, there's a good community where members cooperate and keep things inside the boundaries which means that all sexual acts in any kind of porn content could be enjoyed by fetish lovers without being guilty of something they shouldn't. BDSM-Paradiese was that kind of free forum site although it has left the world wide web. It's sad though but we've got to move on and that's specifically to other free porn forum websites with tons of BDSM stuff. If BDSM and other kinds of extreme xxx content are right up your alley, Extreme-Board is a good free forum website that can serve as an alternative. But, if you're into something dirty like you're looking for amateur xxx videos of chicks peeing or even doing something dirtier, Pee Fans might be the site you want to drop by. If you like ladies with inflated bellies - which is an actual fetish by the way, Preggophilia is a site where real pregnant amateurs upload their bumps. Well, there are a lot more of them out there. Take a look at our list, will you?

Swinger Porn Forums

There's another thing that we have to admit at this point - some folks can't just stop thinking that cheating wives are hot. I mean, even lots of premium porn networks produce lots of plots about the topic. Heck, some premium and free websites are exclusive to the genre. Well, porn tubes may help your fantasies over cheating MILFs but a pretty cool forum may help you turn that fantasy into reality. Slut Wives, for example, is a virtual hangout for those who fantasize about their wives getting fucked by others and others who fantasize about fucking other guys' wives. Dudes can share photos of their wives and other dudes can stare at them. There are some that also offer actual meet-ups. Kinky Life has a broader age category but the concept is the same including intentions.

Celebrity Porn Forum Sites

Celebrities aren't just all glitz and glamour. Some of them even have funny videos that don't become as popular as their scandals but they're still golden. Anyway, since our site is for porn, we'll stick to the topic. If you want to find discussion groups where folks don't simply have conversations about them but also exchange stuff featuring hot celebrities from Hollywood and all over the world, there are two places out of so many that I'd like to suggest - Famous Board and Nude Celeb Forum.

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