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I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one wondering why SpaceFucker with almost 2 decades in existence currently has less than 59k members. This site is very transparent and all of the numbers that you need to know about the activity here but it only shows those that are related to actual site members. If like me, you also want to understand this site better, then keep on reading this review because I'll definitely discuss everything you'd want to know about SpaceFucker and everything else you have to know about it as well in case you're interested in visiting it. It's an adult forum site with many nooks and crannies, so you might want to save some effort from going around the whole place to know whether you can find the kind of content or experience you're hoping to get.

SpaceFucker is a virtual space for online fuckers to communicate and share smut with legal-aged people from around the world who love the same kinds of topics they do. If you're a new user who isn't a member yet, you can spy on the chat box but not join it and you can also check out the forums but not post anything. While there's no benefit in reading the messages in the chat box, you can find lots of sexy photos and sex stories in the forums that you might love. There are also adult forum rooms here for sex dating. You can pretty much guess why this site is called SpaceFucker since there are so many things that will keep an adult busy here... so why is the community here still small? So, without further ado, let's get this in-depth review of SpaceFucker started with the basic yet most important rules.

Talk To Other Adults in Chat or Forums

I seriously wondered if the reason why there aren't so many members here was because of strict community rules. I mean, come on, with so many topics and intentions swimming around this site, it seems almost impossible for any porn fan or sex enthusiast to not find a forum they'd fit in. If it doesn't even exist yet, they can simply create a new thread under any related forum. That's why I thought that maybe there are rules here that seem to turn away potential SpaceFucker so I'll just summarize the community rules for you to make it easy. Anyway, you should really know the rules whenever you're thinking about joining any community. SpaceFucker seems to have the intention of being a fantasy porn site originally. That means you have to assume that whatever you see here isn't real even though it's promoted as one (but I guess that applies only to the sex stories). Of course, illegal pornography isn't allowed here and that applies even more strongly against underage sex-related topics. Those should never ever exist in any forum or in the chat box. Users aren't allowed to use usernames that refer to illegal stuff and they shouldn't use explicit photos as avatars or profile photos. To keep a nice environment for everyone in the community, no member is allowed to insult any member. For anyone who wants to post a new thread or a comment, ensure they're sensible. Aside from those general rules, there are other rules that apply in the individual forums. For example, the sex dating forum doesn't allow promotions or advertisements for paid sex services. If like me you weren't able to see anything wrong with the community rules of SpaceFucker, I guess the only things that will stop you from getting a free account to be an actual member here are keeping your detectable VPN service on and failing the bot test.

Now then, let's talk about the features of SpaceFucker starting with the chat box. The chat box doesn't seem to have any specific purpose but it's not for sex talks. Just like with the threads, you shouldn't also share your private information including contact information. Aside from those things though, you can send any message you want there. So, if you think it's a boring feature that won't encourage you to sign up on SpaceFucker for a free account, it's fine. SpaceFucker isn't all about the public chat box on its site. It's just like a cherry on your sundae.

Again, SpaceFucker is an adult site for online communities and those are basically the ice cream scoops to our sundae analogy. Whether you'll love the SpaceFucker sundae or not depends on the forums. Unlike other porn forum sites, SpaceFucker is neater. There aren't too many sections and there's a well-functioning search tool that will make it easier for you to know whether there's already an existing thread that you're interested in that SpaceFucker users have been using already before you even start a new thread. Also, unlike other sites like SpaceFucker, this site doesn't have too many sections and threads so each of them is active.

So before you think about starting a thread or finding an existing thread to join, let's see what SpaceFucker has. There are SpaceFucker communities for Free Nude Teens Galleries, Masturbation, General Sex, Relationships Free Help, Family Sex Relationships, Roleplay, Private Talks, Sex Dating, Girls' Private Photos, Boys' Private Photos, Sex Stories, Women-Only, and Off-Topic. There are also those for fetishes like the Sexy Stockings, Nylon, Pantyhose, and Underwear Forum. There's also one for adults who love gay porn which is the Gays and Shemales forum. For media-only content, there are forums such as Hall Of Fame - Best Pictures/Movies Posting and Porn Forum. If you're more comfortable with using a language aside from English, you can try the All Languages forums.

Final Verdict on SpaceFucker

SpaceFucker is nice to every single member and it seems to be fair regardless of whether you're using SpaceFucker as a free user or a paying one. You just have to make sure to follow the rules and keep SpaceFucker clean despite its title. If you love SpaceFucker and you want to support the existence of this adult forum site and you're hoping it won't change over time, you can donate by sending some bucks through crypto or by GPU mining. More information is provided in the thread for donations.


  • safe and well-moderated online adult community
  • gay-friendly
  • lots of active users
  • it has enough topics


  • not a fantasy porn site
  • no live sex chat

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