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Vintage Erotica Free Porn Site Review

Vintage Erotica Forums is a free adult forums porn site that hosts classic magazine scans with complete collections of models, classic pornstar and softcore models, classic movies, celebrities, and even Vintage Elegance and Beauty.

Most of these categories host content from 1995 and onwards, but some sections host content that predates modern photography.

If you love old-school, vintage pornography pictures, videos, scans, and even paintings, then Vintage Erotic Forum is the place for you.

The content on this vintage porn website is really good, and you can find a lot of historical pictures, videos, and scans that you just simply couldn't find on other porn sites, or even the best porn sites.

Old photo collections of Marilyn Munroe and all the quality women and playmates featured in early internet/printing press publications can be viewed here in high-res erotica scans.

The site is old-fashioned to be sure, similar to the material it hosts, but Vintage Erotica Forums does host an absolute wealth of vintage porn with thousands, if not millions, of posts and archived threads, the categories are basically endless, and the community is very active and engaged.

But, the site design and layout are almost too clunky for modern tastes, with the page view seeming like it came from a 1990's era macintosh. The porn website has not been optimized for mobile use, there are tons of ads, and you basically need to make an account to access most of the content on the site.

Vintage Erotica Forums even has a Twitter account, so you can get regular updates

So come join me for an in-depth review of one of the best porn sites for Vintage Erotica!

Vintage Erotica Forums

There aren't many porn sites like vintage erotica forums that focus so specifically on vintage porn. I have been reviewing porn sites and posts for some time now, and this is the first site that I've seen that focuses on this particular niche so well.

Most of the porn that can be found in these forums are from before I was even born, and I'm not sure about you, but I have a tendency to discount anything that is older than the 2000s as trash. Movies, porn, magazines. The only media formats that escape that bias are video games and music, but if you really take a moment to browse the forums that are laid out on this site, you will see that vintage porn actually has a lot to offer to modern viewers.

From beautiful magazine scans from the top porn magazines that our fathers and their fathers collected, including vintage playboy, hustler, and several others, to classic vintage porn films, Vintage Erotica Forums has it.

And if they don't, just send them a request and they will add it! (more on this in the community section)

Registration and Members

One of the very first things to talk about when it comes to the Vintage Erotica Forum is that you will almost certainly need to go through the registration process and become a member if you want to access the site.

Many sections of Vintage Erotica are private, such as the entire magazine scans section, as well as the vintage movies category.

This isn't that bad, because the registration is free, quick, and easy, but it is frustrating that site navigation is almost impossible without first signing up and becoming a user and member.

One nice thing is that once you are a member of the forum, all ads are removed.

And that is a very good thing for this site (more on ads in a bit).

Categories and Filters

Searching through Vintage Erotica Forum is made quite easy by very effective filtering options, combined with a decently robust categories section.

By categories here I mean material formats.

There is no categories area where you can select to see all the content and material under the team "creampie" or something like that, although you can find Page 3 girls.

Instead, the categories are broken into magazine scans, complete collections, user requests, and so on and so forth.

So if you are looking to find a scan of that 1987 January edition of Penthouse that you found in your dad's room, you have a good chance of finding it by using the categories effectively.

Now, for the filter options, there are a couple of really nice filter capabilities on Vintage Erotica Forum adult forums.

What I really liked is that when you open up a category, such as Vintage Elegance & Beauty, you have several hundred threads all containing photos, images, movies, etc from a particular model in the forum.

Once you are in the categories section, it is really easy to filter by user rating, amount of views, and replies.

Now, once you enter the actual thread, so like Marilyn Munroe, you can no longer filter and the posts will be arranged by most recent. Some sort of filtering option here would be a really great addition to the forum, although I am not sure how they would achieve this.

Maybe allow users to vote, or like, each post in the thread so then it would be easy to filter all that content to the top of the thread later on.

Vintage Erotica Forum Community

Any porn forum site will live and die by its community engagement.

That's just the way forums work, if you don't have a passionate and engaged userbase, then you have an empty site with no threads.

Vintage Erotica Forums has a stellar userbase on its porn forum.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of posts every single day within the forum, tons of comments, and there is even a page where you can put "requests" for certain content, and other users will browse their stuff and try to get you in touch with the stuff you are looking for.

They are passionate and they are very helpful.

It is the users themselves that are posting all the erotica content for you to view, so they really are the beating heart of this forum site and erotica forum.

Maybe vintage erotica realizes this, and that is why they make such a hard push for you to join their site and make an account.

Vintage Erotic Ads

I told you we would get here, and here we are.


Vintage Erotica Forums has a piss ton of ads. And to be honest, I think they do it on purpose in order to push you to make an account on their site.

There are just tons of pop-ups. And not just pop-ups either, I had redirects, banners blocking the view of the page, and that was even with my AdBlocker on!

Navigation on Vintage Erotica Forums as a guest is not a great experience, so if you like Vintage Erotica Forums it is better to make an account so you can access all the content and escape the hell-hole of ads Vintage Erotica Forum becomes when viewed as a guest.

Final Thoughts

Vintage Erotic Forum is a great forum-style domain for finding all your vintage porn dating back even all the way to the 1920s.

There are well-defined sections, good search, and filter options on the forum, but adding more filter and voting options within each thread would be a really nice touch.

The Vintage Erotica Forum layout is lackluster and out-dated, and there are a shit ton of ads on this website, but you can access all the content and get rid of the ads on Vintage Erotica Forum simply by signing up for a free account.


  • Excellent Niche Content
  • Active Userbase
  • Filtering Options


  • No In-Thread Filtering
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Need an account to access all content

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