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SuperZooi General Site Review

SuperZooi is one of the best porn sites you can visit if you're into weird, shocking, and bizarre content and clips. It has featured videos of different niches in the BDSM and dough fucking world. It really has everything the bizarre world has to offer. You can go for a week of porn-watching all you want!

SuperZooi Website Layout

The homepage is very simple. It has a white background with every huge banner that has the site's logo on the very top. Just below the banner, you will see the Home, Videos, Categories, Community, and Upload options. Which I think is very awkwardly placed since they are not that noticeable because of the white background. But yeah, you can still see it!

We've talked a lot about porn sites having a white background. Nobody wants to watch porn on a device as bright as the sun! But of course, like other websites, we expect that the page would be on dark mode when we select a video, and thankfully, it has that same feature! So no one's watching bright porn in the middle of the night. Clever, right?

Superzooi Filtering Options

The site has a very simple way of filtering its content. you can either sort the content from featured, recent, popular, or rated clips.

Once you open the website, you will immediately be routed to the featured videos. And if you're not into extreme out-of-this-world porn or weird fetishes, you might want to filter it using the categories tab.

Once you go to the categories, you will see a lot of options, from an extreme art video, hot anime babes, to weird bizarre stuff that will really make your balls jiggle. It has a lot of suggestions and you're going to be in a hell of a good place once you have decided on the right porn niches for you!

If you want to explore but don't have the time to look at each video or the thumbnail doesn't make sense to you, you can take advantage of the info listed just below the thumbnail! I think you can consider descriptions as art on porn sites, huh?

Superzooi Video Player

I tried watching a couple of videos and yeah, as I expect was on dark mode when you go to the videos themselves. No need to do an effort in looking for the night mode button, It's automatic!

The video player is also easy to navigate, it's very simple, just hit play or hit the enlarge button to make it fullscreen. It's kind of a no-brainer, right?

SuperZooi Ads

This isn't something new if you've been watching porn from your young days, remember watching censored porn from hentai sites when you were younger to now that you are trying out extreme BDSM fuck videos? Well, yeah. Ads will never leave you as long as you are watching videos from a free porn site.

For the Ads you will see on this porn site, it's not going to bug you that much. Their's very minimal pop-ups and a few ads that are actually "redirects" to other websites. But overall, it's okay!

SuperZooi Community

Like all other porn sites, you have the option to sign up and be a member. But this one is kind of different! Once you sign up to be a member, you can look up other members in the community. It's like social media page for the members where they can share content and even upload their stuff. Users are able to connect and have a live interaction by leaving comments on the people on their contact list that are active! It's like social media for people who like posting porn clips!

SuperZooi Overall Rating

Overall, this is going to be one of the best porn sites for people who has a fetish for content that's extreme for a normal person! It has a very wide range of selections and categories that can also cater to those who just want to watch normal porn. So it's a win-win, right?


  • Has a wide range of niches
  • Minimum pop-ups
  • A network where people can share their wildest thoughts


  • Just the white background on the homepage. Kinda big of a deal while watching porn at night!

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