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Sick Junk Extreme Porn Site Review

Here's what this site is about and it is totally appropriate for it to have its title - tons of weird stuff taken and uploaded by random people. While it isn't like most porn sites that you can call erotic, this one has a huge NSFW content mixed with nudity and activities normal people wouldn't have thought of, or may have but will never dare put into reality. Worse, aside from just doing the deed, they record them on cam and share it on the internet. Also, a warning before you decide to enter this site - you may lose your sense of humanity from all the sick junk you'll find here. There's no way for me to predict what you might see upon landing on the SickJunk website by the time you decide to enter it. It may be filled with cum or gore, but who knows. If you're up to some thrill, brace yourself before jumping in, or read the entire porn website review first to see what's in store.

Getting Around The SickJunk Site

The site looks quite innocent because it is way too simple and even the background is white. It couldn't get naughtier than its content which is pretty cool because it seems like it's saying that you just have to look at what it has rather than what it looks like. At the same time, it is also way too simple when it comes to a lack of an actual navigation bar. There aren't a lot of filtering options, too. You can't even sort the posts here. To be honest, I'm not a complete fan of extreme porn that I will know what kind of content I would like to see here. So basically, for me, there's no use for the search box.

You can find Categories on the right side of the page which isn't on the menu bar surprisingly but on top of more featured porn content. Aside from why it's there, you might even think that the site creator was quite high when you browse the categories list. No spoilers from me about why, but if you see, it means you're sober.

There are many porn sites like SickJunk but most of them aren't that transparent with their content like you won't know if the preview is for a video or just some photos. Here, it's clear because the featured content displayed on the homepage are all videos and there are icons indicating so on them. There are also details like the titles (which are accurate and have some humor), dates published (which are quite updated), and really short descriptions.

Sick Porn Videos

Let's talk more about these crazy videos. First of all, since only amateurs are uploading the videos here, don't expect HD video quality. A lot of videos here including those you can call porn videos have normal to low quality. There's no extremely poor quality here though that looks pixellated. But hey, even though they're not taken by pros, who would complain too much about free porn videos?

Now, let's talk about the kind of stuff you'll see here. I promise you though, you won't see a sweeter porn scene than a creampie here. You can explore the entire collection but you won't catch a glimpse of a single innocent soul here. Don't be deceived by some of the categories here, there's not even a sex scene here filled with love, or has a touch of romance. Gentleness and innocence in this zone do not exist. It's all XXX free porn shit here. The most popular categories here are cum, anal, abused, masturbation, rape, BDSM, death, and torture. Just when you think that masturbation is a category that can't be too wicked, well, you probably haven't seen a teen girl masturbating with a stuffed toy or with a road cone.

Rate My Slut

Here's another XXX section I recommend you to visit. Users post photos and clips here that other site visitors can rate. You won't even have to register for an account to rate the photos. I don't know what's up with it and if those who uploaded them come back to check how the results or rating is doing. Well, maybe it's how adults fulfill their fantasies of public nudity and exhibitionism without having to see the people who are looking at them. Especially girls showing off their boobies and pussies. Anyway, this feature is for free so just feel free to check it out anyway and rate as much stuff as you want.

Stuff No Longer Existing

I expected to see the live sick cams when I visit SickJunk because it is famous for that aside from its videos. I have heard that Live Sick Cams on SickJunk sounded impossible to others because they thought like who could go live doing insane shit in front of a live cam. It may have sounded impossible but it did happen and existed at some point in time. There may have been days when that did not work because, hey, there probably aren't too many kinds of people who would choose to do insane stunts every day for a website that won't pay them. They might have worked for PornHub instead and get paid for their talent, right? At least that porn site can make them popular on a professional level, not unless crazy shit is all they know. I mean there, they can even get posted on the best porn sites.

Aside from that, even though it isn't just a case of having a boss who will pay them to do that kind of work, just imagine, it is possible to have normal sex every day but not the SickJunk kind of sex every day. In reality, even pornstars find it exhausting to film sex scenes every day.

Since SickJunk no longer has that kind of live cams, I was hoping to see if their site links to another site with the same porn material. However, it doesn't.

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