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Kaotic is the biggest free file host of graphic videos, extreme content, funny user uploads, uncensored news and more shocking reality content. A Live Leak of reality content.

Kaotic.com Extreme Porn Site Review

Kaotic.com is not for the weak-hearted so hell, you better make sure that you finish reading this review before you even think about entering sites like kaotic and their homepage. As soon as their site opens, you will instantly see illegal thumbnails of gore, wicked, and crazy stuff. When Kaotic says that they are the biggest free file host for graphic videos and extreme content, they mean it. But, what I'm sure of is that they do have a gigantic amount of extreme and violent content that they are just lying on the border of porn because of the very few normal porn videos or photos this site has.

If you are someone whose styles are beyond dark and gory, then feel free to explore the world of Kaotic. If not, then beware! This might traumatize you to shut yourself off and abandon reality. Kaotic's content is not for everyone. Again, before you start feeling jumpy from being curious about this site, let me go through the details of this site for you and set your expectations right. Let's get this on.

Uncensored Reality Content

There's blood. Lots of it. It is blood coming out of a girl dismembered by some gang, a decapitated guy, or someone burned alive. Worse, is that these videos and photos are, as the site's content creator says to be real videos.

Now, I'm not sure why this site is considered porn, but yeah, everyone has their fetish and blood splatter might cause a cum-splatter for some guys out there. Although Kaotic might get you sick, especially if you're not into seeing so much blood. But if you are feeling adventurous, then go ahead and try it. Just make sure that you haven't just eaten a heavy meal.

Aside from the upload quality gory reality content video that is uploaded, you can access other themes on Kaotic.com as well. These are categorized as Accidents, Gore Mutilated bodies, Torture, Fight, fights, Funny, Justice, Medical, Protests scenes, Robbery Fights, War, Trending vIdeos, people die, road accidents, recent videos, etc. Yeah, Each video is mostly about death, gore, death, and death.

Oh, and there's "Others," too. I'd love to tell you the contents of their categories one by one, but I can say that while I was going through their collection per category, I can feel my guts slowly dying. The only safe zone here for scenes for the users seems to be "Funny" while the bloodiest one is "Medical."

If you're looking for hot sexy women, you'll find very few of them on this site. Good luck though on seeing a hot one who won't look like she just came from a psycho-horror movie! I can just imagine the comments, and let me just tell you. They ain't good comments on any video ahead of time.

Kaotic.com's Layout compared to other sites

Kaotic.com's layout looks very simple and almost innocent-looking. It has only 2 shades of blue and is very easy to look at which is great if you don't like watching horror in the dark. As a fellow audience of adult sites, I can say that it is a bother going on fullscreen mode when the videos I'm going to watch are just short clips. This site doesn't have full-length videos so it's not advisable to do this.

Just save your eyes from the on-and-off of bright screen and make sure to watch with your room's light on. If you can enjoy yourself with a gore video, surely you are great enough to fap with the lights on, right? You also can not download videos on the website. I'm not going to pick on too much about this site's color anymore so let me tell you other features of their layout... well... there's nothing much I can say actually. All of their photos and videos have their thumbnails posted on the homepage already. Their navbar has only 4 tabs and there's just the sign-in or register button. There are no sidebars where we can usually expect to filter the things we see.

Simply put, this site is a little bit too simple.

Navigating Through Kaotic website

As I have mentioned above, they do have "more categories" which you can easily access on their navbar across the header. You can also start your search through their insane collection by "Featured" and "Recent".

I'd also like to mention that since this kind of site would make you want to avoid a lot of stuff, like me, you would want to filter your search here. Well, the bad news is they don't have a filtering option. If you want to go through this site, then you will have no choice but to browse through all those wild products of the reality of stuff, whether you can take them, or not. I would have expected more on the quality of the page because of all the uploaded videos.

The only other feature I appreciate on this site is the section "Being Searched Now." For me, I think it helps when you are close to losing your senses going through this site and would like to go in some direction. Aside from this one, you're all alone on this site. you can't see any other way to filter out content aside from the search button. The titles here though, if they don't seem fucked-up in a mental way, seem to be fucked-up in a Google Translate way. Like, what does "Ashley Madison date too high on too much molly" even mean?


Their categories also don't seem to help that much either. Honestly, before I entered the "Others" category page, I was crossing my fingers hoping to see decent yet extreme styles of porn videos there. Imagine bondage and other forms of S&M. But, too bad for me, they are just yet other products of fucked up reality photos and contents which the uploaders were too lazy to tag into other more appropriate categories. Even some of the videos in "Funny" can be placed on the "Accident" page. Kaotic is much more for the users, and well we can see it in the video. If you're still hoping to find actual porn on this site, here are some dedicated pornography keywords for you - feet fucking, tits, bunny fuck, painal, facefuck, shooting jizz, threesome, and shooting creampie. Well, there are other words you can feel free to use if you want to push your luck even harder to find more extreme versions of your favorite porn material, but take my advice and don't use generic words like fuck or anal because you might see something else getting inside that hole (torture). As somebody who has seen it happen in other porn videos.

Kaotic Website Community

So, I guess, let's say that this site got your interest, congratulations on that, btw, and you are thinking about whether or not you should register on this site as a user or not, I'm telling you - nope. There's no feature for registered members that's even worth remembering or auto-saving your password for.

There's no forum page on this web. You only get to comment as members on some of the posts here, but then, even those who are commenting don't say much or discuss the post itself. You're much better off in an actual chat web if you just want to talk to people. Unless there's something you would like to upload and share here, yeah, not worth a couple of minutes to set up an account for. You can't submit content here as a user that will benefit you anyway 'cos nothing is for sale here on this web. It's like a god-abandoned place where only the wretched ones who enjoy watching disturbing scenes thrive here.

Pop-Ups, Ads, and External Links on Kaotic

I especially like to add this to my reviews, especially of adult sites because these say a lot about the web itself, at least for me. Does Kaotic.com have ads? Note that there are no intrusive ads or any ads at all. It is great for the user since this web doesn't have any advertisements popping out somewhere, right? Does it have pop-ups and external links? Yes.

Some thumbnails don't have actual content and when you click on it, it will lead you to another web. A different page without any connection to the thumbnail you clicked on. In some websites, you can just click on the same thumbnail again and it will lead you to where you want to go. Here, it's not like that. You can click on it as much as you want but it will still be the same site, not the video. In this case, the mobile version isn't that good. If you take a look at it on the desktop web and hover your cursor over that preview, you'll see on the pop-up by the footer the link of the web where it will lead you. Some other thumbnails will lead you to the actual content on other websites like ViralPorn, or ThePornGuy, although this is a very rare case.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, I'd consider Kaotic Website as an adult web given that probably 99% of its content isn't for minors, and can be considered as a porn webpage with the external links leading to real porn sites. I don't think that beheadings can raise even just one dick - and this web has a couple too many of these. So, what I'm trying to say is, if you want porn, then go to other extreme porn sites which we have listed here as well.


  • uncensored extreme videos for free
  • mobile compatible
  • downloadable pictures and videos for free
  • tons of crazy shit content



  • not a porn site
  • fake thumbnails that lead you to an unrelated site page

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