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EroGarga Vintage Porn Site Review

Nothing beats the good old classics. So for all the vintage lovers out there, this website may take your interest. EroGarga lets its users watch tons of vintage porn movies from different decades for free. It also has some movies from not so long ago in its collection. However, before you retrophiliacs get your hopes up too much for EroGarga, let's first check this website out together. Let's take a look at the quality of the free videos, see if we can find a good ol' movie worth watching and how to look for them.

Free Vintage Porn Movies

The porn movies that you can find here are from the 1950s to the early 2000s. They're all colored and they come from so many different countries worldwide including x-rated French movies, uncensored Hollywood sex scenes, Japanese porn, and more. EroGarga has a good mix of complete vintage porn movies and cut scenes from 18+ movies. You can watch them all directly here on this site.

If you're wondering about the quality of every movie here since some were released when your granny was still young, you don't really have to worry that much. Just like most remastered classic films, the ones you can watch on this site are somehow similar. If you're wondering whether you can choose the playback resolution, you can't. You can choose the playback speed but not the video quality. However, it's not that bad. The highest resolution available for vintage porn movies released before the 90s seems to play at their best quality including the audio. For porn movies released in the 2000s, they seem to play at 720p max.

Getting Around EroGarga

If there's really something great about this site, it's the fact that you can watch a porn movie here without getting interrupted by ads even though Ero Garga is a free porn tube site. Even with my adblocker turned off, I wasn't able to see a single banner ad and even though I clicked several movie thumbnails, there was no ad or site that opened in a new tab or window. It means that there are no hidden links anywhere which we can take as a good sign of safety.

Anyway, the website itself looks just like most free porn tube sites on the internet. It has a plain black background with a red accent and the text is in white. The search box is on the topmost part of the window and there's a menu bar that has a lot of external links or links to other sites except for the Home. I find it quite disappointing how there are more than a dozen links on the menu header but there are none that can be used to find content that we would want to watch for free. I mean, this site has a really wide variety of content so it would be so useful to have shortcut links on the header for complete lists of categories and tags. The main section features the Latest Videos on this site which means the latest uploads but you can change the displayed videos to Random Videos. You can move through pages to browse for more content or you can check out the suggested videos on the right-side section. If you're looking for movies based on the decade they were released or the countries they are from, you can use the lists below the Should Watch section or the list by the footer that is just above more links to other porn sites.

When you click on a thumbnail, you'll get to the page where you can watch the video. Aside from the player, you can also get other stuff there such as images of highlighted scenes, a short synopsis, upload date, names of the actors and actresses, tags used in the video, and some related videos. The names of the actors are links you can click to search for other movies featuring them and you can also get your hands on EroGarga for free. The only thing that I wish EroGarga did better is to have added the video length or duration of each movie on its thumbnail so we won't have to click on play on the video page before we can know whether we're looking at a movie or a clip.

Final Verdict On EroGarga

There's a wide variety of artistically directed adult movies here on EroGarga and I really wish this website had more ways to let users browse and filter their content. It's nice that this site is using tags for countries and decades but I wish that they also have tags for the types of videos that they have even as either movies or clips. However, although this website does not have scene tags, you can use porn niches and other keywords on the search box to look for the videos you might like. Honestly, if this site was more user-friendly when it comes to searching for videos, I'd never hesitate to recommend it to any retro porn fan.


  • this site has tons of free porn movies from different generations

  • there are no annoying ads anywhere you go


  • no categories list and other sorting or filtering options

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