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MyRetroTube Vintage Porn Site Review

Let me tell you right now that if you're only looking for full-length porn videos in UHD quality, you don't have to spend your time reading this review. The name of this website doesn't talk about how long it has been on the web. It talks about the kind of adult content that can be found on this website. The only thing that is misleading about its title is the word "Tube". My Retro Tube isn't a porn tube site where retro porn videos can be streamed directly but it's a place where they can be discovered. It's called an aggregator site and it just aggregates porn content from other websites. In this site's case, it gathers free vintage porn content from multiple free porn tube sites so users can find tons of them in one place. MyRetroTube has lots of xxx niches but they still fall in the classic porn category. That's why if you're looking for a website with a new porn video collection, MyRetroTube can't be an option for you and you shouldn't be checking out the sites listed on our vintage porn list.

On the other hand, if you love the nostalgic feeling, the style, or anything else about retro movies, you might be interested in the porn video collection that can be found using this website. So, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about MyRetroTube from its browsing features to the retro porn content that can be found using this porn aggregator site so you won't have to face the ups and downs about it by yourself. If you're ready for R-18 vintage videos with lots of sexually explicit scenes, let's start this tour.

Are You Game For Some Retro Porn Videos?

Just like this site's title "My Retro Tube", its design screams "vintage". Its vintage layout and colors can get discouraging especially if you're used to browsing free porn tube sites that don't have a vintage theme. I mean, its ugly brown background and dirty yellow text color paired with vintage porn images might make you wonder if there's anyone maintaining this website. Of course, no one has to keep on updating this site's porn collection because no one's expecting it to have newly released porn scenes. Still, all this retro porn site has are links to videos hosted on other sites so it'll be annoying if the links you click will just lead you to blank pages or broken video players because the classic porn movies you're hoping to watch by clicking the links on this free porn site have already left the servers of the sites they were originally on and whoever's supposed to be in charge of this site didn't delete their links. Fortunately, this site doesn't seem to be the kind to lead retro porn fans on only to disappoint them. I checked out a lot of porn video links on this site from various categories and upload dates and I didn't encounter a single link that disappointed me. There's a really small chance that you'll find one that will lead you to a dead end. I think it's safe to say that all of the links you'll find here work.

Now then, let's explore more things about this retro porn site. Just like most porn aggregators, the main section on this site's main page is filled with featured categories instead of sex videos and porn movies. Of course, aside from the ones with thumbnails on the main section, you'll also find a long list of categories at the bottom. The long list includes Big Tits, Lesbian, Teen, Anal, Gay, Granny, Mom, Hairy, Shemale, Mature, Old & Young, and a lot of other porn categories you may or may not see on most porn tubes. On a side note, if you've just begun your adulthood, you might be surprised by this site's hairy porn video collection since it's featured with a thumbnail too. Classic porn, at some point, was filled with hairy chicks because it was a fetish. So, don't be surprised to see hairy pussies even if you avoid this category. Another one of the things that you shouldn't be surprised about when browsing this site is when you realize that there are many xxx videos here in the Granny and Mature categories that don't seem to qualify to be called "retro". Some of them seem to have come into existence just a couple of years ago. For example, I found a sex scene here featuring Anya Krey and a mature woman on the Mature category page. In case you don't know her, she's a Romanian pornstar born in 1998. The sex scene is from 21Sextury so we know for sure that she was at least 18 when that scene was taken - and she doesn't even look like she has just gone past her teenage in the porn scene. If you're wondering why I didn't search for the porn movie where the scene is from to verify, it's because the titles of the xxx videos here aren't their original titles. Also, as I have said earlier, this website doesn't have fresh porn movies so even though they don't qualify to be called retro porn, they're videos that are probably on their original sites' archives. The dates you can find on the thumbnails show when the videos were uploaded to their respective porn tubes - not their release dates. That's why, even if you go to the All New page, you'll see more vintage sex videos than newer porn scenes. At least it's good to know that you'll still get new retro xxx videos every day here. Also, it's kind of easy to know which thumbnail links will show you retro porn movies and retro sex clips. The thumbnails display the duration of the videos. You can also use some filters for that.

Is My Retro Tube Worth Your Time?

Honestly, whether MyRetroTube is worth visiting or not depends on what you're looking for and how fast you want to get recommendations. There are hundreds of thousands of free retro or vintage sex scenes you can watch for free that you can find using this website. It will even help you find tons of retro anal sex videos, mature pornstars in vintage films, classic lesbian sex scenes, and so many more. However, because there are too many of them, you might find yourself giving up while scrolling through so many retro adult films that you won't even get to watch at least one retro film to pay off your efforts - unless you already have a retro sex film in mind and you'll get a result from using the search box. Anyway, this retro porn site is free so give it a try if you want.


  • find tons of retro porn movies you can watch online for free
  • lots of porn categories


  • not all of the videos here are vintage porn
  • all of the tubes linked to this website have ads

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