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The Nip Slip Celebrities NSFW Blog Site Review

It's not just Kendall Jenner and her sisters who like giving us nip slips from time to time. There are a lot of them. There are also tons of celebs we like seeing in total nudity like Scarlett Johansson who gives us pleasure every now and then, with CGI though. Bummer. However, there are other fine things in life and that includes famous babes having an unannounced competition for the Best Pair of Nipples in the Planet - and that is what seems to exist for, and other reasons, of course. But here's a disclaimer for porn fans - The Nip Slip is a blog site and not your usual pictures or videos porn sites which means you can't expect that looking for niches here will work in the same way as you do on other porn sites. Regardless, I'm giving everyone a good guide on how you can browse the entire collection and what kind of content you can access from this site.

Celebrity Nip Slips And Wardrobe Malfunctions

Let's start with a brief introduction of this site and what sets it apart from other sites from the same niche. Unlike other Celebrity Fappening sites, The Nip Slip is more straightforward with what it's about. This site won't give you updates about popular women but it's just all about celebrity nip slips, nudity, intentional and accidental wardrobe malfunctions resulting in a nip slip, and anything else NSFW featuring celebrities. If you're a female looking for a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, or any other guy with cool man nips, you won't find such content here. It's an all-female site with female boobies. No Ben Affleck or Dwayne Johnson man-boobs either.

Popping Site Design

Let's have a short commercial break first and talk about something that really stands out here. It's not Eiza Gonzalez not wearing panties which is obvious with her camel toe while wearing a hot pair of thin leggings. I'm talking about the fact that this website that's mostly violet and sprinkled with violet stars, and it doesn't even have content for women and gays but it does look like the site is for them.

Anyway, apart from that commentary, I just want to say that if you seriously want to browse the posts here, you should use only these sections - the black menu bar, the posts section, and the dropdown list under categories. Aside from those, you'll just find links to other adult sites. That's for the main page though. On a post's own page though, there are more useful sections. Well, just 2 more. These are Also on TheNipSlip, or suggested articles, and the comments section. That's it.

Navigation Tricks

With so few content look-up features, how's the navigation here then? Like I have been saying earlier, is a blog site so you just enjoy what the writers, or collectors, post here and what's on the archive. This kind of website is ideal for regular patrons than those who are just looking mainly for sexy photos and sex clips. However, compared to Reddit NSFW communities, looking for specific content on TheNipSlip is easier in a way. That's mainly because this has a search box that actually works by using the keywords found on the titles and even the article itself.

Content Categories

Now, let's talk about the different kinds of stuff you'll find here which isn't as simple as the slogan on the site's header. Here are the two main categories of categories:

Scenes Tags

If you're looking for the most common kinds of shots lewd paparazzi get, you can check out the menu bar for that. You can easily access photos and video clips featuring Nip Slips, Pussy Slip, See Through (including Pokies), Topless, Bikini (with Beach Scenes, of course), Cleavage, and Butts from there. However, if you're looking for more categories like Camel Toes, Upskirts, Nudity, Candids, Nipples (the bare ones), and more, your best bet would be to search for those keywords on the search box instead. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no page listing all tags here or there are even no tags here at all.

Celebrity Content

You can look for specific archives related to a specific celeb using the dropdown on Categories. They're not really Categories actually but more of an index which is fine but should have been named properly. On the bright side though, while it seems that there aren't a lot of updates on this site, the Celebrities database here is updated with new names being added along with a newly added scandal photo or clip from movies. In fact, you can find photos here of the latest spread of InStyle and other magazines as soon as they're released.

Partner Porn Sites

Well, just as TheNipSlip has incredibly hot scoops of a Shailene Woodley in total nudity, beautiful ass-showing bikini pictures of Nikki Minaj, photos of the neatest view of the alluring legs of Taylor Swift in her bikinis, Halsey wearing clothes in her latest album cover but still gives a display of a full nipple, and more, the majority of these photos are hosted by other image hosting sites. We gotta say, thanks to the services of PixHost, ImageTwist, Alrincon, Phun, and more, we get a nice compilation here. Well, I wouldn't jump ahead to those sites so quickly because I might miss those that are TheNipSlip Originals.

Is There Any Celebrity News On TheNipSlip?

Yes, there are. There isn't a lot of news here but the few ones here are worth reading. I especially find the interviews interesting like "10 Intimate Questions Answered by a Bukkake Party Girl" which I just came across while looking for Orgy stuff. It's wickedly hot actually. Overall Experience

I would really want to see celeb sex tapes here but TheNipSlip only has genuine stuff. If I want to see Selena Gomez in an intense sex scene, I'll just go to other places on the internet for that but I'm pretty sure I'll only get fakes. The thing is, the stuff you get on TheNipSlip is genuine.

Here's a pro-tip about how to find out if something is real or fake when it comes to celebrities - check out the discussions about it on Twitter and Reddit. There is surprisingly a lot of pros there.


  • awesome blogs that display a lot of celebrities in their sexiest moments
  • the categories are good enough, not too many and not too few
  • the search box works well
  • the content comes from a lot of sources across the internet


  • the pictures are hosted on other sites
  • just when I thought thank goodness they only have banner ads, they also have ads that open in new windows
  • irregular updates

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