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Sexy And Funny Porn Blog Review

SexyAndFunny has the funniest crazies and sexiest hotties you can ever find from an adult blog. It has a huge community combined with cool moderators that made this website worth your time to register to set an account. Among all of the porn blog sites that exist, I can say that I understand why this one is so popular that I can say it can be one of my favorites. just might be the site you'd want to stay in for some funny and sexy stuff.

Here's my review on this blog site so you will know what I mean. Site

Do you want to see hot chicks having lots of sexy fun with their friends? How about some babes showing off their huge tits? Probably some women trying to be funny?

Everything is here on! The content on this site is enormous and they are all good quality stuff. It means that all of the photos and videos here are worth checking out. People can also post on the forums to discuss the content, or just share their opinion.

There is also a huge variety of sexy and funny content here. The best news is, you can access all of its content for free! Who doesn't want free porn? SexyAndFunny has a very active community so there's something new almost every day. Isn't that really worth hitting the register button for? Making an account via their forum is also for free so you can go ahead and make one, or just go ahead and peep on the girls' butts here on the forum or anywhere on Checked them already.

If you prefer a lighter nature of porn videos and photos, then this is one of those sites that might be just for you.

Sexy And Funny Photos and Porn Videos

Here's my review on the site design of SexyandFunny and how you might want to explore their two major categories - Sexy and Funny.

The format of this site is very simple. Everything seems to be arranged on a layout that is easy to browse. I like the fact that even though this is a porn blog with tons of images, it doesn't give you the eternal scroll function which lets you know that you don't have to go through a hell of a list of content that looks like your mom's grocery list where it's just so long it ruins the concept of fun and adventure.

There are also sub-categories you can find as sub-tabs under the main tabs. On the top section. you'll see a tab with these options Home, Videos, Photos, Models, Free Cams, Forums, and More. Switch between any tab to find more categories. These look general right? But... you can really get access to all of these here on SexyandFunny! Like if you just want to see an ass, you can even choose if you would like to see one on a video, on photos, or even webcams. There are just plenty of options here, man.

SexyAndFunny User Ratings

On the main page of SexyandFunny, you will notice the Latest Updates section. You can even sort it by views, sexy rating, funny rating, and favorites. Actually, even though you browse through the default setting, you can instantly see whether or not it is the right content for you with the user ratings on the side of every thumbnail and its description. It shows there both ratings of Sexy And Funny. It also shows if there are any comments on the thread, and how many likes it has. These metrics are pretty reliable so it is easy for anyone to go through plenty of pages without having to peek at the actual content to find out if it's all about sexy women, or if it is actually something funny.

I tried to check out one of the recent posts rated both funny and sexy and it was a video that links to YouTube. It didn't have a thread yet but I can say that for a video that isn't that popular yet, it was pretty cool. That gave me high expectations on those that have threads.

Sexy And Funny Women

What's hotter than sexy pornstars? Those who are also fun and funny. The babes here pack great humor on top of having sexy bodies. They're not even one of those crazy cam models who just show you pussy all the time thinking that is considered funny. The porn content produced here is of a bit different quality. It really is not your ordinary porn where every single that is sexy is related to seeing a pussy. Well, there's still plenty of that here. But, it doesn't focus on that. You get hot babes here that will get your interest in different ways that will make you believe in vanilla sex again. You get blondes here who won't get justice for being stereotyped as being 'just sexy'. You can tell that the people behind the scenes work really hard to give you results of ultimate fantasies of sex experience with a page per page of hot chicks here on


One of the perks of being one of this site's members is the fact that you can reply to the interesting threads on their forum where you are free to talk about all of the content on SexyandFunny. You can talk about the latest adults-only videos, share your review on the quality of the favorite chick of everyone, and get a bit geeky with the latest porn games. There's much freedom here on this site which its members seem to enjoy. By joining the forum of SexyAndFunny, you are allowed to message other members and talk to them about their favorite sub-sections, sexy girls, funny videos, other porn forums, and sites. Again, the members here are free as birds. This is why I'm one of the members on this site already. Why would I play games of porn hunting whenever I need to have sex when again, I can enjoy watching a pair of boobs of a sexy chick in a casual funny scene bumping each other as girls engage in hot battles on videos. That, for me, is just really sexy and funny. I know that their forum here is among the best adult forums on the internet.


Are there ads here? Yes.

But... there are no pop-up and intrusive ads. This makes SexyandFunny one of the best porn sites there can be. Funny how the best sites are the ones with the least ads, right?

Even when I clicked on the videos and moved from section to section, or tab to tab, I haven't encountered even one annoying ad. That says a lot about porn sites, doesn't it? I stayed on the forums section and didn't see anything either.

Final Words


  • SexyAndFunny truly lived up to its name with all the sexy and funny girls on this site
  • Categories are simple but give you just what you want
  • Forums aren't really my thing but theirs are just what their members might need
  • Getting to see views help you see which are most interesting


  • The layout looks old and outdated - not that bad but can be improved
  • Not much really

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