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There's a lot more to porn blogs aside from interesting articles for adult readers. There are different kinds of porn blog sites and they vary based on the kind of adult content they have. That's why I'll walk you through adult blog sites that kind of summarizes the entire porn industry. Still, I want to give you a heads-up. There are adult blog sites that were created just for fun, some to promote stuff, and some to actually compete in the paid porn industry. No need to worry though because we're here to guide you to the blog sites you really came to us for. Keep reading if you prefer introductions that are kept short but hop into each page we made for these sites if you're looking for complete reviews.

Best Porn Blog Sites For Free Porn Videos

As I mentioned a while ago, there are some porn sites for hot videos that come in the form of porn blogs. Heck, some of the best porn sites where you can enjoy watching sex videos are blog sites. Naughty Blog is actually a pretty good example of that. You know it's a porn blog site but its amazing content is filled with porn videos from various sources. It's basically a porn blog that hosts tons of site rips you can download from links as well. You can even choose if you're good with its service which gives completely-free access to premium porn videos and full-length movies, or you can get a premium membership on its site if you want to stream the videos in HD quality. Orgasmatrix is a bit similar to Naughty Blog in the way that you can also watch xxx videos on their site for free. It's different though from Naughty Blog because it's in Spanish and users can make their own blog posts on the site. Well, in a way, you can say that all the videos you can see on this totally-free blog site are thanks to other porn fans like you.

Unlike the previous examples that have random videos, you can also find porn blogs dedicated to a specific niche like Real BDSM Porn. It's not just a place where BDSM fans can talk about their fetish but actually share BDSM videos. And then, there are also adult blogs for adults whose humor never grow old like Sexy And Funny. Just like what its name suggests, it's a website for both sexy and funny videos. There are also porn GIFs, dirty jokes, and a forum for those things on this website. Another porn site you might not want to miss if you're looking for free downloads and streaming options is Porn Blog XYZ. Although, it's not really that reliable for downloads and there are some features on the site that sometimes fail but you can still watch high-quality porn videos there.

Best Porn Blogs For Porn Pics

Since there are porn blogs for xxx videos, of course, there are also those for hot photos. There are a lot of adult blog sites for porn pics all over the internet but you'd only need to know a few - and we'll suggest even less. Come on, sometimes all you need is a few choices to satisfy your needs. If you're looking for NSFW celebrity photos, The Nip Slip will give you the sauce you're craving for. Hollywood celebrities just love showing off in low-key ways from wearing see-through clothes and swimsuits to baring it all in photoshoots and public beaches. Although, if you're not a fan of mainstream celebrities doing half-assed pornography, you can go for porn sites IFL Porn and Sweetilicious which have lots of nude pics featuring hot pornstars - perfect for porn lovers. But if you're more of a fanatic than just a lover and you want to see naked pictures of celebrity porn stars and other porn models in photo galleries, you can try Tesudas, Alrincon, and Boobie Blog.

Top Porn Blogs For Amateur Porn Content

Here's another great news for all of you folks looking for hot content created and posted by the hottest babes on the internet. There's no need for you to download mega packs when you can just get fresh amateur videos and photos of gorgeous babes every day. You just have to know which porn sites will give you the kind of adult entertainment featuring your favorite pornstars from the amateur adult business. You can start your erotic adventure in Pandesia World. It's mostly for nude amateur internet girls who look so hot especially when they're showing off their big tits and nice asses in photos and videos. There are also lots of pictures and clips of them in solo sex scenes. On the other hand, if you're still new to the amateur adult industry and you just want to know what the best OnlyFans accounts are or you want to discover hot girls to follow on social media, The Little Slush has lists of the best NSFW accounts to follow with sample photos and short clips. You might also want to consider dropping by Hotness Rater and Babes Rater if you find sexy girls getting rated even hotter. These websites are for chicks posting their hottest pictures for other adults to admire. Sex Fun though is a lot different because this one is for hardcore content featuring hot amateurs. There are still a lot of other sites on our list for Amateur porn sites if you consider amateur content to be the best porn.

Best Sex Blogs

These porn sites fall into the category of what we expect adult blogs to be. They're the ones we would sometimes visit if we want to learn adult stuff or even get a whiff of the hottest news in the adult industry. Let's have Slut Ever for example. It's a porn site for sex blogs written by Karley Sciortino who is a writer of popular porn blogs in different forms of media including Vogue. She's kind of a specialist when it comes to online sex and sexual relationships. Of course, you can expect that on her website. Although, if you're one of those adults who don't need advice on relationships, you might want to go for a more straightforward blog site like We Teach Sex. This porn blog is focused on giving sex tips and how to execute them. However, their quality content and materials don't come for free. Anyway, if you don't want to pay for sex courses or tips to make sex even more exciting for you, you might want to try Kinkly. It's a free site with lots of porn blogs and there are even free webinars that you can join for free. But then again, everyone has their own unique relationships and kinks. So, how about discovering props you can use to add thrill to your sex life? We Love Good Sex is a blog site that has sex toy reviews and other kinds of articles that are all related to sex and eroticism. The writer, Lucie Blush, is an interesting person herself since she's a feminist porn director who knows what feminism should really be. But anyway, if you're only interested in sex toys, Sex Toy Education might be the porn site that is just what you're looking for. It's a great website for anyone looking for adult toys to add to their private collection. They have both reviews and articles for not only the most popular and most expensive toys for adults but almost everything interesting. On the contrary, if you've already discovered your fetish and it doesn't really require props or tips, you can visit a blog site that will feed you more ideas or just spoil your mind with content related to your fetish like All Things CFNM. Honestly, I've heard of CFNM before but never really looked at it until I came across this porn site. Apparently, CFNM means "clothed female, naked male" and it's something that you might want to take a look at. BDSM Cafe is another fetish porn blog and I don't really have to explain what it's for since it's a fetish that's already popular.

Anyway, there are two other porn blogs that are considered to be among the best but they fit into completely different categories. You might have not heard of these porn sites before but you have most probably heard of the names Perez Hilton and XBiz. There's actually a website called Perez Hilton and you're right if you're guessing that it's for celebrity scandals. It fits really well in the porn blog category because there are a lot of Hollywood celebrities who love showing us more than photos of them in their sexy bikinis and nip slips. XBiz, on the other hand, will give you the juiciest news in the adult industry and more. They're more about the hottest celebrities in the porn world and other extra articles related to adult products, porn games, and anything else. You might even be surprised by this huge blog site.

Free Porn Blog Sites For Erotic Stories

Another common content you can expect from blog-type porn websites is erotica. Although, since they're mostly like that, we decided to just put them all under our list of porn websites for Stories. Not because we didn't bother adding the words "sex" or "erotic" to the title, but it doesn't mean that they're stories you can read to kids. They're all R-18 stories filled with erotic fantasies, confessions, and real sex stories. Anyway, if that's what you're looking for, you know where to find them. We have also included a complete review of each of the best websites for those kinds of stories you're looking for. They might not put you to sleep but they can put you to bed.

  1. TheLittleSlush
  2. NaughtyRaylene
  3. XXXDaily
  4. BoobieBlog
  5. BabesRater
  6. HotTeens
  7. SexInfo101
  8. SheSpot
  9. Kinkly
  10. XBiz
  11. PumaSwede
  12. AmpedAsia
  13. EroZine
  14. Matomeantena
  15. Alrincon
  16. HotPornstarSnaps
  17. Okkisokuho
  18. CandyPorn
  19. Messy
  20. KoiDeNeuf
  21. SeuJeca
  22. MinkCh
  23. RealBdsmPorn
  24. EvilX
  25. MenScyzo
  26. LotteLust
  27. OhJoySexToy
  28. Panpilog
  29. PunterForum
  30. SexyAndFunny
  31. Yonkis
  32. NatalieKash
  33. SweetLicious
  34. LeTagParfait
  35. MaricaHaseVip
  36. Slutever
  37. NaughtyBlog
  38. Fleshbot
  39. PandesiaWorld
  40. WeLoveGoodSex
  41. Voffka
  42. Tesudas
  43. DarkSide
  44. BoodiGoGo
  45. MyEroVideos
  46. FAQ Porn
  47. ICanLickIt
  48. FlashFfBlog
  49. Testosterona
  50. SexEnBabes
  51. PlayBlog
  52. Napiszar
  53. TheNipSlip
  54. Orsm
  55. SexFun
  56. DListed
  57. FapFappy
  58. FetishCamsLive
  59. MasterWanker
  60. MilkBoys
  61. Kanajo
  62. HotnessRater
  63. EroHut
  64. DarkSideMagazine
  65. MoreNaija
  66. Nijioma
  67. IFLPorn
  68. TinyNibbles
  69. MistressEzada
  70. RedBled
  71. WeTeachSex
  72. KnowYourMeme
  73. WtfPeople
  74. LoveVooDoo
  75. Shadbase
  76. Torbe
  77. Stulchik
  78. AdultMachiko
  79. AllThingsCfnm
  80. Top5CamSites
  81. TokyoKinky
  82. CasualSexProject
  83. SexToyEducation
  84. SafariSex
  85. Avn
  86. BlondeSalope
  87. GreekPornBlog
  88. BritBuk
  89. Ujarani
  90. EnfCmnf
  91. RevistaClima
  92. Dumpert
  93. JeSuisTaSalope
  94. Aflamneek
  95. ErotikMix
  96. WebChoc
  97. PornBlogWeb
  98. Side6
  99. Aramame
  100. Seksmet
  101. Orgasmatrix
  102. PerezHilton
  103. Union
  104. xMissy
  105. YNotCam
  106. AdultMagz
  107. ElogCh
  108. TheYbf
  109. PoKakiTo
  110. BDSMCafe