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Review of Lush Stories Free Sex Stories

Lush Stories an amazing porn site that focuses on all types of erotica literature - sex stories, blog posts, poetry, audio stories, and much more.

The really cool thing about LushStories is that it is set up as more of a social network than a porn site... Yes, of course, you can find some really great content for a good self-love session; however, I would recommend staying on the site and exploring all that it has to experience.

They host poetry competitions, they have blog-style posts where members can ask questions or learn from other members on topics of interest, they have resources to help aspiring writers and authors develop their erotica writing skills, they have live cams and even chatrooms to connect with fellow users.

Lush Stories even has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts, so you can follow along for any updates by hitting the button on the top of the home page.

LushStories is an electric and intellectual community that loves to read, share and compose their sex stories, poems, words, and knowledge. So come for the stories, and stay for the erotic social network - you definitely won't be disappointed!

So please now join me in beginning the in-depth review of a site I find pretty cool - Lush Stories.

Experience Erotica

Erotica has always been an interesting category of porn for me.

Erotica is described as literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire - so while the name of the site suggests a focus on stories, there is actually a huge variety of content within Lush Stories.

So the site's categories of content are varied - you can find poems, next to audio stories, next to eBooks, next to sketches and paintings.

But even with all that variation, there is even more when it comes to the stories and passion projects.

Usually, the stories and poetry aren't as explicit or hardcore as you would think (although some can get pretty heavy), and they instead are quite subtle, beautiful, and full of love. That is not to say that what they are describing is softcore though, as one of the top-rated poems on the website is centered on a young black woman tied up bondage-style getting fucked, but the way the writers try to describe and craft their stories are quite beautiful.

If that is your thing, then tune into the porn website. For me, I thought it was a nice change of pace and I browsed the website longer than I initially intended.

Lush Stories Search Categories

LushStories makes it very quick and easy to search categories for the exact type of sex scenes and stories that you are looking for.

Directly on the site's homepage, on the left, you are presented with several categories to choose from.

Editor's picks, competitions, audio stories, and then followed by the familiar categories we all know and love: group sex, anal, femdom, fiction & fantasy, and mind control, to name a few.

Once you toggle your way through to your chosen categories, you can then sort by latest, popular, most viewed, and suggested.

This is nice to have the filtering options, so you can quickly find the top stories in your section and have quick results. The only suggestion I would have for Lush Stories here would be to add some tertiary filters where you can sort most viewed in the last week, month, and year.

Because sometimes there are really great pieces that have only been on the website for a couple of months, and they haven't had the exposure time most other stories and poetry have had.

Community Engagement

Now, this is where the site creates its momentum.

The userbase on LushStories is PASSIONATE. They absolutely adore their erotica, they want to write for you, they want to read yours, they want to chat on the forums, they want to know what you think about attraction, they want to know how big your dick is and what is normal, they want to know what other men and women think about pubic hair, they want to share their favorite sex positions with you, they want to teach you how to milk your own prostate and they want to know what you think of the latest Tommy Gun Penis Extension.

I'm sure you get the point.

It is a very social porn site, so stick around and participate in the forum pages, or hell just lurk as I did, and you will be sure to learn a thing or two from the very open community.

Thousands of Updates

With such an active community experience on Lush Stories, it shouldn't come as any surprise that the site is constantly being updated with new user-submitted erotica and discussion.

As I am writing this post I went back to check the most recently posted story and the one I found was posted 17 minutes ago, is 1,400 words in length, focused on the tale of a gay man being arrested, and is fitted with the tags "crossdressing" and "submissive".

This is all to say that new items are being uploaded to the home page almost every hour.

So expect regular additions, and make sure to check out any new posts!


Lush Stories is perfectly mobile compatible, so you don't need to worry about dragging your laptop around with you when you want to read some sex stories.

Feel free to run to the washroom and browse the most recent steamy erotic story, or if you're feeling really feisty hop into a live cam session and see where things go.

Live Cams

If you do want to use the live cam section, you will have to sign up for an account first. Don't worry, this is quick and easy, all you need is a username, email, and a password and then you will have access to the live cam page!

Chat Rooms

Lush Stories also has a pretty neat chatroom feature, so you can hop into one of the chat groups and connect and share stories with other users.

Members of Lush Stories will share stories, gifs, and pics, explore fantasies, or just hang out and talk about their feelings.

Whatever you want goes, and the chatrooms seem full. (15-30 people in each group at 3 am EST)

Lush Stories Website Design

The last thing I will touch on is how Lush Stories lays out its page.

I will tell you this: Its home page is functionally sound, but it ain't pretty.

Usually, I am an advocate to judge a porn site by its home page, but in this situation, I'm going to tell you it is what is under the hood that counts.

The design is just... odd.

There is a huge banner taking up most of the viewport, there is far too much text busying up the screen, and the overall style is just lacking here. The site design looks like something I could code, and I am hardly a coder.

Final Thoughts

Lush Stories is a great site if you are an aficionado of erotic literature, and if you're passionate about engaging with other users and members on the site.

The users on the site are quite friendly and open, and there seems to be a lot of solid discussion going on within the forums and on the posts.

The site also provides guiding tools to help budding writers, and there is a ton of helpful information in the forum that aims to help users deal with anything from relationship advice to hygiene practices.

Really, I think it is better to think of Lush Stories not as a porn site, but instead as an erotic-based cyber-hangout.


  • Great community
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Intellectually-stimulating Content
  • Live Cams
  • A Terrific and informational forum


  • Could have better filtering options
  • Site design is lacking

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