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Free Porn for Women – Porna, Romantic, storylines, fantasies & more!

Free Porn for Women. ForHerTube has the best selection of porn for girls. All categories & movies are ranked by female popularity.

Well, I've got to say, this is a progressive day for pornography and this makes me happy!

From the beginning of time, the attention of porn has been focused on men and their desires. Porn sites cater instinctively to providing guys with all of their erotic needs, with some studios providing porn content that is explicitly violent towards women.

Well, ForHerTube is here to balance the scales and turn the attention to the female pleasure and the fantasies of women. I'm all for that, giving women pleasure is the reason I was put here on Earth.

ForHerTube Free Porn Site Review

I think this is a nice, niche idea for an x-rated tube site. The site and its wondrous array of categories are generated predominately for the female audiences. I mean not entirely as most of these categories are pleasing for men too. I know that's not saying much, as most males will become aroused at the drop of a hat, but yeah, a lot of the content, especially in the gay section is primarily man-on-man action. But maybe I'm just nitpicking?

But the site is pink, chicks dig pink right? So it's a girl's porn site, ok?

It's a well-executed site that boasts very fast loading times. It's got a nice clean, slick interface and is super easy and smooth to move around and find what you want. With almost 8,000,000 videos to choose from, you're pretty spoiled with choices. And I really like the simple feature that allows you to filter your searches for either straight, gay or trans porn from the get-go. Nice touch.

All of the categories on ForHerTube are listed in alphabetical order and the whole site is really well organized. As far as aggregator sites go, this one is a winner.

The sheer range of categories on ForHerTube is what really does it for me, I didn't even know how horny I would get to things that I might have dismissed before. There are some pretty out there categories too, from gloryholes to hermaphrodites, trans gangbangs to grandpas.

Porn For Women

A lot of the contents on the ForHerTube site can be found on other x-rated tube sites that cater to a more masculine taste. And that sounds right to me, I mean, just because you're a woman doesn't mean that you're not turned on by some of the more regular porn available too. Who on Earth doesn't like seeing a hot Latino orgy, or some nice girl-on-girl action? Not to mention that lots of women still get aroused by some rough stuff. Just not so sure about double penetration and anal gang bang, do you know what I mean? From some of the videos I've seen, this shit looks like it might hurt, you know? I mean, I sure as hell wouldn't want my ass pounded but a huge monster cock, while I'm choking as another donkey dick shoves his long member down my throat. But hey, that's just me.

Free Videos And Movies

So what makes ForHerTube different from other standard porn sites? Well, that would be the specific type of pornography listed and available. There's still a lot of the standard players here but if you are looking for videos with a more sensual feel, focusing more on narrative and build-up rather than just straight-up, dry, hardcore dick-pounding, then you get the idea.

There are a lot more videos here on ForHerTube that focus on female orgasm, and I got to say some of this shit looks and sounds real. I mean we can all tell the difference between girls faking and girls really shaking can't we? Possibly not if you're reading this site, chances aren't high, let's be honest.

Browsing through the most popular categories section on the main page of the ForHerTube site, you'd be hard-pressed to actually notice a huge difference between ForHerTube and other porn sites that aren't just for the ladies. The most significant deviation from the standard, patriarchal porn sites are the Seduce, Romantic, Erotic, Female POV, Fingering Orgasm, Real Orgasm, and Female Ejaculation videos.

Other than that, there really is no difference at all, so it does make you question whether this is just a marketing ploy, advertising the ForHerTube services for a women-only audience, when in all actuality, it's still sweaty old Ronald from accounts bashing the bishop to the fucking Gloryholes video. I just have to throw this in here, because this shit is the most absurd sort of porn I have seen, you know, it's even out there for most sites 'Miscellaneous' sections guys, seriously, WT actual Fuck! Worth a watch.

Forhertube Website Layout

Well, nothing at all gender binary about this site at all is there? Especially not the sickly baby pink background that makes all of the porn actors look like wriggling worms writhing around in a pink embryonic soup. Sexy!

The main ForHerTube page lists all of the most popular categories as thumbnail videos, which makes it easy to get an idea of what you want to click on. On the site header, there are also six sections to choose from which take you into other areas. These are; Categories, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, Top rated Videos, and Our Network.

I'm sure all of those are pretty self-explanatory, and the 'Our Network' section allows you to click and search other affiliated porn tubes such as; FUQ Premium, FUQ,, iXXX,,, Transgirltube, and, so plenty of choices here.

There is also a very clear and helpful tick box section to the right of the same ForHerTube header that allows you to select single or multiple options from Straight, Gay, or Shemale. I'm not entirely sure that this is a site solely dedicated to the pleasure of women, or at least I'm starting to suspect that the marketing is a little misleading, to say the least. I mean in terms of categories, I'd say that a lot of these tend to lean towards classic and non-traditional kinds of porn designed for men and a male audience. Special Features

Along with the search bar at the top right-hand side of the screen, there are a couple of useful features on ForHerTube. The first one will really revolutionize your whole ForHerTube experience, just click on the crescent moon-shaped button and change the whole background color of the screen from that hideous piggy pink to a classically neutral black. I am one satisfied individual, my work here is done. Thank you.

Again though, now ForHerTube is looking distinctively more and more like a regular site for men. There's a lot of cock! And I mean a lot of cock! I know lots of women love dick, but this is definitely a gay and trans-friendly tube site too. Wowza! I don't think I can say that I've ever seen a trans woman being fucked up the ass while sucking her own cock. That's a party trick and a half. There's a lot of self-sucking here. These men are flexible. I mean you would if you could though right? I'd never leave the house again, literally, like, ever.

Unfortunately, there's no way of registering to set up a free account to save or download videos from the ForHerTube site which sucks because some of the content and videos are pure gold.

ForHerTube Pros

  • Focusing on female pleasure
  • Massive amount of content
  • No ads
  • Quality videos
  • Wide range of porn videos
  • Some original categories


ForHerTube Cons

  • Inability to download videos
  • No account set up to save videos


Final Thoughts on ForHerTube

As far as porn for women goes, ForHerTube seems to be delivering at least some of the way. There is not much that truly distinguishes itself from other porn tube sites other than a handful of categories that you might not see listed on regular sites.

Even so, I think that the focus on female pleasure and the fact that this site is even addressing the issues that surround porn at all has to be seen as somewhat progressive. Perhaps this will support other porn studios making other categories of porn that fulfill the female market. I mean, it does exist, its nowhere near as thriving as male POV-dominated porn, but I bet it's still lucrative.

All in all, ForHerTube is a tight, slick tube site that offers a diverse range of materials and some smoking hot videos. I will be back. But I'll be setting the screen color to black. Shame you can't download or save videos, but ForHerTube is definitely a site that will have you coming back for more!

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