For Women

For Women

There's nothing wrong with healthy adult women visiting PornHub for cheap thrills - and there's definitely nothing wrong with girls wanting to have fun the naughty way. Our website lists all the best porn sites out there and that definitely includes porn sites that are empowering female sexuality. That's why you'll never have to stick to PornHub. We've checked out a lot of porn sites for women and added the ones that deserve your attention. Whether you just want some materials for your personal Sex Ed as a Sex Educator or you just want to watch porn to build up the mood, you're in the right place to look for the porn site that has the kind of porn material that you need. As to celebrate the existence of the virtual world of porn for women, go ahead and discover the sexy erotic destination on the internet for you.

Feminist Porn For Female Pleasure

Good sex can be very different from the male gaze compared to the female gaze and we all know how the world is filled with masculinist porn wherein women are portrayed as objects of sexuality - even as naughty nymphs. So, if you want to see a female orgasm that's the perfect portrayal of a woman's pleasure, then you should find porn videos with that theme on feminist porn sites. You have choices here and we keep on expanding it every time we see awesome ones. Because, hey, who says only men can enjoy hot sex scenes? The fact that women also enjoy discovering their wildest fantasies through porn shouldn't be surprising since both men and women equally enjoy the kink BDSM.

Mainstream Porn Site Vs Porn Site For Women

Vivid Entertainment, the bigwig in the adult entertainment behind Adult Time, may be known for offering paid bonuses to their porn actresses and having a diverse array of porn videos from xxx movies to leaked celebrity sex tapes and has an incredibly high production value, the plots in the movies they produced are more inclined to the male gaze. That means the sex scenes are portrayals of what men think women want. If you haven't been Vivid-ed yet, that's fine. What I'm trying to say is that while it's a good thing for women to support this porn company and the studios they own, it's not known for producing romantic porn videos. If you're looking for passionate sex films, you better head to a female porn site with the kind of pornographic material that looks at women as sexy adults who also share the same excitement and eroticism as men do in the face of porn. Aside from erotic films, we have also included porn sites with other types of erotic content such as erotic stories, audio stories, and sexy yet artistic pictures.

Audio Porn

Let's start the kind of porn that will make you orgasm - especially with your eyes closed. Well, it's nothing to be surprised with including the fact that there are more women who listen to audio erotica or even subscribe to sexy podcasts featuring sneaky sex confessions and other stories. Actually, there are several studies out there that while men are more sexually aroused by video porn, women are more sexually aroused by what they hear and feel - both by skin and emotions. But if you're a man and you also like the sensation you can experience from ASMR sounds, you're also welcome.

There are also women who enjoy another kind of audio porn that's been slowly but steadily growing like a hot erotic whisper called ASMR. If you're looking for thousands of free porn audio clips, Reddit and Tumblr are honestly good places to go. There are thousands of amateur ASMR porn creators on those sites and you can have fun giving as many of them a try. Although, if you're looking for the best porn site with high audio quality and well-written plots, visit DipSea, Quinn, and AudioDesires. There are others out there but you should take a quick trip here first.

Erotic Stories

Literotica may undisputably be the most popular free porn website for erotica. Aside from the fact that it has a witty name that basically says it all, it even holds sitewide contests to keep 100% original stories coming in. But this isn't the only free adult site where you can read erotic stories. Bellesa may be more popular for its female porn video collection but it also has a nice collection of well-written sex stories that are usually around 10 to 20 minutes long. You can also read free erotica on LushStories and talk about them with other users in the chat rooms. But if you want to read porn that goes around a certain kink you enjoy, Kinkly would be a good place for that. Well, we do know that there are girls who share the same interest in queer porn just like the queer audience, we suggest Nifty for quality reads. There are a lot more free porn sites for hot erotica on our Sex Stories list.

Artistic Sex Videos

Who said that female orgasms are only good at the climax or even finale? Wait until you watch adult films that will make you see the difference between real sex and a thrilling fuck. What makes porn for women extra special is that every single video is a work of art that highlights every single scene from dirty talk to the orgasm. Every video's goal is to make female viewers feel their heart rates go higher, their breathing go faster, their muscles experience spasm, and endorphins go wild in their bloodstreams. Beautiful Agony is a free site that collects videos from the entire gender spectrum. The videos are all about orgasmic pleasure. Everyone is allowed to watch and even submit their own video clips. By the way, this site is currently working on improving the quality of older submissions. It really deserves the attention.

Body Positivity Photo Galleries

Body Positivity is quite a huge movement since the topic still affects a lot of women, and even men, from all over the world because of the various standards of beauty that exist. There are tons of projects online although not a lot of them apply to pornography - especially in photography. Most websites that have photo galleries of the theme can be way too ethical to be called pornographic. MyBodyGallery and BodyLiberationPhotos are just some examples of those websites where you can look at albums of semi to fully naked women and just admire them in a non-sexual way.Although, that doesn't mean that such adult websites don't exist at all. AFourChamberedHeart may have short films but they lean more towards creative photography that shows the beauty of feminine bodies in different lightings and angles. if you're looking for photos you can download, you can visit the site Ersties. It has a cute design that is something you won't usually see anywhere else. Although, if I can be straightfoward with you, when it comes to the platform with the biggest diversity of women in their own creative photos, OnlyFans gets the crown. Female content creators can freely decide on what they want to show, how they want to show those things, and how much they want to ask their fans for access to their content. Women of different ages, shapes, and ethnicities have equal opportunities to showcase their bodies in any way they want.

Porn For Women By Women

MakeLovenotPorn, Quinn, and MysteryVibe are some examples of female-founded startup pornographic companies and there are tons more of adult websites that empower women behind-the-scenes, on-cam, and audiences. That's why, nowadays, not all premium porn sites are for wild sexual fantasies only. There are some studios out there that exist to portray real-world sex just like Lust Cinema and behind the videos is a woman who is a well-acclaimed director Erika Lust. Erika Lust is also the mind behind XConfessions which has over 50 films now. Angie Rowntree is another female adult film director whose projects you can watch in 2D and 360 degrees VR on Both women prove that female directors for pornographic films are also well-received and they have a lot of exposure as well not just in the indie porn industry.

The Best Porn Sites For Women

Bright Desire declares themself to have the passion in producing female-friendly porn videos with ethical content. Their videos stick to a certain theme that celebrates the intimacy, emotional connection, and fun during sex. Although, if you're looking for an adult site for women that has sex films, stories, audio, articles, and image galleries, FrolicMe proves to be a great choice. It has lower membership fees compared to mainstream adult websites and it was founded by a woman - Anna Richards. Women can also shop for sex toys and lingerie there as well. It's pretty much like Bellesa which is also a porn company by women for women. Belessa though has both free content and premium content. If you want to support the website and the women behind it, you should go for a Bellesa Plus membership.

Although, if it's gonna boil down to which one is the best porn site for women, that's something only you can answer. That's because just like women, all of them have their own charms and well, none of them is perfect. Some websites have what others lack and so on. In the end, it all depends on which kind of pornographic material you enjoy and the style you vibe with. You're already at the bottom of this article so you should have learned more about adult websites for our feminine and effeminate friends. If you want to know more about each of those websites, you can check out our reviews of each of them or you can head straight into them through the links we have already added on this page. Oh, and before I forget to mention, I would personally suggest that if you want to see the actual porn materials the sites have, you should visit them for yourself. Porn sites for women don't usually have annoying ads like mainstream ones. Enjoy your sexual journey.

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