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JAVBuz Free Japanese Porn Tube Site Review

I like to watch Japanese pornstars and I really don't care how they got their hot perfect bodies but they're just so good to look at and I can do that completely free on JAV Buz.

Although, I gotta say that there are so many Japanese porn websites that offer completely free access, too. So, what makes JAV Buz any different? Stick on to this review on one of the hottest Japanese porn videos sites and I'll give you all of the important juicy details about this site and check for yourself if this is the one you're looking for when it comes to video quality, content, format, and more - will you love it, or dump it?

Before you scroll down some more, you have to understand first that you're not going to be in a place where you'll be paying to check out some content you can view. On that note, do expect some featured ads, and not so updated content.

JAV Buz Porn Website Layout And Navigation

The first thing you should check out on JAV Buz is the quality of its design. For a site that doesn't offer any membership offer, having a modernized and user-friendly homepage layout is a thing everyone likes and guys doing porn reviews are happy about.

From the nicely laid out featured collection display to the noticeable search features on the JAV Buz homepage, the overall look is just something I really love looking at. The homepage also features a good range of different models and scenes sorted into sections such as Newest, Most Viewed, and Most Rated.

On the top navbar, you can choose from 3 different buttons how you want to pick your type of content. There's a button that shows a page where you can see a lot of JAV movies. Well, JAV videos are incredibly long movies. Honestly, though, I'm not so interested in their JAV idols list or page because I have already decided to live my life only fantasizing about certain JAV chicks I love, and unfortunately, they're not on the list of JAV Buz.

When you choose a JAV clip or movie, you'll be able to get a close look at what it's about on the description under the player. But, wait, it's in Japanese. I mean, JAV Buz is in English then they suddenly decided to add a description that guys online from the Western side of the world can't read. Nice service offer, but no thanks. I'd rather stick to the action on the clip than waste time translating what the heck the description is talking about. There are just some things you'd like to cut short and this is one of those.

Now let's talk about their player. You can check the fastest streaming options there are that JAV Buz can offer and it's just right down there called "servers". You can believe the number of likes and views displayed but don't be tricked by the download option. It's well-made to make you believe you can download the clip without having to create an account and in the resolution you want when it will just redirect you to other sites that will offer something else.

You also might have to look out where you click because you might find some ad banners that you'll find on the home page and on the video page which you'll find under the player but there's none when you click on a video. The links are also safe but you might find yourself in a place you don't want to be in. So, better work on those fast hands and keep yourself in the same place where you just want to scroll for some free smut.

Japanese Porn Categories On JAV Buz

Most Asian porn sites have dozens of categories and they can be surprisingly accurate with defining their niches despite the fact that their collection is quite huge. But, oh well, there tend to be some things like JAV Buz that just break the stereotype. I'm not going to hold back on my opinion on this review.

The most important fact, or issue, that you have to know about JAV Buz is that it doesn't have a huge range of content or even a wide collection. Their list of categories is too small compared to other JAV sites. There are only 39 types and that's not a lot for pornography, especially for JAV. There are just a few scenes on the list such as 69 style, Facial Cum, Gangbang, Picking Up, Squirting, Urination, BDSM, Hardcore, Outdoor, and Titty Fuck. If you're a JAV fan, you might also want to take note that their niches spell "outdated". Although, I'm wondering who still has an interest in bloomers. If you don't know what those are, they're the Japanese PE uniform.

Asian Pornstars On JAV Buz

The biggest difference between Asian porn to Western porn, aside from the length of the videos, is their pornstars. Most scenes on Western porn tend to have extremely wild ladies who would grab and suck a dick any time there's one in the area. If you want to be more like a jerk and you're into girls who you should dominate first with rough hands, you should consider going for JAV models.

Although, not all JAV babes are sweet and innocent yet actually love the gropings and molestations. There are some who are wild and will definitely get the "jerk" factor out of you. You'll be able to find these ladies in categories like Sluts, Dirty, and Gal.

JAVBuz Review Summary

Here are the biggest turnoffs for me about JAV Buz - they don't have the most popular Japanese AV pornstars on their database, their newest videos are 2 years old, the quality of most of their videos are only up to 720p, their content is not from major Japanese porn producers, and there aren't a lot of real hot smut. Sad. In the end, I'm rating JAV Buz quite low.

If you don't have any favorite Japanese porn models, this site may be a good option for you. Especially if you're interested in more natural-looking exotic beauties.


  • neat platform design that's super easy to navigate
  • some videos have true HD quality
  • watch as many free videos as you can


  • old videos
  • unpopular JAV actresses
  • not so high-quality videos
  • few categories

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