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JAVQT Asian Porn Site Review

Honestly, JAVQT is just one of the free JAV sites out of lots of them scattered across the world wide web. It sometimes makes anyone hesitant to take on the job of having to review or read another review of another site in the same category. However, when you go to your usual JAV site and start streaming a hot JAV movie featuring your favorite Japanese baby (18+ of course) but the video won't start loading or it keeps pausing because the site's server is too busy for you, you'll wish you know another good Japanese porn site because you don't want to scour the web for another place to watch beautiful Japanese vixens in sex movies. It's something that happens a lot in JAV sites and it's understandable since Japanese adult movies are over an hour long and some of them are even fucking marathons. Basically, there are two things I'm trying to say. The first one is that it's common for adult JAV fans to experience streaming issues even (and especially) on popular JAV websites because they're carrying massive amounts of data and tons of users request access to their servers at the same time. Second, since it's expected that you can't exactly rely on just one JAV or Asian porn site every time you need a source of xxx movies featuring beautiful exotic dolls, getting to know a couple of backups is in order. So, we'll help you decide whether JAVQT can make that cut by meeting your requirements for your moments of privacy or not.

The JAVQT Videos Up-Close

The most interesting thing about JAVQT aside from its content is its design. This site uses a porn blog format but you don't have to worry because it's a genuine porn tube site with only Japanese chicks in its videos. There are Western porn tubes that also use the same format and most of them have full-length Western adult movies from premium porn studios. Every seemingly-blog post on a blog-formatted porn tube website has a main image, a synopsis or summary of the featured xxx movie, and a video player or a link to a page on a video-hosting site where you can watch the movie online.

JAVQT, like other websites like it, has a very simple design and features. The thumbnails on its home page don't show stuff like the average ratings the videos got from overall viewers. Actually, aside from the thumbnail photo of the video in the post, a short description of its plot, its upload date, and the total number of views it got, there's not much on it. It would have been nice if it also included how long every video is because not everyone has that much time, especially a whole day to find sex movies that they can watch for a day. So, what's left for you to do is to enter every single page that looks interesting to you to know how long those JAV movies are and see screenshots of some scenes in them. You can keep on checking out as many Japanese porn movies here as you want until you get the type of xxx scenes and babes you'd love to spend your time watching in privacy. There are a couple of browsing tools on the header of this website that might be useful to you. Some of them might look like links to other JAV websites but they're shortcuts that will filter this site's collection to adult movies that were produced by those JAV studios. Aside from those studio filters, there are 3 other options which are Actress, English Subbed, and Tags. The Actress index is quite big but it's disorganized and almost useless. If you know who you're looking for, you can try searching if she has movies that you can watch here using the search tool on the header. If you don't know any JAV idols, you can use the tags to browse for interesting movies. There are very few tags here and some of them don't even exist in Western porn websites. Actually, they're more like categories in other Japanese porn tubes. Your choices are Censored, Solowork, English Subbed, Creampie, Big Tits, Married Woman, Digital Mosaic (similar to censored), Mature Woman, Cuckold, and Drama. Although there's an English Subbed category, there's also a shortcut for that among the menu options.

JAVQT Vs Other Free JAV Sites

Honestly, I was somehow mentally crossing my fingers while reviewing JAVQT and saw that it has a porn blog-style interface. In cases of Western porn websites that use the same format, they have special perks that don't exist on most porn tubes like full-length scenes or multiple web players for every video. Since there are a lot of JAV sites that already have those features, I thought JAVQT might have something that they don't have - uncensored premium JAV content featuring super famous JAV idols. However, the reality isn't so kind and it doesn't seem to care about what I wanted to see here. I guess the consolation it offers is the fact that there are lots, if not all, of Japanese porn movies here that won't get you lost in translation because they have pretty accurate and natural-sounding subtitles.

By the way, if you don't want to be interrupted by tabs that keep on opening whenever you interact with this site, I suggest opening this site on your desktop browser with an adblocker extension because the ads here can be very persistent on mobile browsers and they'll keep opening tabs for you. If you ask me what I like the most about JAVQT, it's the fact that while you can't choose the quality of the video you want to stream, you won't be able to deny that you can enjoy every single scene in it in ultra-HD quality. That's why streaming JAV videos on this site using a big screen won't be a waste. Also, while it might not have the latest JAV releases, the posts update more often than other Japanese porn tubes.


  • lots of UHD full-length JAV movies you can stream for free
  • most of the Japanese porn videos here have English subtitles
  • very simple site design and layout


  • persistent ads that open on new tabs
  • very few browsing tools

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