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ChinaBabe Asian Porn Site Review

You don't have to wonder if this website can't be more Asian than it is. Aside from Chinese babes, you can also watch some Japanese Adult Videos here as well. But before we talk more about ChinaBabe's content, let's take a moment to talk about the kind of porn Chinese AV producers make. China doesn't allow pornography so there aren't companies there that can rent studios where they can shoot sex scenes and make contracts with sexy actresses. That's why, if you like oriental Chinese babes, you can't expect to find real information about them from any porn source. Also, they'll only ever show up in mostly hotel sex scenes and voyeur clips as well so you can't really ask for more. Other reviews won't really tell you that much either so now that you know, well, you know.

So, on that note, I'm sure you can imagine by now what kind of content this site has. Although, if you think that amateur JAV is pretty good despite its lower production budget, you might also love Chinese AV - and let me tell you why before you even ask the question. While most of their amateur porn videos aren't available in 1080p resolution or higher, 720p is still a good resolution to watch these porn videos on a big display. The people shooting these sex tapes surely know their stuff because all scenes have good lighting and angles. You can absolutely see the parts that will guarantee a good viewing experience.

I'd also like to add though that ChinaBabe does not have its own server but you can access the videos directly on their website. That's why we'll start talking about how to get around this site first and how easy or difficult it is to search for the porn content you want.

Browsing ChinaBabe

ChinaBabe has a slightly unique layout so it's a bit confusing to look for specific content compared to usual free porn tube sites. The logo does not mean much so let's skip that part and go to what's directly under that. All of the terms there have hashtags so just like me, you might have thought that those are the most commonly used tags on this site. That's partly correct. Aside from popular tags, the list also includes a homepage link and a link to another site. Beside that list on the right side is the search button. You can click on it or any of the tags to find the porn content you want to see. Although, if you want to use the search box, you can type in scene tags, niches, or video codes. Below that line look like menu buttons but there's only one that will redirect you to a page on this site. The rest are links to other sites. The one that works here is the Chinese Porn Pics. That's right. Aside from sex videos, you can also browse this site for pictures of amazingly beautiful Chinese babes who have porcelain-white skin, thin bodies, and huge round tits. You can see some of those in a carousel on the topmost gallery section on the homepage. They're a wild mix of naked chicks, semi-naked, and just sexy pics.

Below the featured photos, you'll find awfully huge static thumbnails of some of the videos on this site. If you want to see more, you can just click on next at the links below. However, what makes it a bit difficult to browse through their content is that you can't go back to the pages where you found a video you might be interested in. It doesn't let you choose the page number you want to go back to. You can just select Previous or Next to navigate through the pages. If you're wondering how you can find the categories, don't worry. They're not missing. They're just below the gallery of thumbnails and right above a huge banner near the footer. The most popular ones are displayed on the Recommended Categories but you can also select the Category List among them to see a whole bunch of other categories.

Asian Porn Categories

There are actually a lot of categories here on ChinaBabe and aside from the fact that they will show you content that falls into their respective category, they also act as tags. I have no complaints about the navigation features on this site and if there's anything I wish they will improve or change, it's just where they section things.

Let me write down here some of the categories I think you should check. Since most of the content, if not all, is amateur porn content, I don't really suggest going for the Amateur category if you want things to be more specific. If you're feeling adventurous, you should try Ancient Chinese, Bride, Dog (no real dogs involved), School Girl (no minors here), Hong Kong Doll, and Squid Game. If you're into leaks and free content from other well-known porn websites, you should look at Live Stream, OnlyFans, and PornHub. Anyways, before you start expecting for other kinds of porn content when you read the names of those two sites, you have to remember that I did say that there are only Chinese and Japanese porn content here. So, even though there's an OnlyFans category, you will only see content creators who fall into the same genre of ChinaBabe.

Summary Of ChinaBabe Review

Every time I visit ChinaBabe, there are always a number of new videos to look forward to that offer awesome sex scenes that you can watch any time for free. Despite the fact that ChinaBabe has a lot of amateur videos to offer, they aren't as amateur as other websites have. The videos are satisfyingly long enough in order for its users to consume as fap content. You will also find a new post here every day both as a picture and videos. Also, even though the content here does not have a user rating or any information about its quality, I don't think those are necessary. It's not that because I'm personally giving every content they have a high rating but it's just that they all have a similar score in both content quality - scenes, plots, resolution, and even how long the scenes are. Even in every picture here, you'll probably take the same amount of time gazing at them.


  • awesome free porn content - both videos and photos

  • if one server doesn't work, you can switch to another server that has the same video


  • annoying banner ads, pop-ups, and pop-unders

  • messy layout

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