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Have you ever experienced suddenly feeling like you want to watch a good porn video but you just can't find the perfect video even after browsing your usual free porn tube site for such a long time that you start feeling that you're losing your erotic appetite so you drop by another free porn tube website but still failed to land on a single video that has the kind of pornstar and scene you're craving for? Actually, it really isn't just you. There are a hell lot of adults who experience that every now and then. That's exactly why porn aggregators were created. A porn aggregator is one convenient location where you can ideally browse through a massive collection of free sex videos from all over the world wide Web. Honestly, there's not really a lot to talk about porn aggregator sites individually since they basically work almost exactly the same way and even their layouts are almost similar as well with just their designs that are different. Some of them though have categories that are different from what most porn aggregators have and some are connected to better porn tubes than others so we'll talk about those later. For now, let's start making sure that beginners to aggregator websites know what they can expect really well.

Free Porn Tube Sites Vs Free Porn Aggregators

Red Tube might not be as big as Porn Hub but it's a good porn tube with lots of high-quality porn vids that you can watch directly on their website. What those 2 sites have in common is that they are both free porn tubes. The difference between a porn tube and a porn aggregator is very obvious and thus very simple. You can watch free porn videos directly on a porn tube. On the other hand, a porn aggregator will help you find tons of porn videos for almost any porn category you're looking for but it will redirect you to another porn site where you can watch the video you chose from the aggregator site. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like going around and you would rather go straight to the place where you can watch the sex scenes you want to see, you're probably wondering why there are folks who use this roundabout way. Let's take Melons Tube as an example. It's a free porn aggregator where you can find millions of free videos with all sorts of sex scenes featuring babes with huge melons. The videos are indexed into more specific categories related to tits or the kind of scenes you want to see them in. What I'm trying to say is that compared to searching in free porn tubes one at a time for videos with the kind of adult content you're looking for, you'll find a lot more options from a porn aggregator even though it's just one site.

Porn Search Engine Vs Porn Aggregator

Now then, this might be a tad bit trickier since both kinds of free porn sites don't have all the videos on their arsenal directly uploaded on their own servers. Both sites basically rely on other tube sites for their content. They're also both used to help porn watchers find lots of porn videos at once but their users will still end up on other sites for the actual adult entertainment. So, how are these porn sites different from each other? Let us make the comparison a lot easier to imagine by using examples. Nude Vista is a free porn search engine that basically works like any other search engine except it's for porn. You can enter search keywords on the search bar and then click on the search button to start your free porn search. Just don't expect porn search engines to work as smart as the great search engine Google Search. Even the best porn search engines are only at par with a search engine you wouldn't really want to use. What might confuse you about the free porn search engine in our example is that there are a bunch of thumbnails on the homepage. As you might guess right, clicking on any of them will bring you to another porn site. But if you use the search box, you'll get results on a layout like on other search engines.

Now then, let us compare it to Aloha Tube which is a porn aggregator. This porn site also box but it's a lot less obvious and it will only give you results based on what's on the site itself rather than the entire web. The highlight of this site is its homepage filled with featured categories in thumbnails and in a list. There are tens of millions of adult videos on the site from various porn tubes and they're all indexed into categories that make anyone's search for free xxx videos that exploit their fetishes easy-peasy.

Free Porn Videos Vs Free Porn Movies

I have to advise you that if you're looking for sex movies, especially full-length porn movies from premium porn networks, you'd be better off on the best porn tubes instead of porn aggregator sites. Most aggregator websites only have parts or clips of the best porn videos from premium and amateur porn websites. Even the best porn sites in the free porn aggregator category offer only cut videos of premium porn movies in up to 1080p video quality. Actually, some of the best free tubes may have the best sex videos from top porn sites in full-length but they often use another server to host the videos. Although, they still qualify to be called porn tube sites instead of aggregator sites because they link to video servers instead of other tubes. Well, if you're not a fan of long foreplays and you just want to watch only the hottest scenes from the hottest videos, then there shouldn't be any problem using porn aggregators instead.

Best Porn Aggregators

Now then, let's start talking about the most popular porn aggregators with the safest connections. Honestly, there are tons of aggregator sites for adult content, but just like the fact that you shouldn't really trust all the porn sites you encounter on the internet, you can't also trust that all aggregators will give you a risk-free porn experience. At least, you can trust the ones on our list, especially the ones I'm about to introduce to you.

Fuq and iXXX are the largest porn aggregator websites on the internet and that's because they are linked to tons of free xxx tubes including the best ones. They also bought tons of other low-end aggregator websites. They've got a lot of porn categories too and if you still find them lacking more specific ones, you can also visit other aggregators in their networks like Lobster Tube, Tube Galore, or Dino Tube. Tube Pornstars is another aggregator site from the same network and it looks a lot similar to the other porn aggregator sites I mentioned earlier. The only difference is that this aggregator site uses names of popular adult actresses instead of fetishes and kinks. It makes it so easy to find adult content or porn videos featuring your top favorite pornstars from various xxx tubes in one place. I have mentioned this one earlier but just to make things even clearer, Melons Tube is another aggregator site with indexed videos featuring almost every porn star from the entire internet who has big tits. Again, it's another aggregator but instead of the common sexual kinks and fetishes, this one has categories related to one huge porn niche. If you're looking for millions of mature porn videos in one place, Mature Tube will definitely help you out. Even though it has a lot of categories, all of the links that you can find here will lead you only to mature xxx videos. Well, the MILFs could be dealing with younger boys and girls but then again, the highlight is the MILF pornstars. Aloha Tube is entirely different from the previous ones but it's also a porn aggregator. Honestly, its design and colors may turn you off because they look as outdated as its site name but it has an enormous porn collection featuring POV scenes, live webcam recordings, amateur sex tapes, and clips from premium porn studios. Tonic Movies and Fap Vid are aggregator websites I also recommend. They are good choices for adults looking for porn content from more than one country. Both aggregators have porn video collections featuring Western pornstars, Arab amateurs, Indian porn models, African couples, JAV idols, and others.

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