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X marks the spot! You've just hit treasure. Xbooru is an amateur, fan-based porn site, and forum designed with all things Gelbooru and Hentai in mind. If you are a fan of hentai porn sites, porn clips, and top-quality video action, you're in the right place.

Review Of Xbooru Website

Most porn websites, even the most popular ones are happy with getting anything near 1 million visitors to their site in its entire lifespan. To put things in perspective, Xbooru has had over 150 million views in the last decade, as attested to in the number counter on the site homepage.

The Xbooru site is catering to a niche that many of you might not know about, and that is Gelbooru porn. Looking at the homepage, there aren't many give-aways, other than the cute naked half-girl, half-cat anime character lying above the main search bar. These are websites that contain anime, manga, and hentai style animations and 2D graphic pornography from all over the world, with some quality original hentai content, but also a whole ton of material from amateur contributions. This is a thriving porn community and one whose members are avid-fans and contributors. So welcome to the Xbooru site, let's begin our journey into the unknown.

Gelbooru Porn Sites Fan Base Post Page

Other than the incredibly hot half cat, half girl anime character on the home page of the Xbooru site, there is a search bar and 4 very basic categories; Posts, Comments, Forum, and My Account. Now if you're a newbie to hentai-style porn sites the search option isn't going to help as much as you think it might. Most of the Xbooru Community users weren't even a sperm in their daddy's ball sacks until way after my first online porn session. And bearing that in mind, these cyber-savvy techno kids are used to using what may seem like incredibly non-sensical search options and complicated tags and keywords, all intermingled with strangely placed underscores. FML!

Wild Categories And Imageboards

Familiarise yourself with the 'Posts' page section of the Xbooru site, as this is where all the top action is. There are a shit ton of categories in here, the tags are wild! Visitors can expect to see a whole load of x-rated pornographic images. It's basically an imageboard site that serves up 2D porn imagery results of characters with huge, big tits with cum all over them, wet pussies being fucked hard by huge cock, some nice girl-on-girl action too as well as your classic favorites all running in alphabetical order.

There are over 20,000 members of the Xbooru porn website community and it's growing every day!

Best Hentai Category Tags

The tags on this page are off the scale, with the main ones being '1Girl' or '1Boy' which helps you with a really broad filter from the get-go, it's also great that each tag has the number of images there are of that type of content, so you can see what's most popular and which kinds of content are the community favorites. This kind of ranking info is especially useful if you're new to the type of categories within the Xbooru website and other hentai sites like Xbooru.

You have so many options and all of the tags run from A-Z, with 'Breasts' coming in as most popular with 252599 images, and 'Prone Position' coming in with a pretty sad 5, and 'Semen Inside' coming in with an even sadder 2 images.

Rule 34 Rookie Introduction

If you are new to the X booru website or hentai and Gelbooru porn then you may not be aware of Rule 34. Essentially what it means is that if a pornographic situation could potentially happen in your mind, then there is already porn made of it. Like literally, anything! And this my friends is the reason why the Xbooru website is so popular. Imagine inter-species, furry, monster, hardcore porn, cartoon character and you start to get the idea. You're the one who lives in your head and just stop to think about the weirdest, fucked up shit you have fantasized about and then times that by 100.

Website Layout

The other main categories on the site are the Comments section and the Forum page. The comments are already linked to the Posts, so nothing original you can't find attached to your best areas of interest, and for a website that has such a strong community presence, the forums section is peculiarly quiet. But hey, there's so much fapping content, perhaps the only things that are getting worked are Xbooru fan's dicks, their keyboards must be covered in so much spunk, those keys are too sticky!

Website Design

The website design is pretty basic, I mean it's clean, but could do with some updates. Even the type font used on the site feels out of place. I mean it's not the worse I've seen for sure but this is a porn site based on enjoying top-quality imagery and then the web designer doesn't follow that through into the site's pages. Come on, that's just lazy!

Porn Sites Genres

Saying that it does fit a lot of content and different genres of porn into one site. Xbooru gives you hentai, Gelbooru, and a good range of top pages and categories, Everything here is geared towards making your hentai porn experience the best it can be. Shit, the site even features a 'Help' section, just in case you've sprained your cock or something? They'll send out an animated ambulance, with an animated nurse to come to kiss it all better!

I'd recommend you stick to the 'Posts' and all of the varied category action within it to satisfy your hentai urges, as I said, the comments section just replicates content already in the sites posts section and the forum pages are so lame the last posts were over a week ago, and before that more like a whole month ago, do yourself a favor and heed the words in this review, it will save you valuable fapping time.

Fapping Great Statistics

If you like numbers and use other people's recommendations to guide your own porn journey, then you'll love the statistics section. Here you can see the numbers and rankings of different sections over different periods of time. You can view all of the top ten info on tags, taggers, comment contributions, image posters, forum posters, and on and on. You can chart all of this info for days, weeks, months, etc.

Xbooru.com Special Features

You don't need to be an artist to appreciate art and I've found some tags and videos on this site that would keep even the most perverted sexual deviant fapping like a dog on heat. If you want access to all of the Xbooru features then registering for an account will allow you that, it's all free but means you can upload and download content and contribute to the posts and forum page.

The sheer amount of posts, tags, and images on the site will keep you entertained for years. There are even a few video porn clips available, but they are few and far between. As an account member you'll also have access to the iCame system, yup, you guessed it! The company that came up with this must have had some very entertaining board meetings. The iCame system essentially tracks which characters or material people cum the most to, fans obviously have to state that they've spunked their load everywhere over a cartoon so that iCame can analyze the data. I couldn't quite believe it given the kind of stuff on this site, but in number 1 place was Marge Simpson, quickly followed by Lois Griffin?! Are you guys for real?

Site Pros

  • All porn material on the site is free
  • Absolutely loads of imageboards
  • A diverse range of themes and characters
  • A porn site with a variety of quality material
  • Lots of Rule 34 images
  • Top porn fan forum
  • The iCame tracking system is hilarious

Site Cons

  • The layout of the website needs some attention
  • The caliber of images can fluctuate
  • No full-length porn videos

Final Thoughts on Xbooru

My final notes from this review on the XBooru site, it's one of the more popular old skool GelBooru style porn websites still around, I mean these guys have been in the game for over 10 years....they've got to be doing something right!

I like the Xbooru website, it's well organized, and as far as websites go it's pretty easy to find your way around. I do think that it could do with some design updates, as compared to some of the other top hentai porn sites, this one does seem stuck in the past.

The 'Posts' section was definitely the top highlight to my entire Xbooru porn experience, the 'Comments' and 'Forum' sections just seemed like dead weight and again, need updating.

There are some really strange tags and search results on the XBooru page, we're talking rule 34, hardcore, and fetish action to keep all of the freaks happy too, in fact, if you're into this kind of thing, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship between your dick, XBooru and the other perverts who are part of the community. Welcome, you've just found your tribe!

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