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Dezyred General Review

In 2020, the VR Bangers studio launched the first-ever interactive VR porn game – Dezyred. What's a virtual reality game anyway? For those who don't know, VR games are high-resolution interactive games where you will decide the storyline. Pretty cool, right?

If you want to enjoy Dezyred, you might need to get a VR device and VR headset to enjoy your interactive VR porn game. It will give you a fun quest and interaction with the hottest pornstars in the adult industry that will open the windows of mixed reality in the form of a VR game.

In this review, we would review the layout, whether you will be watching porn in a bright background or if this website has a lot of things going on and that it will already be distracting for the viewers. We will also talk about the categories they offer and if it will be easy to find the best VR porn to your liking. Another important thing we will check is how their interactive VR porn game works, will it be in HD or will it be needing you to have a computer engineering degree to understand. And finally, we will talk about pop-ups! One of the most crucial things that users need to know before they venture into interactive VR sex game sites.

Dezyred Layout Review

For a website that claims that they are the number 1 out of all the best VR porn sites, Dezyred has a shot for this claim. Their page layout is very simple but it seems cool. It has a black and red color combination which I think adds to its coolness. It doesn't have much going on, like no moving ads or no videos, just straight-up pictures of girls in different sex positions or scenes.

For an interactive porn site, this website's layout is not that interactive. But hey, since they do claim to be the best interactive VR porn website, I'm expecting more when I start to watch and play VR porn from Dezyred.

As for the options, you can get them right off the homepage, it doesn't have like a list of suggested categories that you can jump right into. All you will see are a few suggested VR games and pornstars, and the how-to-play option.

Dezyred Categories

Let's talk about the categories Dezyred offers. So we all know now that Dezyred specialized in VR porn, right? But aside from the interactive story that you can get from watching virtual reality porn, what else can we get from this website? Continue reading to know more. This is going to be juicy!

So you're already watching porn using your Oculus Vr device and already have a say on the storyline of the porn and you can interact with the hottest pornstars by selecting what's coming up next on the sex scenes. So how can this experience be better? Of course, it can be better if you're also going to play sex games using your virtual reality devices! You can get the full experience of sex gameplay. This is not offered a lot in the sex scenes and usually, the sex game other websites offer does not let their viewers select the outcomes of the storyline and interact with the pornstars on the scenes, right? So probably this is a very fun experience, having a sex quest using compatible VR devices.

As for the content, they do offer the sexiest pornstars in the porn industry. You can select the pornstar that you want to have a VR porn experience with, whether you want it to be an interactive storyline that you create with them or if you want to play a VR porn game with them, it's really up to you!

Dezyred Interactive VR Porn Game

So let's talk about how you can start playing VR porn in Dezyred, first is you need to have one of the compatible devices that they require! I know, not everyone has it. But hey, if you really want the best interactive experience or play free VR sex games with the hottest sexy stars there are, then you better get one for yourself!

As for the VR experience itself, it was A W E S O M E! The scenes are very realistic and in high resolution, the scenes feel like you are really part of it. The videos are in 4d so if you're on a sex quest with your favorite porn star, it won't really feel like you're just on a made-up story. it really puts virtual reality to a whole new level.

So for the games, you can really play a game for free. But there are certain things that require coins from you, you can earn them by signing up or buying them using your credit card. It's really up to you. This is your story so go and decide for yourself!

Dezyred Ads

Let's talk about the ads you will see in Dezyred, remember when I said earlier that some games require coins? I guess this is the main reason I don't see any ads on this website. They might have been getting their income from patrons who are willing to pay for coins to have a full blast game experience. I think this is not bad for those who really have the means. But hey some are still free to play as long as you have a VR device that's compatible with their system.

Dezyred Community

Dezyred is kind of different when it comes to its member community. They do require you to sign up before you can start playing or having VR porn with your favorite stars. You can access their content but once you've selected a game, it will be asking you to sign up. As simple as that.

They also don't have a forum or blog posts for their members to enjoy. Maybe they can consider that since this is a VR porn game site which means people have a lot to share!

Dezyred Final Review

Overall, we can really say that this is one of the best VR porn game sites we can find. It's not ideal for anyone though, since you need to have your own virtual reality device to enjoy this website. but hey, if you really want to enjoy an interactive porn experience, this might be the best one for you.

Overall, the layout, the ads, the general content is awesome. It's simple, yet very edgy and techy. So if you want to feel like you're part of the adult industry, get yourself a VR console and sign up at Dezyred!


  • Simple but cool website layout.

  • Wide range of celebrity pornstars and VR game options.

  • Interactive porn activity for those who want to experience more compared to just watching videos.


  • You need to sign up and possibly buy credits from them to play some games.

  • You need to have your own VR console.

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