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VJAV Asian Porn Tube Review

With more than 27 million site views as of today, this site is one of the most popular porn tube sites that provides the hottest Asian adult videos on the internet, and access to this site is free. Their hot collection is actually one of the best niche collections with thousands of Asian porn videos and hundreds of incredible Asian models this site has. With this huge collection, the only questions on whether or not this is a highly recommended site for JAV fans out there are how good the quality of the porn videos are, how diverse their collection is, and how easy is this site to use.

VJAV.com Site Layout

The VJAV.com site has a typical porn tube layout with a simple header navbar, a thumbnail gallery of featured videos in tags, and a simple footer. I can say that for a popular porn site, this one has a neat homepage. You won't see ads on the homepage as well. However, the ads come in as soon as you click on a video. The video opens on a new tab and the previous tab redirects to another website. On the porn video page itself, you'll see a couple of banners on the side of the video, directly below it, and some more under suggested or related scene tags. When you play a porn video, of course, you'll see ads again, and when you pause it, ads again. Well, what do you expect from a free uncensored tube site? They'll have to earn some bucks to keep their site going while giving your dicks free porn with your favorite chicks in a sex scene just like in your dreams.

Anyway, from the homepage of the VJAV.com website, you have a lot of ways to search through all the adult tubes. The first option you have, which is what I use the most, is the search box. Using the search box, I can just look for videos of my favorite girl and porn scene tags. The search box here is also a bit smarter compared to other adult movie sites. The VJAV.com search tool is smart enough for you to see the sex movies that match the tags you used. You can combine several tags so you can find more specific results. For example, you can mix tags such as Hospital, Creampie, Stockings, Big Tits, and the name of your favorite actress and you'll get the sex video you are looking for and some more videos you may be interested in. I always try doing this in all kinds of pornography sites with search boxes but not all of those sites show results.

Aside from the search box, you can always choose to browse the entire collection of VJAV.com using your fetishes found as tags under Categories on the menu.

Categories And Tags On VJAV.com

The Categories are actually Tags. Although I like how they organized these tags so they don't look like a really long list which makes me scroll a lot or something that I'll have to go to a few more pages just to find the tags I want especially because, unlike most generic porn sites, it has a lot incredible unique to this niche tags that you should try to watch like Bukkake, Yuuri, and Soap Play, and originals like public scenes on a bus and other crazy plots like gangbang parties with a good number of sex toys.

What I like most about these kinds of adult porn is how they push every porn scene in a sex movie to a higher level. For example, take a look at a MILF with big tits scene. The hot MILF isn't just there with her boobs as a lewd chick. Every scene has a story. Especially if the movie comes from a huge prod. And, that one sex scene with the hot Asian MILF can fit in the adult scene tag step fantasy, housewife, or wife.

VJAV.com has a lot more video tags and other porn video tags like blowjob, creampie, hospital, cumshot, lingerie, bikini, stockings, POV, cams, and big tits. You can also search for names of your favorite adult actresses because VJAV.com also has tags using the names of popular models. You can search for them as tags on the search bar, or you can choose to scroll down on the homepage and find the gallery of hot Asian babes there. By the way, if you're using a bigger screen to take a look at your favorite bus sex scene or any other porn scene of your favorite chick, you can also check if VJAV.com has that JAV clip in HD. You can check out their HD uncensored collection by checking on HD tags.

Is This Site's Community Worth Joining?

Although users can access their entire collection for free, even the uncensored ones, users can still join the community. Users can register for free and what that means is you can also create your user profile on VJAV.com. But what can you do with it? There's no exclusive version of any clip here, no way to message any porn celebrity, even amateur ones. In short, nothing special. It just simply means that you can post comments and ratings on some videos, and message other users. That's good if you want to get too involved with your porn. Otherwise, why bother?

Playlists on VJAV.com

As a member, you can create playlists of porn videos that you would like to re-watch. Some guys do that, but I don't. While there are a couple of models on my top list of big tits babes, I like new stuff. I mean, there's no exact same adult scene you get in real life, and I tend to be realistic. But anyway, who am I to judge? I admit that some sex models look better and more babe-like in one porn scene than in others. Interestingly, some users have specific fetishes so the videos are already pre-selected for other users.

What's Fetish JAV?

Fetish JAV is nothing special. It's just that it has fetish tags. Some of the most common fetishes are typical sex tags like foot fetish, bondage, creampie, and forced sex.

A fact I have just learned recently is that fetish porn content is actually more popular among ladies than men. According to some Asian surveys, more Asian women prefer sex scenes with their fetish such as creampie, foot fetish, and massage.

Other Asian Porn Videos

While the site's name sounds like what you might assume it to be, you can find models and other sex movies that are from Thai producers, Korean prods, and some other content from China. You can find related tags among the suggested clips as well.

I feel different about why they named their site that sounds like it should only have Japanese Adult Video content only. Maybe the V on its name might mean something related to why they have other Asian content. You have to admit though, especially if you are someone from the west, you can barely tell if an East Asian babe is Thai, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese except for their names. For the looks, you'll most probably get 5 out of 10 guesses wrong.

I'm not sure if this is true, but based on my observation, there are also distinctive features on the sex scenes favorites among these adult videos from the east. It seems that Thai porn is usually shot in more private places like hotels, Korean porn is mostly taken indoors as well but in different rooms in a house, and Chinese are mostly taken outdoors like somewhere with trees. Then, for JAV, just literally everywhere - from a public bus to a toilet.

One thing I'm sure of is that for whatever kink you have, you'll find at least one video about it, Asian style, on this Asian Adult Video site.

Your Favorite Model On Photos

Fortunately for the users, they have Albums. Albums have photos of Asian pornstars and they are accessible for free! You can even find some exclusive version contents here from professionally taken shots and screenshots of popular sex scenes. Each album normally has about a dozen photos each and is grouped according to the featured model.

However, the photos here are only for online viewing because the site doesn't give you an option to download any of them which sucks. I mean why would I go for static photos when I can just opt to watch the babes on those photos moving. Photos are great if you can have them stuck up where you need inspiration offline like on a bedroom wall, private restroom, or desktop or phone wallpaper. I think even the internet connection nowadays doesn't suck as much as before where you'll have to wait for 30 minutes for a 5-minute adult video to load. If it were back in the days, I might have sucked it up with these photos.

Final Verdict

While VJAV has a wide selection of Asian videos, what makes it different from other free niche porn tube sites? Well, here are some of the notable factors about this porntube site.


  • Huge collection of Asian adult videos with some of them available in HD
  • A lot of tags and easy navigation
  • Great clean, functional site layout
  • Photos of models are also available
  • No broken links to videos
  • Uncensored sex videos


  • Photos and videos can't be downloaded
  • Clicking on videos redirect you to ads and opens a new page.
  • They should rename their site to AAV

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