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Vipergirls is one of the best porn forums available on the internet today! Vipergirls is not structured like the traditional, mainstream, tube sites and aggregators, but instead is laid out in a forum style site. This doesn't mean vipergirls is not popular though. Vipergirls generates more than 15 million visits a month, boasts a user base of 220,000, and is home to 35 million posts (and counting!)


Forums! The coveted treasure trove of porn connoisseurs. Vipergirls is a porn forum, meaning the posts are arranged in a "thread" style in sub forums. The "thread" style content structure is a bit weird at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll find that access to high quality videos is quick and easy! In case you haven't used thread-based forums before (come on we are all on Reddit these days), members can submit threads where other members can leave positive or negative user rating scores, comment, or participate in scoring polls. Basically acting as a vipergirls review board with every post. This is nice, because you can quickly see the user rating of the file hosted content, and can see how much traffic individual threads drive. Another handy feature here is that you can sort threads by several metrics: replies, views, and by last post. Effectively, this means you can find the old school goodies from the early days of viper girls, or you can rush directly to the hot new content with high interaction scores.

Vipergirls Studio (Exclusive Content)

The vipergirl threads are grouped into several adult entertainment sub forums. The first, Vipergirls studio, is where you will find viper girls exclusive content. Here you will find high quality photos and videos, adult photos, and much more.

Celebrity Photos

Next, you have the Celebrity Mixes, Celebrity photos and Celebrity Video. This is an interesting category, and you will find the photo sets, photos and videos, and all other celebrity goodies grouped by celebrity. Some content will focus on leaks, or non-nude content scenes, and you can even find very convincing deepfakes if you are into watching Anne Hathaway pay homage to a different kind of Dark Knight!

Porn Sites (External Services)

Next up is External Services which can be further broken down into scene photos and scene videos. Here you can find adult photo content, adult photo sets, and adult video collections. This category is very popular, and file hosts high quality material from other third party sites (mainly porn sites, let's be honest). This digital gold is hosted on other, popular porn sites, but is then posted to the vipergirls community where it is then subject to user ratings, and then users can comment and interact.

Third Party Hosting

File Monster is the next category, and this category is a bit more niche than the others. Yes, you will find adult video collections, porn forums, and great adult video (porn videos) content in general - but you will also find unique member contributions here, as well as some non nude material such as adult comics, magazines, and even games!

Viper Girls Adult Photo Sets

Next up we have Adult Photo sets, and photo collections. Here is where you dirty freaks can really get it off with some niche areas. Alternative, emo goodies is plenty here. If you believe the best porn is artistically shot and modeled, then you can find your best porn stuff here! Vipergirls even hosts some hardcore action in this section that deal with everything from girl-on-girl fisting to human excrement to bdsm and webcam recordings. So if you love your porn forum to feature any of these hardcorn porn categories, then vipergirls is the place for you!

Categorized Videos

Following these popular thread categories, you have a more traditional adult videos forum section. In this section, vipergirls has made available adult video collections that can be categorized and filtered like most of the best porn sites on the web (we all have our favourite porn sites list, right? like vipergirls?). Amateur videos, bukakke photos, role playing, teen girls, bdsm, hot babes, look you name it, it can be found. And if things cant be found easily enough, there is even a search bar in the top right corner, that allows you to filter through millions of images, reviews, girls, forum topics, and other vipergirls content.

Content Access

Content hosting

Now, it important to address how exactly content access works for vipergirls. Individual posts are posted directly site, but a lot of the porn videos are actually hosted and on third party sites. This means that sites like vipergirls doesn't need to worry about copyright infringement, but it also means that in some cases you may need to sign up to have full access to your favourite porn videos, posts, images, and other freaky stuff.

Another drawback can be that there could be a dozen or so different sites that you can need to sign up for if you want to access the content, meaning that you might need to fork over more money than you were expecting to get full access to the bdsm, adult forum, and best porn sites.

Navigation and Ease of Access

Even though the site plays host to a huge amount of content, it can be quite easy and quick to search and download content from the site (if you think the same, be a good citizen and review vipergirls!). As previously mentioned, there is a search that allows you to filter the website and forum and helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack. The sheer amount of content can be overwhelming though, I know. But look at it this way, better to have too much than too little when you're looking to march the penguin, am I right?

Another cool feature with vipergirls, that sets it apart from the other tubes, is that you have an exclusive offer of a 50% discount on Linkifier, a software that allows you to download or rip content from entire sections at breakneck speeds. Many users review vipergirls and rank it quite highly due to this feature alone.

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