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We could get all the free porn videos on porn sites like this. Well not on useless junk, since the access we only get on the website is only to the images. Nothing else. I mean, sure they got more categories like NSFW images on this site. They do not have anything like free cams or the things you see on porn hub. I guess you could say that the exclusive content is not really worth it especially on uselessjunk, since it is all images. All the links that you are used to, that one video you regularly come in contact with are not her. You get the lesbians category, sure but in a picture material instead of the usual. You can't really complain since a page like this is free. The internet is for all the stuff you would want to discover. When it comes to photographs and an image, you can get that all as intended on this site. I personally would be part of the users of a site like this. The pleasure would be something I would want to look forward to. Especially because the website is as hot as your ass on a sunny day. I say Hot, I mean really hot. You also get a mix of cam girls ad performers on this site. You get a ton of content on here and I support all of it.

UselessJunk: Free porn videos review

I just want to mention that boobs, cunt, and every part of us are in still images. No, videos are present in this location. I guess, a warning for when visitors like you are visiting the rest of the site on your own. Now, with that said let us get into the proper uselessjunk review. As opposed to I am at still images for porn. I think they really have a feature that some people are into. Whichever you are into, this display is welcome for everyone. As you scroll through the controversial website, you put yourself at risk of the load you see. There are no videos, right? The categories also seem the be limited. Which is not really that hot, when you think about it. What is the point of an image, if it is not sorted by category and material? I want to be kinder to this website, but the site does not seem to end when it comes to downfalls. Aside from everything else I have mentioned, the site is in light mode. Another site, that when you start viewing it, you'd start getting blinded by the lights. I expected much more from the no videos site like useless junk. Why are you giving us this, useless junk? Why are you giving us links to your site? When the categories are limited, the video is none existent and access to all the images categories is also limited. What type of cunt provides the bare minimum like this. What planet are you living on?

You want your users to enjoy right? Why make a page/sites that are not up to par. Why not review the site first before publishing it. Even minors would just decide to go to Reddit instead of viewing this. Useless junk developers should really try and up their game, if they want anyone to use their sites. Since we all know the video does not exist on the page, we now move on to the site layout.

As I mentioned above, the site is just a mess. A full-on mess. The site is like a duo of disappointment that left a long time ago because it gave up. What happened? I really see nothing good about uselessjunk at all. I put myself through hell and continued scrolling through. Looking for content better than cams. Alas, nothing is better than content like videos and such. Hell, even Reddit is better than uselessjunk. The best they could do was make sure the content was worth looking through. No, they didn't even do that. If I had the chance, I would report this to the porn site's Gods and hope this site just dies. That's how bad it is. What wasn't clicking on the left side of their brains? Why. Just why.

Uselessjunk's developers, you have officially become the worst people to ever make a site. You guys had a job, and you ruined it by making useless junk. Maybe you guys did it on purpose, because of the name? Who knows.

Final Thoughts on Useless Junk Porn Sites

Now for my final jurisdiction, I fucking hate this site. Absolutely degrading to look at. It's like the developers could not even do basic CSS. A Reddit blog is really better than this. You guys should be ashamed when YOUR SITE is literally being compared to a Reddit blog. You guy's creative juices just left the chat, huh? From everything I mentioned, the worst thing I have ever seen and will emphasize is the layout. First off, it looks like a grade school computer project. It's like you guys just spammed HTML codes hoping it would run. You guys at uselessjunk could not even design not categorize the content properly, for all of us. Oh did I mention that there are Ads? Yeah, just great. I mean, usually, I would not mind if other sites have ads. Like that is a given when you are running a porn site. But for this site, what the hell are you guys actually running? It looks like a blank page filled with a bit of color. Why are you guys getting paid to have, this? Literally nothing. Maybe the people who decided to advertise you do not know what is going on on you guy's site but like... What. I would love to get paid as well for doing nothing. Maybe I am being too harsh, but it just really gets into my nerves. The whole site does.

I hope at some point the developers of the site think about what to do to improve the site and let it shine. The whole concept of the site is great, it is smart but I would want to access the videos and everything else clearly and better.. It is just the way they made the site. Once they fix that, I will make sure to give them a good rating but for now, you guys get a 4/10.

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