Useful software

Useful Software For Porn Browsing

The internet is freaking massive and there's a wide variety of users, too. We're not here to talk about all of them but just a specific group - those who enjoy pornography on the internet and those who want to keep others from seeing pornography. You might want to take note of some of the sites we'll feature in this article if you're one of those people I mentioned. Some parts of this article might not generally apply to how you use the internet so you can just skip to the parts that you basically need in your life. From protecting your computer against malware you might accidentally download and install to your computer while enjoying porno to keeping away minors from seeing porno-related activities on your browser, we have listed down awesome programs and apps that you can use on your computer or phone to deal with any of those potential issues. Of course, we have added the links to the sites where you can get them.

Block Porn Access From Kids

Honestly, aside from this section, everything else is for adults who want to use porn sites and even enhance their ability to enjoy adult content. So hey there parents, let's sit down and talk about this issue. There are some folks who can't really keep away children from their computers at home. Some even have a computer that their children are supposed to use for studying and innocent kinds of entertainment. Whether you're one of the former or the latter, here's a news flash for you - blocking porn sites on a single browser is never enough to protect juveniles from accessing porno. If you want that worry away without having to watch over them 24/7, here are some of the best porn blockers in the market - Net Nanny, Canopy, Covenant Eyes, Our Pact, FamiSafe, Kidslox, and Qustodio. I can't really say which among them is the best software since your choice could depend on their cost or how they detect the kind of content they block. Most of them offer free features so finding out what you can get from them for free is something you might want to consider, too. Oh, and one more thing you should really consider is what works on your operating system. Basically, the ones I have mentioned are the most recommended anyways so they work for Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux.

For Safe, Private Browsing

Now then, let's talk about other important stuff but this time for those who just want to peacefully enjoy the porno they love. The top one on this list of programs that you have to download, install, and run on any device that you're using especially to watch free porn videos is a reliable software or app for a Virtual Private Network. Just in case you're an extremely rare person who still believes that going incognito is enough to give you privacy, well, sad to say that you're wrong when it comes to that. Using the incognito mode will save you the hassle of having to delete your browser history and cookies but it won't keep anyone including your network and your internet service provider from tracking the websites you visit. With a VPN, you would still have to go incognito or manage your browser history but no one will be prying on your online activity anymore - unless they're staring right at your screen in real-time as you use your computer or phone. More importantly, having one will keep you safe from any web user with ill intentions - but hey, keep away from phishing emails. On our deck, you can find some of the best VPN service providers such as ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, VPNHub, Private Internet Access, PureVPN, Hide.Me, and Nord VPN. Just like other paid programs that you can download and use consistently with backup support, they come with different prices and features. Also, some are available for PC browsing only while some offer apps for phones as well.

Oh, by the way, one more use of VPN software or app is that it blocks away unwanted ads especially those that keep appearing on free websites and open another website. Some of them are even harmful and even automatically start downloading malware or a virus. If that's your only concern and you don't really care about keeping your browsing habits for adult content a secret thus getting a VPN software is just an unnecessary expense, you can opt for a free browser app or extension like uBlockOrigin for Google Chrome.

For Torrent Downloads

We've got another page on our site for porn Torrent sites but in case you're looking for a place that isn't just for porn, there's BitLord. It's a huge community which makes it pretty interesting for Torrent-using folks. Although, if you're reading this bit without any experience yet in the Torrent setup, you might want to consider these two tools - qBittorrent and Torrent Kitty. qBittorrent is open-source software for P2P sharing that's free and reliable. You can use the FAQs and other resources on the site where you can download the software from. Torrent Kitty is a Torrent converter and it's so easy to use. You don't have to install it on your PC or mobile either. Naturally, you can get the links to these tools on this page.

For Other Downloads

You don't need high-tech porn software to grab any porn video from any website that doesn't show any download option. You just need software that works as an extension like Douga Getter or Download Helper. Douga Getter used to be Tokyo Loader but then it changed its name since it left Chrome. Right now, only the Firefox version is working but, anyway, it does its job there pretty well. Download Helper works for both Firefox and Chrome. It works not only for videos but also for photos as well. You might also want to check out LinkSnappy. It's another interesting software that you can use not only for porn but also for other kinds of files. With this app, you can start downloading content stored in various file hosts at premium speeds without having to pay for it.

Keep or Share Your Files Online

For those who are trying to be not too greedy when it comes to porn and those who are actually proud of being greedy with it, here are some websites you might want to regularly visit either to stash or share your favorite porn video collection. Zevera, VideoWood.TV, and FC2 are on our list because they're really good at keeping your prized full-length porn videos. Still, if you're planning to stow away your 4K full-length porn movies on the cloud, I suggest learning Torrenting instead.

Porn Apps For Your Mobile Devices

It's tough to find porn software that actually works on Google Play or App Store. That doesn't mean though that there aren't any Android or iOS apps. We have a list of porn games that work on Android OS and iOS. If you want an app that makes watching a porn video easy on mobile, try PornApp or MileVids.

Other Useful Software

There are other tools on this page for audio, video, and other kinds of porn content that you can enjoy on your Android, iOS, or desktop OS. Some of them can be grabbed for free. Some of them are helpful while some are for quirks only.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. qBittorrent
  3. GetPlanetPron
  4. Hola
  5. Chrome
  6. Fc2
  7. TokyoLoader
  8. iStripper
  9. Tixati
  10. LinkSnappy
  11. TorrentKitty
  12. Firefox
  13. PornApp
  14. Zevera
  15. Malavida
  16. VpnHub
  17. JDownloader
  18. Ublockorigin
  19. NordVpn
  20. VLC Media Player
  21. TransmissionBT
  22. VideoWood
  23. PrivateInternetAccess
  24. VyprVpn
  25. VilaVPN
  26. HotBot
  27. Vuze
  28. uTorrent
  29. PureVpn
  30. K2S
  31. FileFactory
  32. RapidGator
  33. HideMe
  34. GoldenFrog
  35. Media Player Classic
  36. AnonMe
  37. BitLord
  38. DownloadHelper
  39. DarkReader
  40. AllMyLinks
  41. AnonPremium
  42. MileVids