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U-18Chan Free Porn Chan Board Review

Let me be honest with you, I like most animals but I'm not into furries. However, going around this porn site made me see furries in another light and I just started to find them interesting. U18Chan.com isn't like most porn chan boards filled with sections dedicated to image posting. Here, there seem to be more threads for discussions than for the actual images and comics. Of course, it's only natural to want more porn content than text, but here on U18Chan.com, it's not that bad at all. It looks more like a hub for furry lovers and it's just a nice place to be in if you're one of them. You can talk about existing stuff here, give and ask for suggestions, and make requests. Anyway, I guess this website is not for everyone so check out my review on U18Chan.com to see more about it, the things you'll find, and how easy or difficult it is to use.

U-18Chan Porn Site Layout

Let's start with the theme change. The default layout is in black background and features a nasty wolf with big titties and a femdom fetish. You can switch the theme to a lighter version by clicking on "Sky" on the menu at the top navbar. With a touch of Sky, the background changes to indigo and you'll see a pony with wings. Everything is just the same and only the colors and featured furry change.

The homepage features 3 tabs such as the News section, FAQ, and Rules. The News contains updates on the site. There aren't a lot of updates on the site but they're still worth reading. It's like the one that's about NordVPN being blocked because there was someone who used it to spam U18Chan.com. The admin or mod keeps things simple so you'll find some updates with just a single sentence. Here's the thing, if you're wondering if U-18 means Under 18, you're wrong. It's definitely not U're 18 as well. If you try to read FAQ like that one dude who's wondering if he can post Under 18 porn here, you can't and you shouldn't. The U here actually refers to a Nazi submarine the U-boat used during the world war. I don't really care about their patronage to it or mockery on it supported by the cute paw replacing the swastika symbol as their logo and calling it "Pawstika", what matters is that their U-18 doesn't mean Under 18 and is definitely safe porno. Anyway, if you're curious about this site, you can find out more about it on the FAQ page.

U-18Chan Guide And Rules

Let's talk about the rules on U-18Chan. The rules here are all reasonable regulations in the use of the boards on this site. The first one is, of course, no child pornography. Dude, I have no idea which planet you live on if you'll ever see a site that says yes to this one. Even the underground illegal ones won't say the opposite despite having those kinds of materials. Still, on this site, if you post stuff here related to anyone under 18, you'll be permanently banned on this site. Bestiality is also banned here. Seeing sexy suggestive furries is different from actual animals having sexual intercourse especially with humans.

Other rules include talks about how to properly post here on the designated board for the topic and rules on tagging and what's going to happen if you don't follow them. There are, of course, rules against flame posts, trolling, spamming or flooding, use of foul language, and posting personal information. There's also a reminder to respect the moderators and administrators. Lastly, my favorite is the statement from the U-18 Chan owner that goes like no one has any rights on his site and no one's entitled to demand how they should do things since U-18Chan runs off of donations, revenue from ads, and his wallet. I think this dude is cool because he's right and we're only allowed to express our thanks to him that this website exists.

If you don't want any of your submissions and other posts deleted, you should definitely go to the Guide page. You can go there by hovering your mouse on Misc and you'll find the option U-18Chan Guide on the dropdown list. There are guidelines there on posting furry images and general boards. You'll find the ones listed under the Furry Image Posting Guidelines under Furry Related and The Basement. I highly suggest that you read all of the categories here to know what every single category is for. For example, Gay Furries should only contain drawings of male to male characters. Gay Furries should not include lesbian characters. Lesbians and any other gender go to the general Furries board. That applies to Gay Furry Comics as well. It should only contain comics and not just some pictures or random galleries.

Image Board And Other Boards

Anyone can post here. You won't have to trouble yourself by signing up for an account here. Actually, there's no signup button anywhere. You can use any username you want. You can make yourself a tripcode so you can always identify your posts. Assuming that you have read the posting guidelines here, you know where to search for stuff and where you should add stuff. If you have any questions regarding submissions, a content source or link, or if you want to add a request here but's too fucking lazy to go check out all of the posts, you can always go back to the homepage to check the FAQ section or you can contact the owner on Twitter or the admins on any community page. The rule of the thumb here though as long as it's furry-related or anything with furries it should be acceptable here. Oh, and there's a chat here which you can find under Misc. Although I don't think there's any blog section here, you're allowed to make a blog-like post here.

Overall User Rating

I think the community here is great. I didn't come across any rude comments to posts here. It's not even a quarter as popular as its cousin 4Chan but it gives pleasure to its users that I can say that if the level of satisfaction it gives can be shown in numbers, I'll give it an overall user rating of 4.5 out of 5. The 0.5 is just because it's not possible to search for specific characters or attributes here. There are no search features here at all. If you want to make searches, you should know the category it belongs to. Although, we can't really expect much from Porn Chans because almost all of them don't have search boxes at all. However, it's just really half a point and that's because the indices here are helpful so making searches at the right places will give you the desired results.

P.S. I mentioned that they have a link to Twitter here but I don't think it's active, at least for posts.

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