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Teatro Porno Porn Aggregator Review

To start off, TeatroPorno is an aggregator for hundreds of thousands of adult-exclusive videos from all over the internet so you won't have to individually visit too many porn sites. If you speak Spanish, Teatro Porno will make it even easier for you to look for free porn videos based on your fetishes and kinks.

Although, with so many aggregator sites on the internet, is this site going to be just "another" porn aggregator? Or is it worth a bookmark slot? Stick to this article as the MostPopularPornSites reviews this multiracial aggregator site in Spanish that features amateur porn models, popular pornstars, and Hollywood celebrity fakes.

If you don't know your Español well, Teatro Porno means "porn theatre". So, let's start talking about how much of a porn theatre Teatro Porno actually is.

Teatro Porno Site Design

I honestly find the TeatroPorno logo interesting. It's simple but it's witty. There's a small pinkish teat on the T. The same describing words can be used to describe the design of the entire site. The header is kind of narrow but not abnormally narrow. The font is also simple and easy on the eyes.

If you're one of those people who don't like the purple background, you can go for the worse color - white. No one wants a white background on porn sites and their purple background isn't even dark enough. If you want to go daring, you can find that color switch among the buttons below the menu options and right below the search button. Right beside it is a button that changes the number of thumbnails displayed per row which also changes the size of the thumbnails. There are 3 options you have - 3s, 4s, and 5s. The IS icon won't show you all of the sites Teatro Porno sources its links from. It just shows some other similar websites or maybe sites from the same network.

There are two points that have been recently added to this site. First, they have temporarily disabled their "upload" feature. They might have had to start disabling it because of the common issue aggregators have - degenerates adding cheap quality videos, or worse, adding illegal porn content.

The second point is that they have just updated an extra feature, a footer that shows shortcuts to their site pages which you can also hide using the small downward pointing arrow icon and it's present throughout all the pages on the site. You can find shortcut buttons such as Casa or Home, Mejores or Top, Nuevos or New, Categorias or Categories, and Pornstars.

Interesting Porn Categories

There are a lot of out-of-the-ordinary categories like Cradle Robber, Balcony, Scam, Seen Up Close, Village, Of That Season, Farm, Straws, and more on Teatro Porno, and those are not in English like how I enumerated them.

Of course, Teatro Porno also has the most common categories of specific niches, fetishes, and kinks on their list like Gloryhole, Outdoor, Asian, BBW, Lesbian, Gay, Bukkake, Celebrity, Hot Busty Girls, and more. Just name your niche and you'll most probably see it on Teatro Porno.

My favorite category on Teatro Porno is probably Chica De Cuerpo Perfecto which means "perfect body girl". Here's why I like that category - whoever made this category knows what a perfect body is, at least in my sense. The chicks on the videos tagged with it have fresh skin, naturally plump tits, squeezable ass, and perfectly curved waists to grab onto.

There are some categories that are in English like Shemale, MILF, Upskirt, Swingers, Club, and so on but the majority of the categories aren't so you could either use a browser with auto-translate or just enjoy the fun of opening categories randomly.

Pornstars Index On Teatro Porno

Another really interesting thing about Teatro Porno is its Pornstars Index. This site seems to have everything organized and in control and this index is just a good way to prove it. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, names of pornstars on this site.

The index Teatro Porno has seemed to be in perfect sync with their well-organized database because each name has the number of videos that feature the pornstar which you can check out from their site.

The pornstars' database on Teatro Porno may not have individual profile pages for each porn celebrity but the numbers are probably accurate. I can easily tell for those chicks with less than 20 videos on Teatro Porno, but I won't force myself to verify it for super popular and active porn celebs like Abella Danger with almost 4k videos accessible on Teatro Porno alone, or Riley Reid with more than 3k videos.

Therefore, while the Pornstars DB on Teatro Porno doesn't say much about pornstars, I mean this is an aggregator website and not really a pornstars directory (although it does look like one), it shows how organized Teatro Porno is, how updated their database is, how properly tagged stuff are, and how hands-on the moderators are. In this aspect, Teatro Porno is making me more proud of them than any other porn aggregator there is.

But anyway, if you're looking for actual information and even photos of your favorite adult celebrity, you can go ahead and take a look at other Pornstars Database platforms on our list.

Final Rating On Teatro Porno

Teatro Porno takes its content from probably around a hundred free porn tube sites. It's like if you check out a dozen random links here, you'll most probably be introduced to 10 different free porn tube websites. I'm not sure if you consider that a good thing, but if you're your smartphone to watch porn, it's too much of a bother. Although, what I appreciate the most about Teatro Porno is the fact that you can always find the right video which you are expecting to see on the right site or location.


  • all of the links route to the correct videos on tons of different sites

  • there are hundreds of thousands of videos you can browse from just a single site

  • navigation is so easy


  • the content is not Spanish but the site is in Spanish

  • no free ultra HD videos found on this site

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