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Solotouch Free Sex Stories Porn Site Review

Solotouch is a mobile-friendly gem of a free porn website that is dedicated to user-submitted sex stories, masturbation stories, and masturbation techniques.

There is some porn on Solo Touch, so you can visit this site if you want to see some videos and photos, but that is definitely not the main focus of the site. If you are looking for a huge selection of HD-quality videos, then you are probably better off heading to other porn sites that deliver content in those categories.

But, if you are looking for a text-based site that has some spicy erotic stories, masturbation techniques, and a general erotic forum-style experience, then this porn website is for you.

There are even some nice hidden gems in Solotouch, such as an online sex toy store, a chat section, and even live cams! Not many porn sites can say they have this amount of content variety or can offer you such a well-rounded erotic experience.

I know some people scoff at the idea of jerking off to literature, and I guess it is going against the grain when we have such a large selection of free porn videos available on the internet, but literature can get you there too!

So let's get to the in-depth review and breakdown of the services, features, and content of SoloTouch.

Masturbation Stories

So, sex stories.

I know, I know. We all are used to seeing HD-quality porn videos by now, so why take the time to read sex stories and masturbation stories?

That is a good question, and I will counter by saying that some stimulation is lost when watching videos or films - and we all know it.

Do any of you read books? Have any books you've read become movies? Which was better?

That is my point.

Sex stories can be incredibly hot and they are different, but they also stimulate you in different ways.

Solo Touch has a ton of user-submitted sex stories content, and it is all available for free on this website.

There are over 50,000 different sex stories submitted to SoloTouch, so you can find a story in almost every category you could imagine.

SoloTouch Forum and Tips

The stories are great on this website, and I would be lying if I said I didn't spend some time going through the top stories, but one of the truly great features of SoloTouch has to be the forum and tips/techniques section.

No matter how experienced you are with masturbation there is something to be learned from these sections. Page after page of discussion, personal techniques, both physical and mental for men and women alike.

For instance, I've never given myself a prostate massage or anything more than exploratory stimulation, but I was able to read one dude's account of his 6 stages of prostate stimulation.

This is pretty cool to get first-hand (pun totally intended) reviews from other people on SoloTouch.

Additionally, there are great discussions going on within the forum.

If you have ever had any questions or comments about any sex experience, or even things like personal grooming and relationship issues, then you can head to this section of the site and have open-minded discussions with other, real people.

Chat, Cams, and Community

SoloTouch does a fantastic job facilitating a strong community feel on their website, and frankly, other sites should take notice.

I will hit all three of these features at once because they play quite well off of one another.

The chat is a free feature to use, you just need to make a free account, and then you can log in and chat it up with other users on SoloTouch about specific content, you can share stories, you can get feedback, and of course, you can just straight up sext too. This isn't a pg13 site we are talking about here.

And for the people who love to connect with others through video, there is also a very well done cam section on this website.

The SoloTouch live cams work on a token system, so you will need to fork over some money for this section.

But in general, I would have to say the community on solo touch is great. There are tons of comments on every page and post, there are a ton of user-submitted stories and content, you have couples sharing sex position and advice in the threads - can SoloTouch get any better?

Categories, Filters, and Keywords

SoloTouch makes it so easy to find the stories, pics, and content that you are looking for.

All the sex stories are filed under user-case-specific categories, such as Solo Male, Group Co-Ed, Female-Female, etc. So you can really hone in on the exact situations you are looking to read about.

Next, you can use additional filters once in these categories to sort the sex stories on Solo Touch by most commented, most liked, most viewed, and even by the gender of the submitter.

If you REALLY want to hone in on one type of story, you can even add keywords, or tags, to your browser.

Solo Touch Ads

Almost all sites have ads, and this site is no exception.

SoloTouch does us pretty big solid though, in reducing the number of advertisements that are filling up our pages.

Luckily, SoloTouch has a large following of paid users, so they must feel that they generate enough income through their site's community that they don't need to pilfer the site's content space for revenue-generating advertisements.

This is great and makes the overall SoloTouch experience very clean and pleasant.

Other porn sites should take note, and try to replicate this model because there are too many sites that are just overwhelmed with pop-ups and redirects that I'm sure I'm not the only one who just ups and leaves shop for greener pastures.

Mobile Browser

The SoloTouch mobile browser is quite good. The layout of the site is maintained, and since there are minimal advertisements, there is still a ton of space on the screen for you to comfortably navigate through the best sex and masturbation stories the internet has to offer!

It is always a bad look, and reflects in my review when top porn sites have shitty mobile sites - it just makes no sense in this day and age to not optimize for mobile.

Wait Did You Say Sex Store??

Yes, Solo Touch even features its very own online sex toys store!

I didn't take the time to order anything off the site to review, but general browsing through the collection showed me that they have a ton of options.

Final Thoughts

SoloTouch is a great site for online erotic sex and masturbation stories.

They have a strong community, great filtering options, minimal advertisements, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to masturbation techniques or even interpersonal issues.

I think everyone could learn a thing or two from the site, and hey if you want you could even come away with a sex toy!


  • Excellent filtering options
  • Minimal Advertisements
  • Great Community and Discussion
  • Chat Rooms
  • Live Cam areas
  • Hits almost every niche
  • Mobile-Friendly


  • Could add the ability to filter content additionally by the last 24hrs, week, month
  • There is a decent amount of paid content on the site

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