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She Got Ass Free Porn Tube Site Review

If someone asks you to think of celebrities with big asses, you would most probably include names of black women. Well, there are so many of them with those big black booties that it has just become a stereotype associated with them.

That's what you get on this porn tube site. There are lots of booty bitches here both amateurs or newbie pornstars whose videos you can access for free. Well, most of them are from different porn sites and just added to this site's collection but you can watch all of these porn videos directly on this website. Although this porn site isn't as perfect as the round asses you can find here and I'm going to tell you all about this tube site including its ups and downs on this review so make sure to stick through.

Free Black Booty Videos

Let's talk about video quality first. Like I have said earlier, most of the women here are amateurs, and I mean entirely on the beginner level at that. These are the types of chicks who have just decided that they want themselves filmed and flaunt it to the black lovers out there. So, how is that related to the quality of the content here? Well, since you have a bunch of amateur producers here, you also get half-baked porn material from them. You'll find a lot of girls twerking here just to flaunt their booty but they don't really care about the bad angles, low-resolution uploads, and the duration of the clips here vary as well from less than 5 minutes long to almost an hour of perversion.

There are videos here that are also originals or exclusively on SheGotAss and they're mostly recorded live cams from She Got Ass Live which is the live cams site of the same porn network. Other videos are from other black niche sites which are mostly for amateur porn content producers as well. That means, good luck on finding HD videos here. If you dig those raw black asses though, then dive in SheGotAss.

She Got Ass Looks And Navigation

I'm not sure if the site creator decided to stay true to the colors of the goddesses here or it's just a nice coincidence that a black background is perfect for any porn tube site. Anyway, you got a lot of links to other sites lining the top of the homepage, followed by a long search box which is nice actually because it's just so easy to find, and then there's a menu bar without borders but looks just cool as they're also useful. These navigation options are quite useful because they can easily lead you to the pages and sort the videos on the homepage quite well. You should also notice the basketball icon which will bounce you back to the top of the page. That's for the desktop version. The mobile version is simpler but I find it more difficult to use since it requires a shit ton of scrolling effort and it displays only one thumbnail per row.

What I like most about the site's design is how well the thumbnails are made. The thumbnails show previews of the videos and other information such as the title, an HD icon on high-res clips, video duration, how long since the clip has been uploaded, user rating, and the number of views. When you hover your mouse on the thumbnail, it'll show you some scenes and the add to favorites and watch later buttons.

When you go to the web player, be careful on clicking some buttons because some of them will redirect you to other sites like the settings icon and clicking the play button more than once. There are other details you can find on the player which are safe to use and quite functional. Visitors can cast their rating by clicking on the like or the dislike button, report the video, check out the Screenshots, share the link to the clip, post comments, and even download it for free.

Black Ass Categories

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Those are all of the categories here with some that are originally misspelled which I just sort of tweaked here for the sake of being OC. If you're going to take a closer look at their categories list, most of those don't make sense when categorizing porn content because some of them are just the same as others in essence and I just seriously fucking wish that She Got Ass made it easier for its users to find the adult material they want.

Hot Ebony Models

Another way of making your searches here is through the Model section where you can check out some of the caramel babes on SheGotAss. This section features all of the babes with the Top Rated chicks on the default results. Well, you won't find all of them here but it's a good lead if you just want to make searches only on the better content of She Got Ass.

On this feature though, I noticed a white chick who probably got into the mix, not because of her ass but more probably because of her featuring hot couples and lesbians. They're not even interracial videos so I'm kind of sensing some bias here.

What I appreciate from this feature is the effort of adding a profile with images of the chicks on the index. There aren't a lot of them but still better than on some other websites that don't really have any info. Here, depending on the babe, you can find details like the country and city she is from, her current age, height, weight, official site, and some interesting facts. Of course, you'll also find the videos with tags related to her.

SheGotAss Community

Since almost everything here is accessible even for unregistered site visitors, what can members get here? There are just a really few of them such as creating your own playlist and watch later list, have your own profile page the whole community can see, send messages to others, and subscribe to their profiles.

SheGotAss Total Points

SheGotAss isn't a perfect site and there are a lot of websites that are better than this one but when it comes to looking for a specific niche of pornography like for Blacks, it's much better to see what others are viewing on just one site than scavenge across the internet or other generic sites. However, I still won't be recommending She Got Ass to friends because first of all, the categories are just a mess, and second, it just charges links to you to another site without you knowing it so it has unexpected hassle which you could have expected in an aggregator site though. Most especially, I wouldn't really use it on a mobile phone for quick fapping. I have a lot more to say about SheGotAss but the most important points to consider are listed below.


  • features lots of gorgeous booty babes in videos and images
  • anyone can download videos here for free

No Good

  • hidden ads on the video players that will redirect you to other sites
  • confusing categories and tags

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