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JuicySexTapes Black Porn Site Review

I know this site looks as bad as fuck. It doesn't have any naughtiness compared to what it promises to have. Honestly, I'm sure that just like me, you're expecting fat fetish websites to look badass. I mean, that's the stereotype for ebony chubby beauties. These voluptuous hotties are famous for wild cock sucking scenes even in amateur juicy sex tapes. So, really, JuicySexTapes looks too short in terms of looks than what it should be and you might worry if this site is just another waste of time. That's what this review is for. In summary, we'll talk about whether the good points of this site outweigh the negative points. So then, let's get this review going starting with the kinds of porn material that you can find.

Latinas, BBWs, and Black Porn Videos

If there's anything in common with the girls here on Juicy Sex Tapes, it is that they are all juicy girls each geared with a fat ass. You can find mildly chubby chicks with small waists and meaty thighs but there seems to be no room for the typical skinny bitches here. Also, aside from the big fun, you can have from the hot girls blessed with big butts and huge boobs, their juicy sex tapes have tons of pussy eating scenes, ass-slapping in the doggy style, and interracial blowjob orgies as soft bodies jiggle. Here's a piece of good news for all of you chubby chasers and PAWG fans - you can find your ideal chubby white chick, a hot ebony BBW, and plump Latina butts here. Now dude, let's talk about how you can easily find those BBW chicks.

Site Layout And Navigation

Now, dude. Don't get too excited because it isn't that easy to look for the material with the scene you want. Anybody will be able to tell that just as there wasn't much effort put into the design and layout, there wasn't much effort put into the navigation features as well. Whoever is working on this site does take the moment in putting tags to every clip but it seems like it has been a decade ago since they last touched the Categories index. Anyway, let us start talking about the homepage and what you can find there. Well, you have no doubt noticed the search box beside the logo and the 3 menu options. Another feature that's a little bit unnoticeable is the sorting option that's just right above the thumbnails on the right side. The thumbnails are sorted from the Latest Videos first by default. You can choose from the dropdown if you want it sorted from the most viewed clips first, longest ones, popular ones, or you can just see random ones. If you like watching amateur interracial BBW porn with a black dick and white ass in a juicy creampie fuck, I suggest sorting the collection from the longest ones first. You can find lots of compilations of the same porn niche there. Webcam shows and dick-blowing clips go together in their own compilations. The thumbnails indicate some info such as the quality, number of views, duration, rating, and title. Inside the tubes pages, you can find a download button, tags, and an alternate link where you can play the clip in case the tubes on this website fail.

Juicy Sextapes Content Quality

While most of the porn videos here feature amateur fat pornstars, you can also enjoy some affiliated with bigwig sites like Reality Kings and Brazzers. There are also some leaks of curvy OnlyFans girls here. Juicy Sex Tapes doesn't really have its videos from user uploads - directly uploaded or submitted to its site but you can play them without getting redirected. However, it is still a good thing that Juicy Sextapes have various sources including social porn sites. However, there's something you chubby chasers need to know as well before you expect too much. A lot of clips here are quite short and are less than 20 minutes long. Also, since Juicy Sextapes only grab its porn material from other free porn sites and not even directly from the premium sites, the video quality isn't that good.

Juicy Sex Tapes Vs Other Juicy White, Ebony, And Latina Sites

There are a lot of other sites on the internet that have heavyweight girls and they don't only have 3 races and an interracial sex scene collection anybody can also get them. You can track some of those websites on our list. When it comes to the clips themselves, there isn't a huge gap in terms of quality but there is in the overall quantity. Also, I don't think there's anybody who will feel contented with the search features here.


  • you won't be redirected to other tubes across the internet just to watch your favorite juicy boobs in a sizzling sex scene

  • users can download clips using the button under each of the tubes


  • there are broken links mixed in their collection

  • most clips have a low video quality

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