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This list you're looking at is for online stores including sex toy retailers that sell and deliver sexual wellness products featured in your favorite sex magazines, sexual health products, and sex toys not just in San Francisco but throughout the US. Some of you might be wondering who needs this list or other sites when they can just get a new toy from Amazon or eBay. But the reality is that if you want to get an awesome adult shopping experience, you should go to a store that is specifically to sell the stuff you're looking for. It's kind of basic, right? But if you're still a doubter and you're wondering how exactly they can make your online shopping experience great, it's because they'll make it easy for you to browse through their shop's collection with categories, featured products, reviews, and even give you huge discounts. Also, some of the best online sex stores even have articles with sex tips and free porn videos. Still, to make things easier for you to understand, go ahead and browse the best sex toy sites on our list where you can find toys and other sexual health-related stuff you might have thought you didn't need.

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Before you start going on a shopping spree, let me remind you some things you need to keep in mind when you buy sex toys online. First, make sure that they'll deliver what you paid for. Second, their payment methods and channels should be safe. Third, they should sell only body-safe toys. Fourth, the adult toys they're selling should be durable and won't get wasted after only a few uses - or even before you can even use them. They don't have to be branded because there are other sex toys out there that don't come from the biggest names in the sex toy industry that are as good as the branded ones. Lastly, if you're going to shop online for new sex toys, you might want to consider whether they have discreet shipping and discreet packaging options. Anyway, even though I mentioned all of those things, I'm still going to recommend the best sex toy sites. We've also included other sex toy retailers that sell high-quality sex toys for the kind of sexual pleasure you want to try your hands on.

Sex Toy Retailers

A sex educator once said that the best way for individuals and couples to have a happier life is to be sex-positive. Sexual relationships are also healthier when the sexual partners are free to explore their sexuality by trying different things together. For some couples, it's joining swinger parties. For others, it could be oral sex. Although, if you're in some kind of relationship but think that sex toys are only for those who want to take solo sex a notch higher, then you gotta expand your imagination. There are lots of couples' toys out there so you might want to get your hands on one of them. If you want to try with just a single toy, you can actually visit online retailers for sex toys. An online retailer won't care if you're just buying one item from them and they also offer the cheapest shipping fees for your purchase so you won't really feel bad for paying a shipping fee for just a single item. Also, if you have no idea what the best sex toy for you is, don't worry because we'll also talk about that up next.

Great Toys You Should Know

You don't need to freshen up what you've learned from your sexual education classes to know the most important thing you have to know when choosing a toy - they should be made of body-safe materials. That shouldn't be only for toys that are used directly on the genitalia but also for any toy or prop that touches the skin. Anyway, what you might need Sex Education 101 for are the different kinds of toys for grown-ups that you should know and probably even get an experience with. We'll also talk about some of the most popular kinds of toys that you already know but might not have thought can be used in other ways you don't know yet. For example, did you know that butt plugs aren't just anal toys for ladies and gay men but they can also do wonders for straight men? They give a stimulating sensation to the prostate and it won't just give a feeling of tremendous pleasure but also a lot of health benefits from releasing stagnant fluid to preventing various kinds of reproductive disorders in males. Still anal plugs just look so good on girls and they've got fancy designs too. Anyway, we'll start talking about the hottest toys for adults in just a moment and where to buy them.

Popular Sex Toys For Men and Gays

For straight men, it's undeniable that a sex doll that most people with think of since they almost basically replace a female companion in bed. If you haven't explored a lot of stores that exclusively sell toys for grown-up men yet, you might not know the existence of realistic sex dolls and those that are fantasy-like. If you're interested in getting a sex doll, you should take a look at our list of online sex shops to see which shops offer the kind of dolls you're looking for. Although, not everyone wants one for a lot of different reasons including the fact that they're kind of hard to hide.

You can start your sexual exploration with Tenga Egg which is the most affordable masturbator in the market. It's available in almost all online adult stores worldwide including the mainstream ones. But if you want something that gives off a more advanced sensation but isn't so expensive, you can try Fleshlight Quickshot. It's a masturbator as well that gives a more unrestricted fun. Still, if that isn't enough and you don't like doing the job all by yourself, you can try a high-tech masturbation toy like Lelo F1s V2. It's controlled using a smartphone app via bluetooth and has got built-in sensors so you can customize it just the way you want it. You might also want to try an automatic vibrating penis pump like PDX Elite Extender Pro. It's used for more than just heightening your senses but also for making your tool bigger in size. Another kind of toy you might want to try for your sudden urges that is also perfect for those who don't like doing the job themselves is an automatic blowjob machine like Autoblow AI. One more thing you might want to try if you don't like anything left inside you in the healthiest way that's just pure pleasure without straining your cock, you can try a prostate massager like Lelo Hugo instead.

Best Sex Toys For Women and Lesbians

There are lots of sex stores online that offer phallic and non-phallic sex toys that come in different shapes and sizes. But as I have mentioned earlier, you have to make sure that they're only selling toys that are made with non-toxic materials and preferably hypoallergenic too. Don't worry though because the online sex shops listed on this page sell only those kinds of toys. But before we talk about them, let's first talk about some of the best toys for the ladies. Let's start the list with different kinds of vibrators. Since there are too many rabbit, dildo, bullet, and finger vibrators on the market that are basically on the same level when it comes to power and features, let's take a look at some of those that have an extra oomph. For example, there's Zalo Courage which is a heating vibrator. It does the job of a vibrator but it also gives a gentle warmth that makes the sensation a bit more realistic. Another kind of vibrating toy you might want to consider having is the JimmyJane Apex tongue vibrator. It's a vibrator that does a licking action designed for nipples and clitoris. If you like giving attention to not just your clitoris but also to your nipples, you can also check out some of the best suction toys like Unbound Puff. It's a vibrator but it boasts its powerful sucking action. To make the most out of any vibrator you might want to have, you might also want to consider taking a look at awesome strap-ons like Tracey Cox Supersex Strap-on Pegging Kit and SpareParts Joque Harness.

Anyways, if we want to talk about all of the best vibrators, then there's one more that we got to mention. Hitachi Magic Wand was technically made as a body massage and that is why its head has a size that's almost the same as a tennis ball. It does send good vibrations but it wasn't really intended to be a toy for pussies. Still, because of the good vibrations this massage gives, it somehow became a pattern for other vibrators just like Le Wand. It's a smaller version of the Magic Wand and it's available in various female-friendly designs. Although, if you don't want to keep your hands occupied or you just want to enjoy the vibrations without doing everything by yourself, a perfect vibrator for you would be a hands-free vibrator like We-Vibe Moxie or Lovense Lush 3. Although, if you're looking for a vibrator that targets the pleasure gap, aka the G-spot, you might want to consider a flexible vibrator like Unbound Bender or Dame Pom. Get Unbound Bender if you want a toy for penetration but get Dame Pom if you don't like using a toy inside you.

Best Couples Sex Toys

When it comes to choosing the perfect sex toy for couples, only the imagination is the challenge - and the fetishes the couples want to try. Let's say your a guy who wants to make your lady feel like she's Dakota Johnson enjoying a badass BDSM session that's more explicit than the Fifty Shades of Grey can ever portray. You can choose any fetish gear from some of the shops on our list. You can even heighten the fantasy with massage candles. If you want to add an extra thrill to your regular sex sessions, you can level it up with some sex games for couples like sex dice or cards but you can also use cock rings or penis rings for uninterrupted penetrative sex. You might also want to check out some of the best couples' vibrators from We-Vibe.

Best Sex Toy Sites

If you're planning to make more than just a single purchase of sex toys, you might want to consider going for an online store that offers store credit and other ways for you to make sure that you'll get your money's worth. Anyway, if you're looking for an online sex toy shop that has a wide variety of sex toys, you can try Fun Factory or Wild Flower. They've got gadgets that you can consider manual and automatic. You can also try Adam&Eve. Adam&Eve is a little bit different but a lot bigger in terms of categories. It's more like an overall sexual wellness shop online. Although, if you're looking for specialized shops, you can try We-Vibe for vibrators for couples or Smile Makers for waterproof personal vibrators. We've listed other sites for popular brands as well like GenderX, TracysDog, and Lovense.

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