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RedWap TV Free Porn Aggregator Site Review

If this is one of those days when you're feeling adventurous and there's no specific kind of porn that you have in mind, then a porn aggregator website may be something you wouldn't want to pass on.

Some porn aggregators are really worth ditching but there are also some that you may find more useful than your usual porn tube. I have already written so many reviews for various kinds of porn tubes and aggregators out there and sometimes they just really feel boring that there's nothing much worth mentioning about them. In my opinion, there are more people who are more satisfied with porn tubes than with aggregators, especially those who watch porn videos on their mobile phones. It is a fact though that it's a drag to keep being redirected to another site whenever there's a video you want to see. However, not all tubes are that good either. Some have tons of videos on their own site but there are also lots of similar ones despite the fact that the videos are just seconds long. In the end, it's the same as being stuck with very limited options. That's when aggregators become more useful. You get a full blast of categories that are more definitive than in tubes and videos are more filtered too.

So, anyway, is RedWap one of those reliable aggregators you'd be glad to rely on to fill in your insatiable fantasies, or is it just a total dumpsite? Let's start with this review and get all the answers you want until you're satisfied.

Website Design And Navigation

First of all, when we talk about an aggregator site, you'd want to know how easy it is to search for porn scenes that you'll be satisfied with.

So, let's first talk about the design of this site. While looks are mostly for aesthetic purposes, it's also very important to have a clean yet organized one because it either makes things easy to spot or just gets your eyes completely lost. RedWap.TV has pretty much a 3.5 score out of 5 for me. It's great that this site has a pitch-black background and a well-organized tiled layout of thumbnails of their popular categories. However, the search button is hidden in the top right corner of a narrow header beside a hidden menu list button. The menu list though seems to be quite useful because it's easy to have the videos displayed to you from the "Best Videos", "New Videos" and "HD videos". However, I doubt how they rate the "best videos" because users can't rate them from this site.

Then, what are the remaining deduction points for? It's because they haven't updated the thumbnails they use for their homepage gallery. The images look almost vintage. It's like they're fresh enough to give you a recollection of the porn you have accidentally watched when you were still too young to visit an adult's exclusive service provider.

Now then, let's talk about the info you can read or access from here. The thumbnails display an accurate preview image of the video each of them represents along with the duration, title, and the hosting tube. But, that's it. Once you click on a link, you'll automatically visit the tube where you can play the clip.

Do They Have Videos From The Best Porn Sites?

The quick answer is no. They don't. They do have tons of awesome porn materials that cover the entire porn version of Scoville index of hotness from Vanilla to Reaper. But, if you're looking for 0-day porn from top sites, sorry but this isn't the place for you.

Although, if you're into a really huge mix of porn like you enjoy premium ones that can't be found on subscription networks anymore since they're meant for archives and you also enjoy seeing amateurs drool in front of cameras, then I suggest that you should check out RedWap.TV's collection.

Video Quality And Duration

Let's talk about the video quality first. RedWap has not rated the videos on their site with an HD logo or indicator. Surely there's a menu that's supposed to show only videos that are available in HD quality but you really won't be able to tell until you have visited the tube where you can play the clips. Surprisingly, despite RedWap.TV being an aggregator, you can play the videos from the HD page right on their website. Now the question is, are they really HD or 720p quality? I tried to play some of them and the results aren't favorable. They look like poorly remastered videos wherein the brightness was adjusted in an unnatural way and the sharpness was raised too. In addition, the 480p quality and 720p quality have no difference at all.

When it comes to the length of the videos, they're actually more like clips. Some look like previews while a lot of them are trimmed footage. Rating the videos I found here, I'll give them a 2/5 score.

Porn Scenes And Fetishes List On RedWap.TV

Another addition to the things I have noticed about RedWap.TV in comparison to other aggregators is that whose Categories list isn't that favorable. The main issue I have is that there are more of them in thumbnails than on their listed index and they're not alphabetically arranged.

Other Porn Sites List

There are two different lists of other porn websites that users can check out at the bottom of their own website. Actually, it seems that there are three if you include "Free Porn Tubes". However, the Free Porn Tubes list is actually one of the navigation features where you can find video links to those specific porn tubes. The other two lists are links to external websites that are either in the same network as theirs or sites with content they acknowledge. You'll also find the Most Popular Porn Sites there as well.

Final Verdict On RedWap.TV is just one of the dozens of free porn aggregators in its network and it's not the top one among its siblings. However, there are still some things that porn clips enthusiasts love about aggregators like RedWap. For that reason, of course, we'll still enumerate the things users may love about this site and the things they'd most probably hate.

But, in my opinion, RedWap.TV is something I'd be reluctant to share with others.


  • there are hundreds of thousands of porn videos you can watch on this site

  • despite having so many categories, each category still contains tons of videos

  • there's a really wide selection of porn materials here from amateur to top brass production


  • the majority of the videos are clips that are less than 20 minutes long

  • you won't find the latest porn releases from the top produces here even if you sort everything from the newest first

  • most of the sex videos aren't available in HD

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