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r/Yiff Furries NSFW Subreddit Review

Reddit isn't a porn site but its NSFW Subreddits are so popular because the content of every single Subreddit is what fans love and that simply means that you get only the best especially when you have things sorted based on top votes. Personally, I go to Reddit NSFW communities whenever I just want to find some of the best stuff because every community makes it easier for me to explore a huge bunch of only the best materials out there. That's why despite the fact that Reddit isn't exclusively for adults, it's potentially one of the best porn sites.

r/Yiff is one of those NSFW Subreddits and this one is the perfect community for Reddit users and Chan-lovers who want to find free furry porn content. If you're not one of those, this is definitely not for you and you may choose to visit other NSFW Subreddits listed on this site.

What's Furry Porn?

If you're still here because you're wondering what furry porn is or what furries are, furries are people who are fans of animals with human characteristics. Furries can also be used to call people who like dressing up in animal costumes or even use animal avatars online. It can be a fetish, or it can be a fandom. There's even a thing called a Furry Fandom and that's just basically the same concept. Remember Lieutenant Judy Hopps? She's actually one of the most popular furry characters out there because just like her cousin Lola Bunny, they have body figures based on humans and they are both sexy bunnies.

More Mods Than Rules

If you're still reading, it probably means that you are interested in this Subreddit. You can either join this Sub or not. Either way, you can access, explore, and enjoy the content here for free. If you want to post an artwork here, some pictures, or videos, you would have to join then. Before joining any Subreddit, make sure to read the rules first and for r/Yiff, it's actually such an easy feat. You'll find only 3 rules here. First, make sure that the content should be appropriate for the Subreddit and tagged using their guidelines. No underage characters, clop, feral, or spam. The second rule is that comments shouldn't insult other users. You may get banned for that. The last one is that everything is at mod discretion. If the moderators find a post breaking a rule, they will remove it. It's interesting because this Subreddit only has 3 rules but has 9 moderators. Well, it's cool as long as the content remains accurate to what r/Yiff is supposed to be about.

Filter By Flair

Despite the fact that Furry Porn is a niche in itself already, I appreciate that this Subreddit still managed to add a few categories or flairs here. You can filter the wide content here by Discussion, Female, Straight, OC-I'm the artist, Intersex, Comic, Gay, Threesome, and Lesbian. But actually, that's not all you can find here. Aside from images, you can find posts that link to videos in other sources. These videos feature animals that kind of look a bit like humans having hardcore sex which you can also enjoy for free. The majority of the content here though is not videos but thousands of images from awesome artists spending their energy in making these for their fellow furries to enjoy for free. There are members here sharing what they find in other places and there are those who artists themselves so I won't really need to mention what the flair "OC-I'm the artist!" is for. If you're one of those furries who have a shit ton of bucks and you're tired of the rain of cats and dogs and rabbits on Yiff, you can look for your favorite artists here and ask them for a commissioned art featuring the animals you want to see in sexy mode. All furries have their favorite animals and I'm not here to judge.

Top Posts

If you're a certified furry with no bias on animals, you should take your time to scroll and explore through this Subreddit, and the best view to do that is with the current Top posts. You can choose to explore the top posts in different time ranges such as Top for This Year, Now, Today, This Week, This Month, and All Time. If you're bored as shit, you'll enjoy it if you scroll through the top posts for this year. There are a lot of posts including the best GIFs that aren't too old. I even found a couple of crazy-ass pictures here like a kangaroo-looking girl summoning a tentacles monster, and a bunny-girl working at a diner who offers her huge dick instead. That's futanari, all right. But do genders actually matter here? I really enjoy the products of the imagination of artists here that are really shit wild so whenever I see a really good material, of course, I make a small effort in upvoting them. You should too.

Supporting Artists On Patreon

If you enjoy your experience on this Subreddit, you can visit the Patreon site which is Patreon.com/rYiff. By becoming a Patron, the basics you can get are unlocking two exclusive posts and joining their Discord chat. That's the Bronze level which is just a dollar per month. If you want to talk to the artists here, have a voice chat with the main mods (which I don't know why you need that), and get monthly giveaways, you should get the Silver membership for 5 dollars per month. With the Gold membership that's worth 10 dollars per month, you won't just look like a rich-as-shit-dude but you'll also get previews on upcoming artworks, video games giveaways, and 20% off their merchandise. If you somehow realize at some point that this shit not worthy of a monthly subscription, you can always cancel your membership anytime.

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