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r/rule34: What is Rule34? Simple. "If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions." This is an adult only subreddit. You must be over the age of 1 …

r/Rule34 NSFW SubReddit Review

If you're gonna ask me what my favorite porn site is, I really don't have one but I might consider Reddit. It's not really a porn site but the tons of NSFW Subreddits are just insane. They have some of the best stuff on the world wide web and they're all accessible for free and there are even no dumb ads. The Subreddits are also a lot more interactive than any community on any porn site, even a premium one. Like, if you don't know who a pornstar or a character on a posted material is, there'll be at least one person who will give you an answer. It also doesn't matter how many Subreddits you subscribe to or join and they'll fill up your Reddit wall with updates.

Rule 34 Subreddit is one of those subs that I highly recommend joining if you're into hentai, cartoon, or cosplayers. Well, if you're into sexy anime and you're over 18, this one's for you too.

What's Rule 34?

Okay. If you haven't heard what the heck Rule 34 is, it's not an actual rule. It's just a concept that goes like this - "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions." Well, probably the majority of Hentai porn fans know this shit, but if you haven't heard of it before, you might be damn amazed by this rule. Just imagine that if you can imagine something, you'll see it as actual porn material. Go ahead and imagine Teen Titans in NSFW mode, or don't. That kind of content exists here. If there's anything else you can think of like probably how will Tsunade look like in real life, and of course, her humongous boobs while she's getting drunk. If you can't find it here on this Subreddit, you'll be able to find it somewhere else on the internet in cosplay or hentai version. Rule 34 is more common in hentai form though and that's mostly because Doujinshi exists. There are also parodies in cartoons but still, copyright issues and messing up with a lot of people's childhood.

Rules On r/Rule34

Before joining any Subreddit, make sure that you make everyone's time and experience there awesome, including yours, by reading the rules. Each Subreddit has its own but they also share a couple that's probably like a general rule in every online habitat like no kids allowed. You must be at least 18 years old before you start looking for porn content here. Also, definitely no child pornography. There are also those rules that are similar to others when it comes to posting like you should add a proper title, use the proper format to your post, and add the correct flair to your post, Their rule about adding a proper title though is quite a bit specific but it's helpful for viewers. All of the names of the characters in a picture should be added to the post. Don't forget to give credits to the artist or cosplayer by adding his or her name in parenthesis. Posting a photo here without an artist's name is okay but you'll have to resubmit your post once the mod or anyone else provides it to you. Remember to always give credit to whom it is due. Abbreviations are also not allowed for names of characters or even a series. It's quite strict but I'm thinking that it's more of proper exposure.

Another rule that's even stricter is that fillers are not allowed like using the words "by", "self", or even "OC". That one is something I don't understand much. Album dumps are also not allowed here. If you want to post a gallery, you should make sure that they should be in the same set as they were created by the same creator. Just like in other communities, users aren't allowed to promote or advertise themselves. The cosplayers and artists are allowed to post their own content but the images themselves shouldn't have anything that looks like an advertisement. It's okay if they add their signature or link to their official site but not a statement that's obviously promotional. They're also allowed to add links to their official sites in the comments section. However, they're not allowed to spam or make several posts at a time.

There's also a rule here that's really obvious but still has to be said - don't harass the cosplayers here. Now, for Pete's sake. If there are chicks you don't like, it just means that they're not your type. I hate carrots but that doesn't mean carrots are bad. If you have any negative opinions, keep them to yourself. Insulting a cosplayer in any way will ban you for 90 days on the first offense.

This one's really important though, even if you like Loli girls, you're not allowed to make posts here with a character that looks like a young girl. Reddit is extremely popular in the US but the US has a strict law against child pornography and even ideas that seem to promote it. It's considered a criminal act and is punishable by the law. So, unless you want this Subreddit removed, stop yourself from posting Makabe's mom having sex with his dad.

Animated Porn Content

When it comes to content, you've got tons of awesome handpicked ones here. You won't have to go through hundreds of porn picture sites across the internet because you can find some of the best on Rule34. When it comes to Hentai, Cartoon, and Cosplayers, the daily posts here will give you an awesome fill of porn. They're so much better than bacon and eggs for breakfast. It's best to take a peek at the daily additions by sorting the porn content on Rule34 using the feature Top then Today. As of this moment, I'm seeing that the top posts for today include a short comic strip about a simple daily routine of an Imperial Officer including a special training with a Storm Trooper, Nurse Joy getting aroused while being nursed herself, and Daphne Blake watching herself on the mirror getting dogged by a ghost. See what Rule34 is about? If something does exist, there's porn of it.

Top Porn Posts 2021

Here's my favorite thing to do on any SubReddit - sort the content starting with the top posts of the year. The list starts with an incredible boob reveal of the cosplayer AngelicFuckDoll doing a cosplay of Samsung Sam. The top 2 entry on the list is just as hot which is a video of Velma getting caught by a monster and fucked from behind while she's stuck at the doorway. The fourth one is actually so hot that it just made me want to skip talking about the third one. It's an awesome realistic digital painting of famous Disney princesses having a stimulating orgy. If you want to see more from the creator, you can check the link to the source or her social media in the comments.

r/Rule34 Wiki

If you still need more info about this awesome Subreddit, check out their Wiki page.

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