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PsstAudio ASMR Site Review

As the site's creator also explains in his Patreon account (which you can subscribe to in case you find this website very useful for you and you want to keep it going, you can support him here), it's intended to be an alternative for Soundgasm and Reddit. I'm honestly not sure when this whole project will ever be in its perfect state but as of this review, I think there are already lots of promising things about it but there are also some things that need improvement. So go ahead and start reading.

Overall Website Design

Let's talk about the entire look of this site starting with the colors used here. I somehow feel that it has an underground look that would make its visitors think they mined something deep in the web that also screams horror. It's mostly because of the ultra-black color, the lack of images, and lastly, the kind of yellow and blue accents office apps suggest to you. However, what's noticeable is the detail in every post. It seems like there isn't a lot of activity going on on this site and that's something you can tell from the details on every post. Like there were only 4 new posts from yesterday and only 2 so far today and the number of likes doesn't go higher than 20. And, while looks aren't really too important for a site that wants to highlight the erotic audio files you can find here, it doesn't mean that the designer should scrimp on it. First of all, it makes the "Login" and "Signup" options almost unnoticeable. Secondly, adding a visual is a good aid for the imagination.

I also want to add that doesn't just give you the impression that you're using Reddit but the navigation is also very similar to how you'd use a Subreddit with that scrolling list of posts and tags. Oh, but it's not an infinite scrolling type then minus the "sorting feature" that helps you get the posts displayed from the newest first, hottest first, or top first. Also, you might wonder how else to see the rest of the content because I did too. Whatever you see on the front page is actually the only page for you to see their entire collection. Even though there's a yellow bar that shows the types of files you'd like to browse on this site such as Audios, Scripts, or Text, choosing just one will just filter what you can see from the default display - Show All.

Listen To Content From Other Users

Now, let's talk about what we're here for. I want to mention again that this site has only a single page which you can cover in just a few scrolls of your mouse, it's not really fucked up. I can understand that since anyone can start playing the audio recordings on this site for free, it's really difficult to run it and have a huge archive. It's not even making money aside from what the fans provide and follow it since it's a really safe place to be in despite its appearance because it doesn't even have a single ad.

Just like Reddit, you'll find a huge bunch of audible content here from random people. Some sound like they're just reading something, some are totally doing impromptu, and there are also some who sound very professional.

The worst recordings you can probably encounter here sound like they were just recorded directly on a phone mic while someone's getting completely fucked up in a rowdy way and they didn't even check that there are way more noises than what they actually want others to hear. There are also some that would make you want to sympathize with the artist and help their life get sorted because you know when moans sound hot and sexy and you know when someone really fucked up in faking it that it just ends up being a turn-off instead.

However, even though the entire page of their entire collection isn't long enough to scare you to browse, you'll realize that there's more than one link you'll wish you can save or download for offline listening or just when you, yourself, want to get your brain completely fucked up in the best fantasy you can possibly imagine as you hear the artist's voice linger in your ears and think how even just her moans make it seem that she's touching you with something dripping wet and warm.

Last Words On

Compared to Twitter, I prefer not only for the meaningful scripts you can read here (technically I might be following the awful pages so I haven't found a single good script there), but also because I like the effort people make when they post their content because every title and subtitle is specific to its content. I really hope that this platform grows as big as an ASMR religion, gets enough funds to stay working, and grows a bigger capacity to host more content. It somehow makes me feel like I hope to live long enough to witness that change. But for now, just deal with the ever-changing complete collection that doesn't exceed 30 posts a day.

What I sincerely like about though is the fact that despite its fucked up storage and looks, it's a safe place for people to explore their creativity by creating sex audio recordings while keeping themselves anonymous, write erotic stories, and even compose music that just makes you think of sex. After all, may have a long way to go before it becomes a platform that audio porn hobbyists may choose any time of the day or even wish they'd have a phone app for, but in addition to the potential community it can create, the things that matter most are the number of times you'd want to play a single audio link you love listening to and if you'd like to keep on coming for new posts.

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