ASMR Porn Sites

You might be here because you're curious about ASMR porn or you might be here because you're a fan of it. Whatever the reason is, it might disappoint you that, unlike other porn niches, this one is still a bit new and it's still growing. That means there aren't a lot of ladies and gentlemen who do it professionally and there aren't even premium porn sites exclusive for such content. Yet, don't lose hope. There are still lots of boys and girls all over the internet who enjoy playing with their condenser mics and cool audio equipment to record sounds that will make you imagine hearing heavy breathing, licking, kissing, and moaning right next to your ears. Thus, without further ado, let us introduce the best ASMR porn sites and Subreddits.

Erotic ASMR

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is the tingly sensation you get from the top of your head to the back of your neck. It's an experience you can get along with other sensations by listening to sex sounds and other kinds of audio porn. Although, there are some audio porn creators who take erotic sounds to the next level so you won't just experience ASMR tingles only on your first eargasm but also every time you listen to excellent sex sounds that were created to produce that sensation. That's how ASMR porn received its name and it's classified in a separate niche from other kinds of audio porn. Basically, if the sound you're listening to can stimulate your imagination and send ASMR tingles to your spine, it's called ASMR porn. Actually, ASMR porn isn't only in the form of audio files but there are also ASMR videos. In fact, you can even find some of them on YouTube and PornHub. Although, on YouTube, the girls doing the shows can't look overly provocative or show too much skin. Still, they get their goals done.

Best ASMR Porn Sites

The sound of orgasms is probably one of the most sensual sounds any adult has ever heard. If you want to find an audio collection of girls moaning and breathing heavily, try visiting Orgasm Sound Library. It's a shared net for adults who enjoy listening to the sound of sexual pleasure and those who want to play with the fantasies of others. You can have fun playing with your imagination by listening to horny girls experiencing orgasm or you can share your own experience through audio clips. The entire use of this website is free.

If you're looking for more than moans and breathing, you should go to Try Quinn instead. It has lots of audio erotica combined with ASMR sound effects for a heightened erotic feeling. Quinn has episodes, categories, and playlists that seem to encourage users to swap their usual podcast platform with their site. Their site has a solid user-friendly interface and we just love it. You might, too.

Just in case you're taking JOI literally and you're looking for actual instructions on how to make jerking off or even sex more exciting, Bad Girls Bible has the kind of podcast you might be looking for. The website has been promoted several times all over the internet both by adult-exclusive news sites and mainstream sites. Aside from advice on sex, the hosts also talk about sexual health, trends, and myths that all adults should know.

PSST Audio may have signed off but it isn't the end for ASMR porn. An alternative ASMR porn site you can visit with an almost similar vibe except it looks more like a common podcast site is Ero Cast. It's really good at featuring new erotic audios and albums so users are also encouraged to create their own content and even a cover for their post. It's a pretty nice site where you can create your own playlist and then just close your eyes to savor the kinky stories.

Although, if you're going to ask me what my favorite platform is for ASMR, JOI, and other kinds of audio porn, I'd say it's Reddit. It simply beats all of the best ASMR porn sites in terms of content and the fact that it has a mobile app wins me over. It won't give the same experience as Ero Cast or Quinn because Reddit doesn't have such an interface but its users can use their mobile phones to enjoy listening to ASMR roleplay, dirty talk, JOI, and sex stories for free.

ASMR JOI And Other NSFW ASMR Subreddits

Let's start talking about the communities you should join on Reddit for the best ASMR porn experience you can ever have. After all, this website or platform is so big that you might start feeling lost if you don't know where to go. Since it's a huge virtual place where people including adults from all around the world hang out, there's always that content that fits your kink like a glove. Anyway, let's first talk about the most popular subreddit for this niche - it's r/JOI. JOI stands for Jerk Off Instructions and it's also a popular Subreddit with over 349K members and lots of daily audio and video posts featuring dirty little sluts who encourage guilty viewers to have a cum release. It's great for those who like hearing intimate roleplays and devilishly hot girls whispering dirty thoughts, but it's also awesome for those who need to see a hot body to cum on or those who need to feast their eyes on real hot girls sucking cock or showing off the sexy thing between their legs.

r/NSFWASMR is just a little bit similar when it comes to the kind of media it has - audio and video posts. The difference lies in the fact that this Subreddit has more topics and the community can post links from more platforms so members can enjoy more videos and audio clips every day. There are 5 flairs (or categories) on NSFWASMR namely Sexy ASMR, ASMR Nudity, Meta/Discussion, Actual Porn, and Sexual ASMR.

Contrary to the first two subs I mentioned, r/GoneWildAudio doesn't have videos or even GIFs. It's exclusive for ASMR porn and sex stories in audio only. They're all meant to let the sexual fantasies of audiophiles go wild and their imaginations do the work. They can fantasize about scenes featuring their favorite pornstars or a hot babe next door. Did I mention that the erotica here includes naughty confessions and extreme porn?

ASMR Porn Videos

If you're a visual type of person and you need to see an actual pussy to make your dick hard, there are ASMR sites out there where you can watch porn videos that combine real sex scenes and ASMR audio for a complete sexual experience. Sure you can hear pornstars gagging or making slurping sounds while doing blowjobs or your ears can tell that a pussy is getting infiltrated by a dick because of the slopping sounds they make or when they're actually talking about how good it feels. Your experience watching all sorts of porn videos lets you tell that they're on a break if you hear someone spit. Although, what ASMR audio-only can never replicate is a pussy rub for example. For that matter, ASMR videos exist and so do websites that host them. Ero ASMR, Leaks Love, and PMV Tube are among the sites where amateur chicks, MILFs, and even pornstars can give you that ASMR sensation.

Oh, I wouldn't put it past you if you'd rather see a sexy animated girl give you that ASMR sensation instead of a real one. Actually, there are several adults who prefer the same. HentaiASMR and Ero Voice have lots of ASMR porn audio files that Hentai audiophiles can enjoy for free.

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