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Preggophilia - Admirers of Pregnant Women Fetish Porn Site Review

Preggophilia is a fetish caused by sexual attraction to baby bumps or grown bellies of pregnant women. The term Preggophilia obviously comes from the words Preggo, or preggy, and philia which means an abnormal love for some things.

I'm not a fan of that so I don't really understand much about this fetish but it's probably similar to how I like ladies with big tits. We all have our own touch of indiscriminate fetishes anyway.

This site actually glorifies this certain fetish. It is more like a virtual place of congregation for men who love this kind of stuff. If you're one of them, you might just want to visit this site then.

Another feature of this forum site is that registered users are allowed to make requests and post pornographic content of the same niche.

Although there are a lot of porn forums all over the net, Preggophilia has a lot of things that make it different from them especially when it comes to design and content.

Forum Site For Admirers Of Pregnant Women

The design of this site doesn't actually look like most forum porn sites. Seriously, it looks more like a cheap porn tube with just displayed texts on its homepage. Most forums post more topics on their homepage so the site users won't have to go through too many posts to find the thread where they want to butt in.

There aren't also that many features here which are actually quite disappointing especially when this is supposedly a porn site. There's no search button here and no way to filter the ladies here.

I think being attracted to a huge belly doesn't mean that the users are attracted to just any belly, right? There are things that are needed to be seen by the eyes of this site's visitors.

From the main page, you can find information on certain discussions such as the number of threads, views, posts, and latest posts or comments in it. The discussions are also categorized in a simple way so you can easily tell where you should go.

Some of the discussion categories you can find on Preggophilia are Pregnant Morphs, Belly Expansion and Cartoon, and Stories. Belly expansion and pregnant morphs are probably the most unique content of this kink so you should check these out if ever you want to visit this site.

Honestly though, while browsing through Preggophilia, I get the feeling that it's actually more like a photo dumpsite than a porn forum. There are more photos and videos from the site admins and mods than discussion posts and threads from the community.

Preggophilia Content

Aside from the fact that Preggophilia looks more like a promotional site of Chaturbate, it also has a lot of kinds of pregnancy-related content. You can find a lot of photos and videos among the posts inside the threads here.

The content on Preggophilia has different kinds or levels of extremeness particularly the photos and videos here.

Some of the photos and videos have pregnancy stories displaying stages of the girl's pregnancy, some have kinda graphic images of women giving birth and ladies with their water bags burst. There are actual porn photos and videos on this site, too.

Aside from random pregnant women, there are also pictures of celebrities during their pregnancy. Although, you can see these pics from the social media accounts of the celebrities themselves so nothing too special with these posts. I would love it better if those were exclusive photos and videos though.

For me, the most interesting posts here are pregnancy stories. The stories range from those dramatic ones that will make your eyes well-up to those erotic sex adventures of pregnant women.

Preggophilia Community

Even though this site has been around earlier than 2018, there are only 55K registered members on Preggophilia. There aren't also a lot of active users at the same time here including visitors. It means that the community on Preggophilia is a lot weaker compared to most porn forum sites even those created for a single fetish.

Does it mean that this site doesn't really care much about the users? Yeah, I think so. They don't even bother hiding that fact as well. The only service they do well for their patrons and visitors is that there are no ads anywhere. That's a huge plus though. A site with no ads means safe browsing. If there's any reason for Preggophiles to come back here will probably be just because of that.

To be fair, Preggophilia allows every registered member to start a new thread and they won't even have to check if there are existing threads someone has already previously posted related to the same topic. They can also make similar requests as well.

However, if Preggophilia is serious about being a forum site, it should really work on encouraging its community to post more comments to talk about the photos, videos, stories, and other contents. There are even threads here with more reminders from mods than the actual content.

Thoughts On Preggophilia

While there's not much shit offered by the site itself that encourages folks to join, there's a huge amount of support from the forum team to keep the site working. Although, I think they seem to be doing the bare minimum of site maintenance because Preggophilia still looks the same as it did since it started.

Lack of attention to the improvement of this site results in the impression that this really is just made to promote other porn sites from the same network. It makes the visitors of this site less interested in staying and I'm not even sure if they're doing a great job in encouraging these visitors to check out the pregnant women doing live cams.

In my opinion, if I were a Preggophile, I would rather go to other porn sites that will give me more filtering options and at least give me certain page results based on the kinds of women I prefer. Also, compared to even porn sites with preggy cartoons, this site really has low standards.

They should first touch on the need for improvement with the site design, then, of course, they should touch on the issue of having their content more user-friendly.

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