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Babepedia Pornstars Wiki Site Review

If you're one of the dudes who like knowing more about their favorite porn stars, you would probably want to visit to get some information about the xxx babes of your fantasies, or maybe just go to this site if you want to look for more sexy girls you can stalk on the internet. Babepedia, as its name says, is like Wikipedia for xxx models. You get photos, info, and links to external sites that provide more photos and probably news about a certain porn babe you've got your dirty eyes on.

Babepedia Babepedia

So, Babepedia is a Babepedia. It means that don't expect this porn site to have actual porn material aside from sexy photos featuring the xxx models. You most probably won't see a babe here doing some sexual deed. That's because, again, this site is just a Wiki for porn stars fans who want to know more about their favorite model or find new babes they can dream about. Some of the basic info you will find about a certain girl along with her best pics are her bio including her age, birth date, measurements, ethnicity, profession (like we don't know), and some achievements like ranking or awards especially if the girl is a Playmate. You can also find a gallery of pictures on the profile of a model and some more pictures uploaded by other site users. Registered users can also leave comments on the profile of the model, but I don't see why.

Anyway, since seems to be inspired by a Wiki, it is indeed doing a pretty good job at collecting information also thanks to its users. It seems to have almost every single porn model on the internet who has a name. If you don't know the name of a certain babe, you can try searching using the most distinctive characteristic and see if she's in this site's content. I just don't trust how the site filters its content and provides results but it's still worth trying. Another thing, when you search for babes, it's a lot better to use names. Aside from names, the site isn't smart enough to give you suggestions, especially because it doesn't recognize some tags especially ones based on appearances and even ethnicities. There are also some babes here who seem to not belong on this pornstars database website either.

Babepedia Site Navigation

As soon as I landed on the homepage, I would like to say that I completely dislike how this website looks like. It's chaotic with the scattered ads and links to other websites. The area at the top with links occupies so much space that the search bar has to squeeze itself at the corner. That search bar should be the highlight of all porn database sites. All kinds of porn sites should know that if you add a search box, don't hide it. I also disagree with the colors and fonts of Babepedia. It looks vintage and even geek fandom wikis have better colors. Porn sites should be better than geek sites. Adult sites obviously have more fans than animes thus porn has to do better.

On the homepage, you can find some menus on the top that you can use to browse for babe galleries like Lists, Babegrid, and Random Babe. Personally, I think the only useful menu you can find at the top is Lists which kind of categorizes the models on one page. Under Lists, the babes are categorized as such - Babes Top 100 (without photos), 100 Most Viewed Babes, Pornstar Top 100, and some weird way to use as categories like Top Fake Breasts, Top Wrestlers, and Student Top 100. There are just some tags worth using but I don't get why Babepedia chose these titles.

Babepedia Blog

At first, I thought Babepedia Blog reviews the babes on their content. But, there were no reviews and there's barely any written text. On every blog page, it seems there are more pictures than words. So, it defeats the purpose of calling it a blog, doesn't it? It seems to be just galleries of pictures gallery of every babe they want to feature on a certain day. Some of the blog content doesn't even have a gallery actually. Some just have a single photo.


The easiest way to go through random galleries is by using this feature. Don't get your hopes up though because it's actually not that special unless you want to play a game of randomizing girls. Hey, look at the bright side. Even though you can't be a womanizer in real life, at least this page will make you a randomizer, and those have the same ending sound and concept, right? Anyway, kidding aside, Babegrid is a page that shows you randomized models with available galleries you can feast your eyes on. I'm not sure how Babepedia does the algorithm for this but it is indeed effective. Every time I refresh the page, I get new girls in different shapes, colors, and sizes. It is good for men who do not discriminate and appreciate all kinds of beauties.

Looking For Videos?

Now we're down to discuss this. Babepedia has tons of picture galleries but none for videos. Sad. But, if you want some porn movies starring that newfound girl of yours, you can try looking for it from at least one link sprawled at the top of this site.

Final Verdict


  • Possibly hundreds of thousands of babes on their database
  • The galleries seem to be updated almost every day
  • Their galleries have a lot of high-quality shots which were professionally taken
  • They have babes from every nook and corner of the world
  • Girls who are more popular than others have more photo galleries


  • Does not have a lot of services
  • No videos even short clips
  • The only moving girls you'll see are the ones on the ads
  • Pics are available only when you're online because you can't download them
  • Distracting ads with external links
  • Cluttered website layout
  • Lack of filtering and search options
  • Their content lack contents

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