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While it's not a good way to start a website review sounding negative, we all know based on real experience that most free porn sites have ads. So, before you start checking out the proclaimed 13 million videos using Porn SOS, which is one of the biggest aggregators, by the way, you should make sure that you have an ad blocker installed and active. I wouldn't risk getting routed to potentially dangerous zones unprotected if I were you.

If you're not so familiar with porn site jargon, here's a free lesson for you. Porn aggregators work in a similar way as search engines except they're only for pornography.

While they advertise providing porn services to enthusiasts related to porn videos, they don't host those videos themselves, and in fact, they don't even have a video player on their own site. Instead, they link to other sites hosting those sex clips so everyone can see that there's huge content on those sites when in reality, these websites only have links.

I'm not against porn aggregators like I actually use one sometimes especially on those times I just feel like watching any kind of shit so I go to a free porn site and realize that I want more options so I go to an aggregator.

Anyway, let's start with the review of PornSOS which is also searched as Porn SOS, Porno SOS, and SOS Porn.

Getting Around

As an aggregator, PornSOS has a very simple layout that makes it look like a cheap free porn tube site. It has the basic necessities though such as a search box, categories, and a couple of thumbnails of suggested categories.

Honestly, there's a hell of a lot of room for categories on PornSOS. There's a Categories button beside the search box, thumbnails of categories, and a complete list of categories at the bottom. I mean, what the hell, dude? You gotta be more creative than that. How about trying other tags like using names of pornstars instead? I would have loved to see how many videos of my favorite pornstars can be found using PornSOS.

Since the Categories on PornSOS look too much of an attention seeker, the creators of this site must have thought that the site users won't need anything else like using the search box so they have neglected it. Definitely wrong! I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of other users out there like me who are either too specific with their porn or too lazy to check out the categories list. I'm both.

Anyway, since does not have a list of pornstars or models, I tried looking for them using the search box. I got results, although, not all videos are actually starring them. I also tried looking for "Purple-Haired" girls but I'm not sure if I'm colorblind or if I actually saw some redheads on the results.

Another feature here is getting to switch between the two color options - light and dark mode. Not a lot of things change but it's still a good feature especially if you like being discreet.

Still, it doesn't have a lot going on and there are only 5 menu choices specifically Popular Videos, Categories, Videos For You, Liked Videos, and Watch History. Some of them won't even work unless you trigger them with a certain action such as signing up for a free membership or watching at least one video.

Long List Of Categories Of Porn Movies

Since paid a lot of attention to this feature, let's give it a review as well.

While most sites have featured videos displayed on their homepage, PornSOS has... wait for it... Categories. They have Mom Homemade, Voyeur Teen, Russian Teen, and favorites that are meant to make watchers fap in their pants like Public, Celebrities, and Japanese Uncensored. While PornSOS doesn't have ultra-specific niches, it seems to have all the basic ideas.

Also, once you have chosen a category and land on the category page, you'll find 2 sorting options which are Popular and New.

I have had high expectations with the "New" option since doesn't have many filtering and sorting features and I've been seeing a lot of videos with low video quality here and they're either old or taken by amateurs. It definitely gives the impression that PornSOS gets its material from random sites and in terms of video length, they vary a lot too from bite-size clips to full-meal videos.

I definitely get it.

But seriously, instead of investing too much space for one feature up to the extent of occupying the whole main page with it, PornSOS could have boosted the "xxx" experience users get from their site by making searches easier with a few more filtering tools like getting to choose between seeing only videos with HD quality and making it effective so SD quality sex vids are completely out of sight.

They could have also added some features that they could leave up to their visitors' hands like a user rating system, or votes, and comments. Although, if a user rating system existed here, it's either the majority of their content gets no votes at all or gets negative scores.

Should You Set Up An Account?

The only selling point PornSOS has to encourage its users to register for a free membership is that if visitors haven't signed up or members haven't logged in, their likes (which seems to be inexistent), history, and recommendations will disappear if they are inactive for an hour or if they close their browser.

It doesn't sound convincing for me and most probably for other users as well. The main reason is if you take a look at the thumbnails of the porn videos linked to their site courtesy of their friends, there aren't many details and they're definitely not interactive. There's no "add to favorite" button or "watch later" and definitely no "like" button.

When you click on a thumbnail, it will automatically redirect you to the site that hosts it. There are no pages for the clips here on PornSOS and liking those porn videos directly on the pages of their respective porn sites won't count on PornSOS which means that the "Liked Videos" page will never have content.

Here's another thing PornSOS could have added to entice visitors to become members - updates! It's a porn aggregator. Its content is made up of donations from other xxx sites so they could have made use of that waste of space "Liked Videos" into a space for "New Updates" solely for their registered patrons. If other sites can do it, surely they can as well.

PornSOS Definitely Needs Porn Help, Too

There are so many aggregator sites across the world wide web and I really hope that PornSOS will be more competitive.

There are a lot of things they can improve on starting with being less independent on distracting and potentially intrusive ads, archiving their old videos ranging from vintage to antique level, and improving its content with a majority of it having low resolution and too short videos.

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