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Y'all! Here's another hip site that seems to be giving off a vibe that says "underground stuff you won't find elsewhere", but it's not like that actually. Or, not really all that. On this site, users are allowed to upload videos and there seems to be a lot of amateur porn videos you're not sure where they're from and if they're uploaded on a more decent porn site.

I usually give the advice to use an ad blocker whenever you want to use a free porn website, but for this one, you can't see its content if you're using an ad blocker. That's how it was for me and honestly, I don't stay on a site or click on stuff unprotected so I was reluctant on doing a review on this site. Although, this site looks pretty interesting despite its looks, weird, isn't it?

Anyways, stick with me as I give you a pretty brief review of my experience going around this site before you decide to visit it unprotected.

Site Design

First of all, the site looks as weird as some of its featured thumbnails. The basic colors of are Primary Yellow and Blue. It does look like a color combination you'll find on kindergarten school projects. The creator may have actually thought "hey, at least I know my hex" so he decided to use something else than just plain white. Well, good effort anyway.

What's impressive is that despite the fact that it looks pretty old and the construction looks lazy as fuck, it is adaptive. Surprised? Well, for most sites, being adaptive is a good feature. For it's not that good on a desktop. I like multitasking even when watching porn so most often than not, a window is never on full-screen mode. seems to be an attention seeker because it works best when it has all your attention. However, compared to the desktop version, the mobile version of this site doesn't look much of a loser. The mobile browser doesn't look as half-hearted as its bigger screen version.

If you want to try using, you should set your expectations right. This is unlike most porn sites that'll let you find a good porn video based on your preferences. The videos here are all results of a huge search query "random". There are no search options at all here and there is even no categories list. The content here can be tagged into several different categories like Teen, MILF, Asian, Incest, Old to Young, Gay, and many categories of Amateur. There could have been lots of categories here because even from the first page, you can name a lot of different categories based on the material and scene of each video.

However, because of the design and lack of a categories list and other search options, I guess what this site is trying to do is educate its visitors about different kinds of pornographic material. Kidding aside, there's no way for you to get results of only the kind of porn you want and all you can do here is just navigate through pages and pages of video thumbnails, or in case you're using a mobile browser, then scroll through and through.

There are useful details on every thumbnail. You can find the title, duration, rating, and an HD indicator for videos with HD quality.

Another thing I noticed about the homepage is that there seems to be good exposure for links. I'm talking about links to other porn sites. The lists of links aren't too obvious but you can find them in two areas. There are links on the upper right of the homepage and links at the bottom of the homepage just in between two banner ads with one of the ads the only thing that's moving on the homepage. It also seems to advertise XNXX with links hidden in other texts.

Treasure Trove Or Dumpsite?

As I have mentioned earlier, although does not have a list of categories, it has tons of different kinds of pornography coming from all over the web. It doesn't seem to be gay-friendly though since I browsed quite well and realized there aren't a good number of gay people using this site. There aren't a lot of femdom lovers out here either, I guess. However, one thing is for sure. There are a lot of porn enthusiasts here from amateur hobbyists to fans of professional studios. There is content coming from big porn networks here, too.

Depending on who's using, the content here can either be gold or shit. If you're looking for high-quality porn movies, then I'm sure this place is definitely a dumpster for you. Not a cum dumpster because I'm sure nothing here will even tickle your imagination. However, if you're looking for naughty stuff and that's where you get your thrill, you'll get tons of excitement here.

Final Verdict

Honestly, there are a lot of things has to improve if it's trying to be a real porn site. However, it seems like it just doesn't care and it's like the creator is saying "if you don't like it, it's not for you."

I kinda agree with him at some point because the thing is, despite lacking actual porn movies and having only clips ranging from seconds long to 20 minutes long, has more than a million viewers monthly.

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