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PornBB Best Forum Porn Site Review

PornBB is a forum-based porn site that has been around for a long long time - since at least 2008 according to domain info.

Porn forums are a popular way to share free porn content, adult movies, adult images, hentai, the best porn clips, and to have a good porn discussion about the content. excels in the category and should be considered one of the top xxx videos site.

PornBB has daily updates, very few ads, a ton of categories so you can access your porn videos and millions of links sharing xxx videos and other porn content. The website design is basic and characteristically pink.

The videos are shared in a torrent-style, so it isn't like other popular porn sites where you can view the porn directly on the sites and you will need to download the clips directly.

So let's continue on for an in-depth site review of!

Forum Porn Sites

The age-old design for quickly sharing porn content, xxx movies, and generating discussion.

Some of the best porn sites are forum-based, and there is a reason why they're so popular and have been around forever - they work!

The really great thing about porn forums is that they are so easy for users to browse different topics and sections to find the perfect porn content they are looking for.

On Porn BB, the list of threads is almost endless, and that is great because there is just so much porn content on the site.

The only thing that is an inherent problem with forum porn sites, is that it is hard to filter results. Yes, the threads are usually grouped into overarching themes, such as "amateur, celebrity, picture, video, etc", but once you go into a thread you can't filter further to find the top viewed or most popular posts on the board.

PornBB suffers from this problem.

For example, when I pop into the amateur section and click into the teen category, I then have a page full of posts, and a list of 3000 pages.

This is nice because I have a bunch of content all available to me, but I would love to see a feature where you vote or like posts and then have the ability to filter to top-rated in the last week, month, 6 months, year, and all-time.

It would just make it quicker to be able to get to the best content that the PornBB porn website has to offer, and would reduce the search time and produce better results.

Adult Movies

So as I mentioned before, none of the videos on PornBB are actually hosted on the site itself, they are hosted on several 3rd party websites.

This means that to actually view your porn movies and content, you will need to download them to your computer directly, which is great if you have the storage space and don't mind keeping your porn collection right on your computer.

You can have your homemade amateur porn, your models, your celebrities, or even virtual reality porn available to you even when you're offline once you get them onto your computer and that is a huge bonus.

What's not great is that many of the clips require a subscription to the download platform. So basically, users will have to fork out between $15-50 a month depending on the package you choose to download your collection from the porn forum.

Not all the links take you to a paid download section, and you can get some for free, but still, it is frustrating to find a great video only to realize you need to pay to access it.

Having site-wide rules on the discussion boards dictating that you need to disclose if the content you are linking is available for free or by subscription would be a nice touch.

PornBB Site Design

One word for you: Pink.

PornBB's primary color scheme is pink, so everything is pink-washed.

The background, the text, the links. Everything.

And the thing is, I don't actually mind having all the sections of this adult entertainment porn site being pink. It can be a bit bright, and I do love my dark-themed sites; however, the pink is a nice touch and makes the site feel fun.

The site layout is quite simple - and you are all quite familiar with forum-style sites, so I won't go too much into detail there, but the site does have a search bar on the top-right if you are looking for something specific, and in the categories section there is another search bar that allows users to get posts, images, pictures, videos, topics and words from within that section only.

Categories List

So obviously the main pull for most users will be the video content, but there are actually some other interesting categories on PornBB.

You can get the videos and images/pictures in the forum, but you can also find sections for xxx stories, games, and even magazines!

I went through the stories section, and I have to say that I was surprised by the quality.

Some people really love the stories, and the top viewed entry has over 100,000 views!

That story, in particular, had over 16 chapters and generated a ton of discussion, so don't sleep on the erotic stories section there is some real spicy content in there!

PornBB Community

Porn forums live and die by their community.

PornBB is flourishing, so that pretty much sums it up here.

The community is very active, there is a ton of engagement on the site in the form of posts, videos, comments, stories, and picture after picture.

There are community sections that allow you to introduce yourself to your fellow members, and a spot for "off-topic" discussion wherein the latest post one user asked the community how much porn they keep on their hard drive and had several other members warning him to be careful of keeping all the content in one location in case his wife found it.

Nice guys on PornBB!

Mobile Experience

PornBB works just fine on mobile, so feel free to jump onto your smartphone and browse through the forums.

It is 2021 now guys and all the best porn sites should have working mobile sites, and if they don't they are definitely landing in on my naughty list.

In general, forums are quite easy to make mobile-friendly, so PornBB had it easy compared to most other sites.

Sister Sites

PornBB has several sister sites available to choose from.

PornBB is the largest and most renowned, but there are actually three separate entities that focus on different content.

First, you have FetishBB, which is obviously dealing with kinks and fetishes.

Next is HentaiBB, so if you love your chicks and dicks to be animated then this is the spot for you.

Lastly, they have GayBB, so if you love your dicks with other dicks, head on over and enjoy!

Final Review

PornBB is generally a good porn forum site but suffers from some setbacks that keep it off of my list as a top porn site and I will likely not be revisiting the site on my own time.

It is frustrating not being able to filter the content to make sure you're getting the best stuff, it makes the search time to find your videos a bit too high for my taste, and then half the time when you finally find a video to download, you find out you need to pay for the download subscription!


  • A ton of categories and content
  • High-quality porn
  • Active Community
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Alternate content types (stories, games, magazines)


  • Filtering options aren't great
  • Paid 3rd party download subscriptions

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