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Orgasmatrix Free Porn Blog Site Review is the Italian and porn blog version of the 4 legit Orgasmatrix sites. I'm not saying that there are illegitimate children of the Orgasmatrix parent but because this site is continuously gaining popularity, there might be some bastards claiming the same domain. Honestly, it won't even come as a surprise since there's just a lot of things you would love about this porn site and maybe, you might actually like everything about it.

I also want to add that I love the design of this site. Whoever made Orgasmatrix surely has some nice style and knows his hex codes well. If you're reading blogs or watching porn with your lights off, you can scroll down and switch to dark mode using the button you'll find at the bottom of the page. I find using this site very easily and it has navigation features that actually work which we'll talk more about later.

There's another extremely notable thing about Orgasmatrix though, it actually has more porn videos than porn news. You can even find several porn clips in one post and the good thing is, there's no random waste. All of those clips are related to each other and connected to the title.

Blog Posts Worth Reading

If you're an English man who wants to read the posts here but can't understand Italian, before you switch languages using the feature on Orgasmatrix, I suggest using a browser with an auto-translator instead. Once you have done that, check out every single featured post here. No need to think too much about how you should start browsing through the blogs here because there's only one way to do that and it's by seeing the latest posts. In a way, the main page of Orgasmatrix, which is the blogs, is actually more like a news center for the porn world. It has news about returning stars to popular porn studios, and different articles such as newly released porn videos and informational posts about the porn world most people don't know. I mean, I like JAV but I only learned about the Japanese cataloging system from Orgasmatrix which kind of made me feel like a total newbie with the porn material I'm biased, too. If you ask me how I used to find JAV porn videos, well, I did it like a normal English man.

PornoTube Categories

There are 60 porn genres on Orgasmatrix PornoTube and all of them are quite useful. The broader ones are Anal, Amateur, BBW, Extreme, Naked Girls, Cumshots, Orgies, Lesbians, Interracial, Shemales, and Busty. There are also those based on ethnicities and origins of the porn videos such as Argentinian, Spanish, Colombian, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican. Actually, there is quite a lot of amateur-produced porn videos here which makes me wonder why there isn't a broad category for them. Due to my discontent, I tried to search for amateur porn videos using the search box which is so easy to find, thanks to Orgasmatrix. Anyway, I just used the keyword "amateur" and voila! I got results in multiple sections such as porn producers producing amateur porn content, a few names of amateur pornstars, news relevant to "amateur", and porn videos with the word "amateur" on the title.

Pornstars Database

Here's another thing about Orgasmatrix - it's not just a porn blog or video site but it's also an awesome pornstar database site. You can access so much information about your favorite porn actresses and models from different sites and studios in one porn site. The best part of the deal is that, unlike other sites that are focused on hosting just data and a few photos of babes on their site and leave the actual content on other sites with just links on their own site, if you see a thumbnail on the pornstar's page, there's a post containing that clip on Orgasmatrix itself. There's even a lot of options you can choose from when finding your favorite porn celebrity or your next favorite. Let me show you how it's done.

Take a look at the dropdown under Pornstars and even from there, you can find 4 lists such as Pornstars, Most Wanted Nationalities, Pornstar Categories, and The Best Porn Actresses. Under the Pornstars list, of course, you'll find the options Porn Actresses, Porn Actors, Transsexuals, Erotic Models, and Porn Directors. Okay, well, I'm not sure why Porn Directors are there. For Most Wanted Nationalities, although it sounds like something coming from the FBI than PornHub, there's Spanish, Mexican, Argentines, Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, Korean, Japanese, and Russian. I'd like to interject though that Orgasmatrix is a site that seems to be more Hispanic in nature so you shouldn't really wonder too much about the fact that they like golden babes. Also, because Orgasmatrix is that, even though I would have loved to have Big Boobs and Petite on the Pornstar Categories list, they only have Asian, Big Ass, Fat, Young Girls, Latinas, Mature, Brunettes, MILF, and Black there. As for The Best Porn Actresses, of course, it will keep on changing because it should change. At this point in time, Lana Rhoades is at the top of the list and Mia Khalifa is still in here on the 6th spot. If it's still the same when you look at it, fine, you can doubt it.

So, what kind of information can anyone find about a pornstar here? You can find a short interesting biography and some personal information such as the porn model's place of origin, hair color, ethnicity, type of boobs, age, height, tits size, and when was she active. Some of the porn models here also have links to their social media accounts.

Orgasmatrix Tube Sites

By changing the language, you'll be redirected to the site that has the right language for you. They're all from the same Orgasmatrix network but they're all porn tube sites that share the same content. If you choose English, you'll be redirected to If you choose German, you'll be redirected to By choosing French, you'll get to I won't be discussing more of those sites but I suggest that if you don't like how blogs work, you should switch to any of those. They just lay down all of their cards, I mean videos, like other porn tube sites.

Orgasmatrix Summary


  • almost all videos have super high video quality
  • free access to everything on this site


  • distracting ads on the video pages

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