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NaijaUncut, A Free Nigerian Porn Site

Naija Uncut is a porn site that is largely focused on African porn.

Unfortunately, most of the content is leaked porn and naked pictures.

Because it is largely leaked porn - from models to everyday individuals, all the porn you access through NaijaUncut is free. But there is the issue of morals when watching these porn videos. Should you watch videos of people fucking if they never intended for you to see it?

While it is one of the few sites that host African porn videos, it is still a fucked up thing to release another person's nudes onto the internet.

We should mention, for legal reasons, it is becoming increasingly illegal for the receiver of the content to share that porn without the creators' consent. Just because a video is uploaded, does not mean that we the viewer, should regard it as porn meant for our consumption. It should not matter what country our computer is in.

It should be expected from all, that the porn from the best porn sites we visit (and review) should get their content from real porn hotties and not from someone's leaks. (honestly, that is where video quality usually comes from, people who are committed to making videos of themselves fucking and sharing it!)

It should be stated that this is one of the reasons women have decided not to totally trust dudes, even when they promise they won't archive it to their computer! (And share it to a site like this.)

So, now that we have gotten the technicalities out the way ... this site still exists on the net and therefore deserves a review.

What Sort Of Porn Website Is NaijaUncut

Naija Uncut sources its content from leaked videos and porn videos. This means that most of the stuff on NaijaUncut is homemade. This means you can find crazy amateur porn in the categories of the site.

Photos and porn videos can be saved locally to your personal computer. So you don't need to keep using your internet to watch long porn videos multiple times over.

There is the occasional video or photo of professionals on this site - you can find most of them under the seductive models' tab located at the top of the site - But these do not appear to be have been posted to the site by the model's choice. Which is the nature of leaks.

As promised NaijaUncut does have African porn, and is one of the few places you can watch long porn videos and find naked pictures of African porn.

But do not fear! You will find more than just Nigerians on this site, you will find girls from all over Africa! And it is a free search site. I think if you looked hard enough you could find African girls from all over the world. I definitely saw more than a handful of porn from places other than Nigeria.

Assume that the videos mostly come from amateur porn saved locally to the receiver's device and then later shared to the Naija Uncut website.

NaijiUncut porn is added every day, uploaded. This might force you to try and understand how much amateur porn people create every day!

Because videos are loaded so regularly their menu's updates regularly with all new free porn!

If you found any of your own nudes, the site managers do offer to take it down - as long as you have proof that the porn belongs to you. So if you have viewed videos and found videos or naked pictures of someone you know, you can expect that they will do something about it

The video category is under the videos tab if you are looking to specifically watch short or long porn videos on this site. the NaijaUncut site has lots of porn videos of varying lengths! So grab a seat, and settle in!

Review Of Videos On NaijaUncut - Can You Watch Long Porn Videos?

The NaijaUncut website has a light background and no dark mode to be found.

The only way to save yourself from the blinding light is to view videos in full-screen mode.

All your searches will be plagued by light, which is not a pleasant experience while you are masturbating.

Each NaijaUncut page has a thumbnail with a picture of the babes from the leak and each page has Naija Uncut links to contact details.

There are not a lot of ads, just free raw porn videos. Porn amateur and tend to be of low quality because they are homemade.

What Is It Like Watching Videos On This Free Nigerian Porn Site

Naija Uncut is a free search site, which means you can find all the pussy you want for free.

Each link is a photo from the leaked porn as the thumbnail for each content page. Those links lead you to a page of all the videos and photos from the leak. Each page is a specific leak.

Categories on the homepage include: videos, leaked, confessions, even seductive models is a category!

If you want to see free videos of dudes fucking hotties you should check out the Videos tab. There you will find the videos of girls getting fucked hard in the pussy, and can watch long free porn videos.

Most of the 'ads' on the site are different links are links to other African porn videos on NaijaUncut. Thankfully, you are unlikely to be redirected to another site - this makes it onto the list of best sites simply for not redirecting you to a million other porn sites.

Final thoughts

NaijaUncut has a lot of leaked African porn, which is a legal and moral issue! But, unlike many other porn sites, it does not link you to other sites to view long porn videos

It is a source of unique African porn videos, even if they are collections of amateur porn videos

Pro's of NaijaUncut

  • Menu's updates on the daily
  • Original African porn
  • Amateur photos and videos
  • free videos of everyday people fucking
  • one of the best porn sites if you want to guarantee seeing porn
  • basically no ads
  • can find out what all the scandals are about

Con's of NaijaUncut

  • Leaked videos and photos, not posted with the girls' permission
  • video quality is low
  • uploaded from photos and videos that were saved locally of someone's computer probably
  • raw quality to videos

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