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Milovana Free Porn Site Review

Honestly, I can't really figure out what kind of porn site Milovana is because it is a mix of blogs, games, stories, forums, and chat. It is a porn site with a kind of its own. However, you do know what they say, it's difficult to excel in one thing when you're trying to do a lot of things at the same time, and I get the feeling that Milovana is somehow like that with no specific direction. Anyway, let's check this site out and see whether this site is worth hanging out in or scrapping.

Milovana WebTease

Here's one of the features of Milovana that they take pride in and I have to admit that the term "Webtease" sounds familiar but at the same time sounds unique to this site. Well, my guess was Webtease means "tease on the web" which doesn't make too much sense because then again, all porn sites are made to tease viewers. So, I did some research about it and found the answer on Milovana. According to whoever posted that Webtease topic there said that web teases are made with the concept of tease and denial. In short, and based on reading the consecutive replies, web teases are those stories posted on Milovana. Yep, it's not a new term used in porn.

There are thousands of web teases on Milovana and you can find all those on the Webteases page. There are thousands of web teases created by users and they are ready for play. These web teases are basically stories in the form of a game. The tease starts with an overview of the storyline and instructions. Some more well-written teases start with customization options while others just have a straight line of events and one outcome. Actually, registered users can make their own teases. It's great if you want to create your own interactive tease with pictures of your favorite pornstar. You can also add audio to make it more stimulating.

It is a great idea for those who like their porn interactive. However, if there are more people who make web teases in a half-assed manner then it'll mean that majority of the content that makes up Milovana will actually suck.

There are several tags or themes of webteases here and the most popular ones have edging women. The women here are cartoon or drawn, and real-life babes. Also, there's no room for uglies here since only users upload content here so you know that the girls were handpicked.

One more thing I would like to say, I haven't seen any original material on this website. Even the webteases are just composed of images coming from only God knows where. Even if you ever get to finish one tease, you won't find a part where the creator even thanked the original sources for the images he used.

Milovana Forum

Another popular feature of Milovana is its forums. It's actually more appropriate to call it forums since there are thousands of topics here and even newly registered members, can post anywhere on their forums and the moderators offer a great deal of freedom to the users which is encouraging.

I might sound like I'm just looking for details to nitpick on but it's kind of obvious how the community here is composed of members looking for exposure for their erotic fantasies. Mind me, pornographic fantasies. It's good to do that on this site but it is obvious because several topics are created but some topics even though they are well-composed doesn't receive a lot of replies. I get the impression that there are more self-serving users here than those who appreciate the thoughts of the Milovana creator to keeping the site free without even earning some bucks. (Although we know they still earn from the site visits.)

On the bright side, it means you can find gold mines of stories among the forums. They are mostly short stories but those who wrote them seem to have more imagination and poured more effort into creating them. A bonus fact is that they haven't plagiarised any artists' work.

Chat Room For Members Only

I thought that not a lot of people engage in conversations on the forums page because of this site feature. However, I was wrong. I spent minutes anticipating what kind of chat app it is, whether it's a random chat, or if you can choose chat rooms you can join. I didn't get an answer. It's either because the site's server isn't working, or that it really is a random chat room but there's no one else entering it.

Mobile Experience

Because I was naturally born curious, I tried accessing Milovana on my phone to see if the Chat feature will work better there. It doesn't. The site isn't even mobile-adaptive. I had to keep on enlarging stuff just so I can select them properly.

I then tried checking out webteases and I found out that some webteases are a lot better than others. Some aren't mobile adaptive and you'll either have to squint your eyes to read the text, or zoom and minimize the screen display.

Is Milovana Worth Visiting?

All in all, I can say that the best places to go to on this site are the Webteases and Forums sections. The rest, especially Urge which seems to be a legend - because no one seems to have seen it, doesn't really work well. Even the Loch Ness monster seems to be less than a legendary creature because at least, there are photos and proofs of hoaxes of it.

Loves About Milovana

  • no ads and totally free for use
  • thousands of webteases playable for free

Hates About Milovana

  • no conventional and original porn content
  • no high-quality porn material

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