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PornCrash Adult Sites List Review

We have to admit that there are around thousands of sites out there that claim to list down the best porn sites on the internet and we use them to save us time looking for them directly by ourselves on Google. However, not all of those sites are actually doing their jobs well and you might just end up wasting more time. So how about PornCrash? Is it actually doing its job? And what form do its reviews take form? Let us go ahead and start rating the service this site provides and find out whether the lists here will work well for you or not.

How To Search For Porn Sites On PornCrash

On PornCrash, it doesn't seem that you can do a traditional search here because the entire layout of this site is very different from the usual porn listing sites. However, you can still look for porn websites here based on categories and top lists. It's a fact that you'll realize as soon as you enter this site.

The homepage is filled with titles of porn websites and Porn Crash calls them the best porn sites. When you click on any of those titles, you'll be able to see more similar porn websites to the site you chose based on the category it is from. The feature I love about Porn Crash though is that you can easily find similar adult websites to the website you love using the search box. As long as those porn sites exist here, you can easily check for suggestions. The search box also works for categories as well. As long as the categories you love exist here and Porn Crash is using the same words for them, you can check for websites that fall under them.

There are lots of categories on PornCrash and they're actually more like the ones you can see on a porn site with actual porn content. Of course, not all of them are. A good thing about this is that you can search for websites that are popular for the kind of porn that you love to enjoy. You can also check for broader categories here such as Aggregators, Cams, Comics, Directories, Forum, Gallery, Games, Paysites, Popular, Stories, TGP, and VR. Aside from the porn websites listed on Paysites, the rest basically contain free porn websites.

Does PornCrash Review Porn Sites?

In a way, this site actually reviews the porn sites they have listed but not in a detailed way like what I'm doing right now. This site doesn't dive deep into the sites and talk about what makes them good or bad for your porn needs. It won't tell you the kinds of porn content you can enjoy from those sites, how much you'd have to pay to access the content on premium websites, or any other kind of information before you even visit them. What this porn site does instead is give a rating to every porn site on its massive list. The ratings are based on the number of stars added on every site's tab or button - or whatever you can call those clickable boxes. The more stars there are, the higher the score for each site is. The highest score seems to be a five-star rating.

PornCrash Review Summary

Would you enjoy your stay at Porn Crash? If you're someone who wants an easy answer to everything and you like to discover things by yourself, Porn Crash would be an easy place for you to find a nice website where you can get the kind of hot fuck you want - whether it's a porn video, a story, a photo, a game, or anything else - free or paid. It's a pretty straightforward place to use where you can check out several websites at once for any pornographic reproduction. However, even when you click on a website's title here, you won't be able to see any detail or even its main page screenshot.


  • tons of hot paid and free porn websites are listed here

  • a straightforward layout and simple scoring

  • has a nice design that is very easy to browse


  • there isn't any information about the adult websites listed here aside from their titles and their ratings

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