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I don't know anyone who says he loves porn but doesn't like videos. If a dude like that exists, he probably has his own movie production studio in his head that can produce detailed graphic sceneries in his head by just reading some erotic story or just looking at a porn picture. The first-ever porn video even existed before the talkies started and that just means that humans are naturally inclined to watch sex tapes even though it involves soundless fucking. Well, because of our high demand for pornographic videos, there are tons of porn video sites across the world wide web and well, Likuoo is one of those that jumped on the bandwagon. Since there are so many of them but we have so little time to go out wandering in all of these sites, we're doing a quick review on the most popular ones, and we won't be passing off on, of course.

Likable Site Design

Let's get this review started in a positive tone with some stuff we all might like. First of all, it's needless to say this again, but I'm going to say it again anyway, you can watch all of the videos here for free and in fact, there's no limit to how many videos you'd fucking watch and there's even no signup page here. Now, the second thing you might like too is the site's design.

I'd like to start with the fact that you can turn the night mode on and off. If you want to start fucking, or wanking, in the dark, you can switch from the default white background to the solid black version. Both look pretty nice and neat actually. The search bar is so easy to find because it is occupying the entire top bar beside the night mode switch. Weird enough but they have a list called "Topics" which kinda works like the usual categories. The "Topics" include Babysitter, Maid, Neighbor, Wife, and a couple of "Step" family situations. Then, of course, there's a Categories list as well. It's just right below the "Topics" list. The categories on the Categories list are more standard though like Amateur, Big Tits, BBC, Cuckold, Gangbang, MILFs, Teens, and a lot more you can find if you click on the "All Categories" shortcut. There are also categories based on video resolution so it'll be easier for you to find porn videos with the quality you like by selecting either HD videos 720p or HD videos 1080p.

If you'll notice on the homepage, the thumbnails on display are mostly familiar-looking stuff when it comes to overall production and even the faces of the actors and actresses are familiar. Why wouldn't they be? Most of them are fucking famous pornstars. Likuoo even has a list of these pornstars which you can find on the sidebar just under the Categories list. The list includes Mia Malkova, Lana Rhoades, Angela White, Brandi Love, Nicole Aniston, and a lot more names of porn actresses who are popular in this generation. When you click on a pornstar's name, you can access all content related to her or videos with tags related to her.

Actually An Aggregator

Now here's the thing, Likuoo is not a tube so you can only watch the videos on their sources and it annoyingly takes a long wait before the video starts. Waiting to get redirected to the video player on Likuoo is like waiting for an elevator. No matter how many times you keep on clicking the button, it won't make the loading faster. Oh, and by the way, I don't recommend you to visit this site without an active ad blocker because while you're waiting for your free HD porn to load, you might get redirected to another site. Seriously, I don't think getting redirected here and being fed with dozens of popups is worth the HD content you can find here and stream for free. Did I mention that you can't download content from this site as well?

Anyway, if you're still interested in the HD content of this site, and let's just say that you're not really interested in wasting digital space, Likuoo might just be fine but you have to keep in mind that this site is an aggregator. Although, for an aggregator, I like the fact that instead of just having an overly redundant Categories list, they're using most of their homepage space on featured videos. Likuoo also takes its users to their own video landing page where you can find more information like total runtime, full title, and some tags for categories they're related to and the pornstars on the videos.

Do I Recommend Likuoo?

The answer is, no, not really. The overall design is simple, modern, and functional but the content isn't worth getting lost for. If you're looking for other sites with totally free hot smut stuff coming from the best porn studios and served fresh, you can just check out my review on some sites listed on our Free Porn Tubes list. You will probably be redirected more often than you can watch videos here, so for me, it really is a pass. Sorry.

Honestly, I'm quite disappointed in Likuoo. I probably had high expectations for this site because I do like to unconsciously judge things by their covers and this site does have a decent appearance. Also, it's perfectly understandable for a free porn site to have advertisers because that's how they rake in some bucks to keep their site going, but it's too obvious when a website just exists for the sake of profit that it just produces more waste than edible content.

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