Italian Porn Sites

While Italy is already well-known throughout the entire world because of Leonardo Da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, and Marco Polo, it has something else that takes the interest of adult explorers - the Pornografia. Actually, porn in Italy didn't expand as early as it did in the USA and it never even become as big or as iconic as porn in other countries in Europe. However, that doesn't mean that adult entertainment doesn't exist in Italy. It does. There are even mainstream Italian movies with sexually explicit scenes. You can even find some of them on your favorite movie streaming platform. Although, if you're looking for more explicit sex scenes that don't have lengthy narratives, the best Italian porn sites will give you just that. But just in case you have already seen a couple of mainstream movies from Italy but you haven't seen Italian porn yet, you might be surprised by the difference between a sex scene in an Italian movie and an Italian porn scene. That difference lies between women passionate about sex and babes who are just incredibly horny.

But before we start talking about the best Italian porn sites, I think it's important that you first think about why you're looking for Italian porn - is it because you enjoy a hot Italian porn scene or you love Italian beauties? The website you're looking for depends on your answer. Porn production in Europe, including Italy, isn't as big as the production in the US and Japan. That's why, lots of beautiful women from Italy who want to become famous in the porn industry get out of the country to get more exposure. In fact, lots of them made it all the way to bigwig porn studios Although, if you prefer hot amateurs from Italy, then an awesome Italian porn site would be perfect for you.

The Hottest Italian Porn Stars

One of the most active Italian women in the adult industry is Valentina Nappi - and she's very active indeed. Everyone loves her sizzling hot lesbian sex scene with Brandi Love. Aside from starring in lots of sex films, Valentina Nappi is also on almost every popular social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, Tiktok, Telegram, and Reddit. She also sells her NSFW content on OnlyFans. PornHub even claims that she (or her legit team) is the one uploading some of her self-produced porn clips on their website. There are other Italian girls you should see who may not be as active as her but simply looking at their faces and sexy figures can make any cock horny. For example, there's that young babe with 32D boobs who you might not have thought to be Italian. You might have seen her fucking on a Fake Taxi already. Familiar with the name Stella Cox? She was actually born in Rome, Italy. Another gorgeous Italian you may have heard of is Martina Smeraldi. Her name definitely gives it away aside from her looks. She's also quite active in premium porn productions and she even gives updates on Instagram and Twitter. She is also an OnlyFans content creator. Another hot Italian MILF with big tits you can have fun watching in exclusive sex scenes is Marika Vitale. Blonde may not be that common among Italians but you can easily tell that she's a pure-blooded Italian who can definitely satisfy your Italian fantasies.

As a bonus, in case you want to get ahead of your friends who also have a fetish for Italians, there are two babes I suggest you should see. They're both on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans. If you're into fierce beauty and tanned skin, Sofia Barbieri is your girl. Her erotic content range from sexy to wild. On the other hand, if you're looking for an Italian seductress who is also a hosiery model, there's Lady Alessandra Bartis. I'm not sure if her real name really has a "Lady" or if it's a title. Seeing her photos alone would definitely make you think that she deserves to be called "Lady".

The Best Italian Porn Sites

If we're going to think about what makes an Italian porn site considered one of the best Italian porn sites, I think it should have a lot to do with content quality and lack of annoying ads. What else would make it to the top but premium sites, right? Well then, let me introduce a couple of premium Italian porn sites starting with Rocco Siffredi. Rocco Siffredi isn't just a name of a premium porn site or the name of an Italian guy. It is both. He's called the "Italian Stallion" and his site features hardcore xxx videos he directed and produced. One of the featured videos they have now has interesting interview scenes about how pornstars become the best that suddenly becomes a group sex video.

Although my second suggestion is also a premium Italian hardcore porn site, it doesn't mean that Italians love things hard and dirty. You can also see it in their porn scenes. The pornstars seem to be really good at portraying eroticism in a very passionate way that even rough fucking becomes a sensual adult play. If that got you curious, you should drop by La Sublime XXX. Their porn stars several Italian babes and other girls from around the world so you can enjoy variety on top of having the Italians you're expecting from them.

PinkO Club on the other hand claims to be another hardcore xxx website but their main specialty is actually to satisfy the dirty minds of men by showing the dirty nature of sluts who enjoy orgies, anal play, feet play, and playing around with strangers. Of course, the scenes are scripted because their porn stars are professional Italian MILFs, chicks, and dudes. There are other premium porn sites out but these three are the best porn sites in their niche.

Amateur Italian Porn Productions

Ama Porn is one of the top favorite sites in Italy. It might not feature famous Italian pornstars but it's a country favorite because it features hot porn clips starring real Italian amateurs. The best thing about it is that it is a free porn site. Also, despite the fact that it only has an amateur porn collection, they're doing their best to make it easier for their users to browse their site. They have a list of identified models, categories, and channels. It even has a community page where site members can follow and send messages to each other.

Casting Alla Italiana may feature amateurs too but this amateur porn site isn't free. You'll find out why as soon as you enter their site. That's because instead of low-budget amateur clips, this one has premium HD xxx movies. It has also received lots of awards from the porn industry for producing fetish movies and as an adult site itself. So, if you like amateurs but you wouldn't want to compromise on premium quality. You must check this one out.

Free Italian Porn Videos

If you're looking for free porn sites you might want to visit, the following sites are all Italian porn sites that have both famous and amateur porn stars. Solo Porno Italiani, XXX Italian Porn, and Italian Vid XXX will let you into free porn clips from various sites including clips from popular Italian porn movies. Those three sites are perfect if you don't have that much time or attention to lengthy plots even for X-rated movies. You can find lots of horny Italian MILFs with nice asses who seem like they won't say no to an Italian dick in anal sex scenes, interracial scenes, and more. Although, if you prefer complete Italian porn scenes, SukkiSukki is another free xxx site with free complete porn videos from multiple sites including the premium ones from Italy and around the world.

Italian Hentai

Have you ever fantasized about Dragon Ball characters doing porn when you were just starting your erotic curiosities? No worries. There are lots of adults who also liked anime who got into that point and some of them still maintain that healthy curiosity. But what if you make that Italian-friendly? Perfetto! You can enjoy watching hentai originals and parodies in the Italian language on Hentai Archive and Hentai-Ita. Both sites feature porn comics, hentai videos, and hentai porn games.

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